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Looking for DTs ideally or Asteron Striker with hit and Banana Cannon with hit. 
I can accept PDs on some items but prefer DTs. 


Sacred Bow [0/0/0/35|80] Sold

Heaven Striker +20 [0/0/0/95|60]  Sold

Bomb-Chu [0/100/0/0|35] Sold

Bomb-Chu [0/30/0/0|0]

Angel Harp +3 [0/0/40/60|50]

Baranz Launcher +30 [0/0/0/0|50]

Iron Faust +18 [45/0/0/35|0]

Rambling May +50 [40/0/45/0|45]

Agito (1975) [0/15/0/0|35]

Lindcray [0/0/0/40|0]

Spread Needle [0/0/35/45|0]

Guilty Light [25/0/35/0|50]

Rage De Feu [0/40/45/0|0]

Rage de Glace +6 [0/0/0/0|55]

Bringers Rifle 50hit

Canon Rouge 0/25/0/0]35]

Bomb Chu 0/30/0/0

Armour and Barriers:


Sacred Cloth [DEF: 49/EVP: 20] [Slots: 4]

Sue's Coat [DEF: 1/EVP: 18] [Slots: 3]

Parasite Wear:De Rol [DEF: 82/EVP: 63] [Slots: 4]

Virus Shield: Vol Opt [DEF: 0/EVP: 0]



Mr.Naka's Business Card - Sold
Proof of Sonic Team

Love Rappy's Beak x3

Parts of Egg Blaster

Halo Rappy Soul

HP Material x23

Heaven Striker Coat


PM me if interested in anything and offer or if you have an Asteron with Hit or BC with hit and stats to sell.

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