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Do the retrieval quests ever give you the item mentioned?

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30 minutes ago, click2winipod said:

do the retrieval quests that you can do ever give you the mentioned item?


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5 minutes ago, click2winipod said:

What does this even mean

well ya see its uhm..

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In the "Lost 'insert weapon here' Son Hopkins quests" the objective is the return the weapon that Hopkin's Son has lost in certain area of that respective episode, usually "held" by the boss that respective area.  You unfortunately do not acquire said weapon though... 

Now, if you're looking for super rare, powerful yellow boxed weapons with the best specials, insane percentages and hit, you'll want to get strong enough to survive ultimate difficulty in EP4, where you can do the solo quest, "Restless Lion".  There the NPC hunters once defeated will drop random yellow boxed, highest tier named weapons with 3 attributes with percentages or 2 attributes & hit with percentages, in their respective attributes of either native, abeast, machine, dark or hit.  For example, you could find a "perfect" Charge Arms +9 RA shot with 50/0/50/0/50 stats, a yellow box weapon, but even still a formidable weapon that nearly rivals a Baranz Launcher with 50 hit.

This is also where people will hunt to find "perfect" caliburs and arms weapon candidates to create dark weapons with by use of a Parasite Gene FLOW, to create the strongest HU and RA weapon in the game, Dark Flow and Dark Meteor, respectively.

Hope this helps, good luck!

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