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Ramarl Question


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Good afternoon guys,


I am starting here on the server, i have a lvl 98 Ramarl.

Now i think that the game starts a little hard for me since i dint have good gear.

What should be aiming to farm? i have a Greenill ID on my Ramarl.

I can barely beat mines or ruins on very hard and not even being able to kill anything on ultimate without taking some minutes to kill 1 thing.

So my question is, besides gringing more levels, what armor/weapon etc should i be hunting for?

Can you please tell me wich episode or monster can drop me that stuff. i see that we have a drop chart, but since im new to the game since like 8 years ago that i played it on gc. i dont really know much about it.


Thanks in advance!

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Hey there!

As far as weapons go, a good route to take would be to farm for a frozen shooter (hildetorr, ep 1) and spread needle (merlan, ep1). Although, with the event going on the merlan's drop is different. If you stock up on some pds, you can always trade for a needle as well as they aren't too expensive unless youre going for one with hit%. For armor/shield I do have some extra stuff that can assist you. Otherwise going for red ring, hunt or trade, is a good go to as well. Red ring drops best on whitill but finding a room going for red ring is pretty common. Another thing to keep in mind is your mag stats as well as what techniques you have, particularly support ones. Its best to keep an eye out for lv 20 techs (highest a ramarl can use) but people have techs for sale a lot too so that may be a faster option if you have  some spare pds. Hope this helps and best of luck to you! :D 

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HEY, I think I played a TTF run with you the other night!

You might know me better as Quad-Tekk or Quad-Bash.(been using them alot lately)

This is the loadout of my lvl 138 RAmarl (Quad-Shot) currently:

Baranz Launcher +30 [0/0/100/100|80]

2Cannon Rouge +30 [0/35/0/25|45]

3Yasminkov 9000M +10 [0/5/0/0|0] [Demon's]

4Mille Marteaux +12 [25/0/0/0|30]

5Spread Needle +40 [35/0/25/0|0]

6Arms +10 [40/35/0/0|35] [Blizzard]

7Yasminkov 7000V +25 [0/0/0/0|45] [Hell]

8Snow Queen +18 [25/35/0/0|30]

9Heaven Striker +20 [0/0/15/0|0]

10Vivienne +25 [30/0/25/0|40]

11Lieutenant Mantle [DEF: 19/EVP: 4] [Slots: 4]

12Striker Plus [DEF: 10/EVP: 1]





17Striker Unit [Brown] [8/126/50/16] [Mylla & Youlla | Estlla | Pilla]


This is a good "laundry list" of what you'd want and should try to shoot for in the short-term.

Granted it is going to take you quite a bit of time, effort, grinding and even some wheelin' and dealin' to acquire some of this stuff...

Above all, refer to the drop tables up on the top right link on the forums to where, what difficulty, what section ID and what monster you'll need to find these.

Some of it you may even have to create yourself, like the Striker Unit mag or the Snow Queen.

Certainly you're going to require some help to get some of this stuff, I have 4 lvl 200 characters stand awaiting if you so desire assistance.

But hopefully this will get you pointed in the right direction, Jay's suggestions are good, certainly go with that as well.

Good hunting, good luck and good journey Skuiz.

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When I first started Ult on Suspect, My first guns to hunt for were two frozen shooters with hit stats then a Berzerk shot, spread needle, a Rianov S5 (which can outperform a Dark Meteor in certain areas), drops from ep 4 boss but best bet is to hunt that with a team.

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No one seems to have mentioned it yet... Early in building your gear collection, you can't go wrong with a Charge Gatling/Charge Vulcan that has hit %; they are a way to get decent damage output for negligible investment- basically just time spent on Ryuker/Telepipe back and forth to check the shop until you find one, then a few thousand meseta to buy it.

Along those lines, a Charge Berdys with Hit % can be found the same way (teleport back and forth to the shop until it spawns) and is a good filler melee weapon until you can get your hands one of the top-tier rare melee weapons. This will be very useful if you plan to do any farming in EP4.

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16 hours ago, Skuiz said:

Thanks for all the answers

Do you think i should stay as Greenill ID or should i change to another one?

It all depends on what you're after the most.

You're stuck with an specific ID for 3 months at tops, so choose wisely for what you're after.

Greenill tends to find alot of rifles,(Wals, Visk, Justy) one of particular interest is the very rare Rianov 303SNR-5. (piercing Dark special)

Greenill also is the only ID that finds one of the most powerful bazookas for RAs available, the Cannon Rouge. (rafoie attack w/chaos special)

For a RAmarl, it's not a bad idea.

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