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New player question


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So after reading up a bit, I think I understand the concept of MAGs and how they work:

They provide stat buffs to your character based on their stats, they have an attack ability that charges up, they increase in level and get new stats based on what you feed them, and they can evolve into new forms based on their stats.


My question is, as a new player, how do I know what kind of MAG is most effective for me? I see all sorts of guides for how to get a particular MAG form, but I'm not sure on how I decide what form I should be going for in the first place.


Thanks for any help you can provide!

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To reach certain max stats you should get a specific trained MAG.
But if your new, just train it to the mag.

If your a hunter/Ranger try something like a 5/145/50/0
If your a FO try something like 5/0/0/195/

It it hard to train a MAG perfect but there are enough guides for this.

Also, if you get some currency (photon drops or donation tickets)
Photon drops are in game and donation tickets are on forum, 1DT = 7PD-ish

@JADE sells mags for good prices, you can hit her up.

Hope this helps

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If you have downloaded the mag simulator program Magatama Beta9 that I linked for you in your last thread, you'll find it also has a MagDex in it.

This has stats and info on nearly every mag in the game, save the Love Rappy.(server exclusive)

With this, you can see the mags possible PB bursts, it's feeding tables and it's possible actions at near death/10% health, at character death, enter a boss room or at 100% PB energy.  Mags like Sato, Nidra, Tellusis, Soniti and Love Rappy all have nearly all Invulnerability actions and even Reverser at death.  This makes for a great mag for many characters, namely for HUs and FOs, Satos are particularly valued for this as well as being ahem, "super cute." :onion-head65:

The main thing you want to look for is whether or not how easy it is to get Twins/Mylla & Youlla and what the mag's actions are at the above circumstances.  This is particularly useful for characters who cannot cast shifta and deband, like HUmars and Casts in general.

It's stats are purely what you wish them to be, save 5 def, unless you get a PPP mag that has completely zero stats.

Above all, you must raise the mag's stats exactly as Magatama shows to in order to get the mag to evolve into what you want it to be, save of course with some you'll need a mag cell to trigger it's evolution.

Other than that, you'd need to refer to a mag guide to see how to trigger it's evolutions to the final mag form you want.

Also take note, you may need someone to help you with this if you don't have the right character class or section ID to trigger a certain mag evolution.


Hope this helps, good luck!

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as a new player I would suggest you buy your first mag.. its a long tedious task to perfect train one, especially as a new player.. you don't wanna be alt tabbing to check a guide all the time, focus on leveling and when you are strong enough spam Int. Defense Systems quest for photon drops if you have the patience... its around 15PD for a mag from @JADE  this can be as few as 15 runs or as many as 30 its RNG but the drop rate is roughly 70% from the hidden box on the quest.

Here is a guide for the hidden box: 

note: not my video

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You know, I also raise mags for people, gives me something to do while I play.   You can hit me up with questions too, I've made my own guide for mags since many of the online feeding charts are inaccurate and some are downright wrong.   


Let me know if I can raise a mag for you.


Please note I specialize in 4th evolution mags, Rati, sato, nidra, etc etc and I can make just about any mag you want provided you supply the mag cell if you want something special like agastya or tellusis or ciao or something.   Let me know if I can help you. 

I let you pick the color, photon blasts, and stats you want, then I raise the mag accordingly.   

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