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My little brother called me today, he told me his centurion ability was lost from his common bank. I told him that he probably lost it on other bank or dropped it by accident.

Then I got home from work and checked my bank to play, and my centurion abilities were gone too, I had like 2-3 of them. 

Not on any other character banks and didn’t touch em in a few days.

Anyone else having common bank problems? 

Can this be fixed please? I really like my items back 😔


@R-78 @Soly @serverus

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18 minutes ago, Viande said:

Or you little brother stole them 👀

Not accusing, just exploring all the possibilities 😄

Lol, my little brother doesn’t know my log in credentials.

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Have you tried looking in the character viewer?  Perhaps they are stored in another bank.

At the top of the forum page, look for Ultima -> Tools -> Character Viewer.


You may have to contact a GM for assistance if your items truly disappeared.

Good luck!

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