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NOW WITH 80% LESS GARBAGE!! Hi, here's the stuff I'm selling. Note that I do NOT trade for items. A mix of photon drops and DTs may be accepted for an item sold though.

Exchange Rate is 8PDs = 1 DTs unless the price is specified.



Fury of the Beast [0/0/25/0|25] [Untekked] 15dts

Diska +1 [0/0/0/40|85] [Arrest] 30dts
Calibur +4 [50/40/0/0|55] [Charge] 20pds
Slicer of Fanatic [0/0/0/0|15] [Untekked] 15pds/2dts
Calibur +3 [30/30/0/0|40] [Chaos] [Untekked] 15pds/2dts
Fury of the Beast [0/0/25/20|0] [Untekked] 15pds/2dts


Arrest Needle +60 [40/0/0/40|45] 20dts
Rianov 303SNR-4 [0/0/35/0|40] [Hell] 10dts
Rianov 303SNR-4 [0/25/0/0|40] [Hell] 10dts
Rianov 303SNR-4 +35 [0/0/70/25|30] [Hell] 10dts
Egg Blaster [0/50/0/50|50] 25pds/3dts
Raygun +10 [50/0/50/0|50] [Demon's] 20pds
Heaven Punisher [25/0/0/10|0] 16pds/2dts
Heaven Punisher [15/0/20/0|0] [Untekked] 16pds/2dts
Heaven Punisher [0/0/0/0|20] [Untekked] 16pds/2dts
Heaven Punisher [35/0/0/0|0] [Untekked] 16pds/2dts
Arms +3 [0/0/50/40|30] [Arrest] [Untekked] 15pds/2dts
Arms +7 [40/35/0/0|40] [Charge] 15pds/2dts
Arms [0/0/40/35|35] [Demon's] [Untekked] 15pds/2dts
Bomb-Chu [0/0/0/0|0] [Untekked]  15pd/2dts
Crush Bullet [30/0/25/0|0] [Untekked] 10pds
Rage De Feu [0/30/0/0|20] [Untekked] 10pds
Spread Needle [15/15/40/0|0] [Untekked] 10pds

Psycho Wand [0/0/0/0|0] 15pds/2dts


Wedding Dress [DEF: 64/EVP: 27] 15dts

Wedding Dress [DEF: 34/EVP: 30] 12dts
Wedding Dress [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] 10dts
Samurai Armor [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] 10dts
Alis' Resolve [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] 7dts

Psycho Black Crystal 12dts

Harmonic Resonance Core 50pds/7dts

POST 50pds/7dts
Photon Booster 20pds/3dts
Blue-Black Stone 20pds/3dts
Magic Rock ''Heart Key'' 20pds/3dts

Love Rappy [Pink] [5/0/45/150] [Golla | Estlla | Pilla] 15pds/2dts
Sato [Black] [5/0/45/150] [Mylla & Youlla | Estlla | Pilla] 15pds/2dts
V101 x3 5pds
V502 x15 5pds

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6 hours ago, ipolyr said:

I would like the crush cannon.


I would also like the heaven striker


Sorry, but the crush cannon is not for sale (dunno how it got there), but I'll sell my heaven striker. 

4 hours ago, HUNTER_ said:

I’ll take the yas 9 and any yas 7 if you still have them

Sure thing, I'll be online later tonight.

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