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New client


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Today the client was updated, the changes goes as follows

  • Now we'll have only 1 client.
  • The new launcher will be pushed through the game patch server. Refer to this topic for more information.
  • We are expanding multi-language support, now there are UI elements that change based to your language selection (there are some UI elements left to translate)
  • Scripts for the free roam areas will be gradually translated, right now I have the original Sega files. If you find any kind of error when talking to an NPC, let me know in which Area it happened and which NPC you talked to.

I guess that's about it.

Now to use custom models/textures take a look at this topic


If you have general problems running the game

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After logging in and updating it worked fine. However, I relogged to chanage accounts and it said updating "psobb.dll". Now ever time i try to log in it says "patch server could not be reached or server is down."

please help!

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Likewise, if I run online.exe there's an endless loop of updating. Running psobb.exe tells me that the patch server is down :(

Updated the topic... here for you

If you get an error 908 Patch Server connection failed, download this to the game's directory

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my anti-v keeps picking it up or i got to run as admin, n i hate disabling my anti-v but i finally got to log on n its working fine :3 n yay you put the city escape song :D

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Every time I run Launcher.exe the game starts with the new start up window (start game, options, etc.) but when I click start game, it instantly says "psobb.exe has stopped working" with no reason as to why : /

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