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Hello everyone! 大家好 :)


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Hello everyone~ Just been to this server for a week and love here very much (especially the Best GM Cyane!!! hahahha).

Finding here have been developed long time, would like to play here as a perm player. Please pm me to level/hunting together in game.

Main Character: DE_CHYMO, DEMONCHY

The following will write in Chinese for finding any people coming from my place haha.

有華人要一起玩嗎? 很久沒碰PSOBB了,有興趣的pm我吧。 :onion119::onion119c:

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bull's eye

And that's about all the kanji I recognize from my Japanese learnings.

Either way, welcome to Ultima ^^

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You've tried your best hahaha! It's Traditional chinese character and I'm from Hong Kong :)

Some Japanese characters written similar or the same as Chinese haha!

Hope to see you in game soon!

我從使用 Tapatalk 的 D6653 發送

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