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if she keeps up like that, i personally will ban her from the forums -.-''

Dj already removed her posts abilities, and i deleted hers spam posts

soryr for the trouble guys.

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The mercurious rod is the most valuable.

The rest is about the same, just tell me how much you have (pds i mean) :P

LOL, what is this? You don't walk into a store and say, "I want this, this, and that, how much?" and have the cashier say, "How much is in your wallet?"

How many PDs do you value each item at individually? After you list them, I'll either haggle you down, or tell you which ones I want :P:)

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im 99% sure you dont have pds for it, for thats why im asking how many you have.

You're probably right. However, unless you're going to give me it for less PDs than it's worth, it doesn't really matter. I'd still like to know what you value those items at, so I can see if I'm interested in trading for any of them.

I don't think you're trying to be rude, but it's pretty rude to just assume that I don't have the Photon Drops required to trade for your item, and not even tell me how much it's worth. Also, I was MOST interested in the Shifta 30 more than any of those other items anyway, but it doesn't seem to be on your list anymore.

Are you going to tell me how much you value each item at?

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