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Just Curious about some things...

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I'm fine with buffed monsters. Otherwise the game would be too easy since you level up so fast you'll be overpowering the strongest enemies in no time. I think buffed monsters give the game more replay value overall. The evp of the enemies can be a bit ridiculous sometimes. I never struggled too bad on ultimate. I do wish we had access to the new stats of enemies for the sake of damage calculations and seeing your chance of hitting enemies. The game runs smoothly for me too.

There is Crack mde for a reason. Just because you level quickly doesnt mean you need to buff the monsters. At the same points in the game do the monsters become the same difficulty. Its not like "You can enter Ulti earlier." In fact, you can't enter Ulti until later.. so 10 levels later and buffed? I don't know. I'm a soloer, and I don't like that my solo methods for Tower won't work because of the buffs.

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Crack mode doesn't exist at the moment :/

gotta take in consideration that this server has new gear to "give a hand" with those buffed stats. Tower is possible solo but might take a bit more of strategy and good gear to be prepared. (roct might be a crazy thing to do alone).

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There is Crack mde for a reason. Just because you level quickly doesnt mean you need to buff the monsters. At the same points in the game do the monsters become the same difficulty. Its not like "You can enter Ulti earlier." In fact, you can't enter Ulti until later.. so 10 levels later and buffed? I don't know. I'm a soloer, and I don't like that my solo methods for Tower won't work because of the buffs.

Crack mode doesn't work, and I typically solo too. Not tower though. It's supposed to be hard. That way you need to work with others on a team which involves making friends which gives the game more replay value overall. If the game was easier people would quit sooner which would lead to a worse server.

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The other servers I've played on had Hard Mode Heavenly/Arms drops from boxes.. is that still present on this server? I know the enemy drop tables, but is there a table for box drops lol?

No table for box drops unfortunately, and heavenly units do not drop from boxes, but they do drop from vhard and ult ep 4 rare enemies at 31% rate, so they are pretty easy to get, if you ask around nicely there is surely someone willing to take <5 minutes to get you a few.

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Crack mode doesn't exist at the moment :/

gotta take in consideration that this server has new gear to "give a hand" with those buffed stats. Tower is possible solo but might take a bit more of strategy and good gear to be prepared. (roct might be a crazy thing to do alone).

If by new gear you mean old gear with buffed stats then I dont think thats necessary either? Unless you mean completely new gear, in which case I don't see it and its probably exclusive to yearly events and unfarmable. Any light on what you're talking about specifically?

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Cyane - "Tower is possible solo but might take a bit more of strategy and good gear to be prepared."

There is no strategy in PSO, and never has been. Enemies have mechanic AI, very predictable and very scripted. This isn't Monster Hunter were strategy actually matters. The only thing that matters in PSO is if you have the ATA to hit something and if maybe hunting weapons with higher attribute percents to dish out the damage. This game was not built on strategy, it was built on finding things. The excitement is about getting more and more powerful and finding the best gear in the game because there's just something about walking around with uncommon weapons AND since all the weapons look different, it's nice to walk around with something equipped that looks cool. The only sort of strategy in PSO is this:

Have a FO on your four man team during quests that are 'hard'.

FO keep S/D on friends and J/Z on enemies. Heal and Anti when needed.

HUs attack front and center.

RAs attack from range.

Any other strategy comes from gear. Such as Spread Needle or Red Swords with hit. OR Frozen Shooter/Snow Queen to immobilize enemies. Or just have a cast on the team. However, when it comes to places like the tower, soloing is almost out of the question. There are nearly impossible situations. Such as three mericarols in the same room with their one-shot KO spit-bomb in ultimate. Really the game didn't need buffed monsters. This game stays rather tough in the Tower and Episode 4 for sure in the Desert. And since not everyone likes to play multiplayer, especially when they are trying to hunt for something that could be picked up by other people, the buffs can ruin the feel of the game.

I get that the exp is upped and whatnot. Without it, the trek from Vhard to Ult is irritating and very time consuming, but with the buffed monsters, now it's you get to Ultimate MUCH faster, but at later levels and severely under-powered. If there was a way to implement a new mode all together, I'm very sure everyone would be down with that. Unlock it at level 150 or even higher for those who are geared out to the teeth and think they are invincible. Ultimate mode is hard as hell without many items. /Battle is necessary for attackers. Higher end weapons are needed. Higher end Armor is needed. These are not accessible to all players, but at the same time, not everyone wants to just have things given to them because that takes away from what the game is--finding rare loot and getting stronger. As a primary Hunter player. I can tell you that at level 80, the Forest is pretty tough. You have to know how many attacks you can get in and know that they were actually hit, back away and repeat. At around level 90 you can go into the caves, but it's no easy matter. Ever at level 160 it is tough in the ruins and you WILL miss a lot if your weapons don't have hit. And we all know how hard it is to find certain higher end items - Red Sword, Zamba, Meteor Cudgel, etc (still talking about HUs here), and constantly trying to hunt them for HIT% can feel like a huge waste of time and discourage many people from continuing to play. Red Sword in particular is easy to farm for in the caves, but you can farm all you want, it doesn't guarantee a drop, and it is no guarantee you're getting it with hit if it does drop. With Hunter ATA, without hit, even though the RS has good ATA, you will still miss a good bit, especially in the ruins and beyond. (Ep 2/4) And every HU needs a Sword type weapon to crowd up enemies and stagger them all at once much like a shot weapon is much needed on RAs to keep enemies at bay, and I suppose make sure you're hitting most of the stuff in the room to get your exp.

Yes, there's new gear in the game, but it is not farm-able. There is some events that make them hunt-able, but not farm-able. Especially dealing with items that drop for exclusive IDs and enemies like Kondieru and Saint Mil. How are the normal folk supposed to have even the slightest chance to farm while they can if they can't even halt the already buffed enemies? Again, this is an issue for the populace in majority. The best course of action is a completely new mode, if it's possible, if not, then have times where enemies are buffed, but not all the time. Like maybe during the weekends and such. Run that and you'll see if there's a population difference playing the game and you'll see what people like.

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^ pretty much my point. +1.

The buffs will ruin my experience as a solo player 100%.

I'l need level 200 and donator gear to be able to do my favorite missions. I'l need to freeze literally everything (assuming I can hit it with froozer after the buff?)

Epsilons will be overwelming unless I can do good crowd control. I dont have the experience since I havent been there yet but I'm sure it will be much more difficult than it already was---

and soloing Towers was never easy.

You had to spawn kill everything fast enough and missing does NOT a run allow.

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There is a whole lot in your post i could talk about(especially about depth of strategy both in teams and solo), but i'll try to keep it to only to a few subjects. Ultimate mode has a much higher level range than lower difficulties. Where normal-vhard have about 20-30 character levels of progression in them, ultimate mode has to deal with players all the way from 90-200, including many long time veterans of the game which make up a substantial part of the primary playerbase because it is an extremely old game being run on private servers. The buffed monsters in ultimate are actually a huge draw for much of the playerbase that is bored of the vanilla game on other servers, because the enemies are otherwise so weak they get one shotted by level 200 characters with decent gear. The buffed monsters are at a middle ground to keep the game challenging enough to excite veteran players, while not being overwhelming for new players.

The jump to ultimate is certainly more difficult for players entering ult than it was in vanilla, but it's by no means unmanageable. For example, it is possible to farm heavenly units, v101s, decent weapons like vivenne, etc, in ep 4 very hard, and it is also possible to get some useful gear from black paper deal quests to use such as red sword, black king bar, meteor cudgel, etc. They may not come with hit% from black paper, but hit is only really necessary if you want to use the special attack on the weapon; if just using hard attack a player entering ultimate should still be able to use them effectively to deal damage. Those are just examples and not the only ways to get gear, there's a lot of ways to get mid-tier to moderately high-tier gear that works well enough (often players seem to have a 'if it's not the best, it sucks mentality' when it comes to gear, when many pieces gear can do just fine, in fact some of the best gear can even come from the weapon shop). If a level 90-100 player has some mid tier weapons and puts on a pair of heavenly/arms at least and doesn't neglect their mag while leveling up (this is a big one, many people will powerlevel quickly but forget their mags and have severely underleveled mags which stunt their power and accuracy dramatically), then they can still do good damage to ultimate enemies. It won't be amazing damage like a maxed char would do, but they would certainly do enough damage to handle the early ultimate areas just fine. It's also easy to mistake the source of weakness and blame it on gear, when really the gear itself isn't the majority of your actual strength; it's certainly a part of it, but upgrading from a decent weapon to a great weapon won't do nearly as much for them as actually getting exp and leveling up, raising their mag, and getting materials will, which make up about 75%-80%+ of the actual atp you can stand to gain. A low level character with a low level mag and no materials will find it easy to complain about his actually decent mid-range gear without understanding the nature of his problem. Even though ultimate is daunting when one first enters it, powering up and getting geared with a variety of decent usable stuff is actually pretty fast on this server, even with rarely trading and mostly just playing for fun, it's surprising how much one can pick up in a couple weeks/months if they are willing to work at it.

As for the major events which give limited time drops, those are another way to keep the game fresh and interesting for veterans. The new pieces of gear are in no way required to have or necessary for anyone to farm; they are not meant for or needed to deal with the buffed monsters. They are unique extras to provide new content and post-endgame experiences for veterans. Even then, claiming it is not somehow beyond your reach and unfarmable is stretching it at best. When i first joined the server, i was a complete noob. It was the end of summer event, though i did not know it at the time. I played my 2 characters and I worked my way though the game slowly to reexperience it, since it had been a game I never fully got into on the gamecube and hadn't played in a decade. Very soon the first ever Triforce event was announced. I didn't have great gear, nor did i have amazing levels (at the time i was using hunting dubchichs for 2 god/arms and hunting canane for a regen gear adv using my lower lvl racast, and using a level 100-110ish fonewearl to hunt holy ray from de rol le using a fire scepter: agni and a 3 seals, but I was noob and didn't know about black paper deal and such things). During that triforce event, I busted my ass pretty hard. I did a lot of runs in ep 4 with my foney. Eventually, I took my racast and put on a general armor, 4 resist/devils and a shield of delsaber for 100 edk, and i hunted a pwand using a 25 hit demon laser to kill mil lilys by making them suicide. I spent a few days at the start using no hit frozen shooter and 25 hit hell laser to farm up hylian shields (i got a bit lucky on that admittedly). I busted my ass day in and day out on my foney doing pod runs from when she was level 120+, barely being able to survive shambertin even using hp units. In the end persistence payed off and I got master sword that event(the first one i saw drop was grabbed by another person in room first), I got hylian shield, I was able to hunt a stealth sword and a few centurion/arms and a few centurion/powers, and even managed a wizard/resist from the hildetorrs. Only item i didn't get was the troll item cent/luck. This is all anecdotal, but the point is that even though the major event items are meant as extra challenges for those who have mastered the rest of the game, they are not out of reach for any player. It doesn't matter if you have all the gear/characters/levels or almost none of it, the way to get stuff in pso is the same for everyone, you earn it with your sweat, blood, and tears.

I just wanted to talk about buffed monsters and major event items, why they exist, and why they may appear distressing but actually really aren't a bad thing overall, they really help improve the server and are one of the main draws for seasoned pso players to this server in particular. Apologies for being so longwinded, or if any parts came off sounding harsh instead of just critical. I hope that, despite your impressions of the servers' changes, you enjoy playing on ultima and have fun, and good luck with the cycle of switching out/powering up your gear and characters.

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--insert long wall of text here--

That's where i'm getting at, last summer event I didn't had much, since my hunting partner wasn't online, I went for a weather effects run alone with a fonewearl a pwand and a bringers riffle. Was hard and slow but I made it killed a few epsilons (but got no luck but managed somehow to beat them). It's a really good weapon that you can get pretty much 50 hit without much effort and it makes your life easier in the task ahead. Still I'm a team player, soloing makes me bored now (I need somebody to talk).

Knowing what to use can surely help you progress in this game, even without having to spend buckets of money.

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