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  1. good quest for hunting Zus and Dorphons in mulitmode?
  2. Cyane - "Tower is possible solo but might take a bit more of strategy and good gear to be prepared." There is no strategy in PSO, and never has been. Enemies have mechanic AI, very predictable and very scripted. This isn't Monster Hunter were strategy actually matters. The only thing that matters in PSO is if you have the ATA to hit something and if maybe hunting weapons with higher attribute percents to dish out the damage. This game was not built on strategy, it was built on finding things. The excitement is about getting more and more powerful and finding the best gear in the game because there's just something about walking around with uncommon weapons AND since all the weapons look different, it's nice to walk around with something equipped that looks cool. The only sort of strategy in PSO is this: Have a FO on your four man team during quests that are 'hard'. FO keep S/D on friends and J/Z on enemies. Heal and Anti when needed. HUs attack front and center. RAs attack from range. Any other strategy comes from gear. Such as Spread Needle or Red Swords with hit. OR Frozen Shooter/Snow Queen to immobilize enemies. Or just have a cast on the team. However, when it comes to places like the tower, soloing is almost out of the question. There are nearly impossible situations. Such as three mericarols in the same room with their one-shot KO spit-bomb in ultimate. Really the game didn't need buffed monsters. This game stays rather tough in the Tower and Episode 4 for sure in the Desert. And since not everyone likes to play multiplayer, especially when they are trying to hunt for something that could be picked up by other people, the buffs can ruin the feel of the game. I get that the exp is upped and whatnot. Without it, the trek from Vhard to Ult is irritating and very time consuming, but with the buffed monsters, now it's you get to Ultimate MUCH faster, but at later levels and severely under-powered. If there was a way to implement a new mode all together, I'm very sure everyone would be down with that. Unlock it at level 150 or even higher for those who are geared out to the teeth and think they are invincible. Ultimate mode is hard as hell without many items. /Battle is necessary for attackers. Higher end weapons are needed. Higher end Armor is needed. These are not accessible to all players, but at the same time, not everyone wants to just have things given to them because that takes away from what the game is--finding rare loot and getting stronger. As a primary Hunter player. I can tell you that at level 80, the Forest is pretty tough. You have to know how many attacks you can get in and know that they were actually hit, back away and repeat. At around level 90 you can go into the caves, but it's no easy matter. Ever at level 160 it is tough in the ruins and you WILL miss a lot if your weapons don't have hit. And we all know how hard it is to find certain higher end items - Red Sword, Zamba, Meteor Cudgel, etc (still talking about HUs here), and constantly trying to hunt them for HIT% can feel like a huge waste of time and discourage many people from continuing to play. Red Sword in particular is easy to farm for in the caves, but you can farm all you want, it doesn't guarantee a drop, and it is no guarantee you're getting it with hit if it does drop. With Hunter ATA, without hit, even though the RS has good ATA, you will still miss a good bit, especially in the ruins and beyond. (Ep 2/4) And every HU needs a Sword type weapon to crowd up enemies and stagger them all at once much like a shot weapon is much needed on RAs to keep enemies at bay, and I suppose make sure you're hitting most of the stuff in the room to get your exp. Yes, there's new gear in the game, but it is not farm-able. There is some events that make them hunt-able, but not farm-able. Especially dealing with items that drop for exclusive IDs and enemies like Kondieru and Saint Mil. How are the normal folk supposed to have even the slightest chance to farm while they can if they can't even halt the already buffed enemies? Again, this is an issue for the populace in majority. The best course of action is a completely new mode, if it's possible, if not, then have times where enemies are buffed, but not all the time. Like maybe during the weekends and such. Run that and you'll see if there's a population difference playing the game and you'll see what people like.
  3. SchtServ's Virus armor is amazing. xD What's the easiest way to get Heavenly/Arms? On Scht, they had hard mode drops from boxes in Ep4, but they were extremely rare. I'm assuming that is not the same here, so what's the easiest way to acquire one?
  4. The other servers I've played on had Hard Mode Heavenly/Arms drops from boxes.. is that still present on this server? I know the enemy drop tables, but is there a table for box drops lol?
  5. I've been playing since Dreamcast. Trust me I know how old it is lol. Like I said, I'm not really complaining, I'm just wondering the quality of the host that this server is using. There's a few other servers I've played on before, 2 of them suuuucked, so I won't name them. The other, SchtHack was pretty good and didn't have the issues I've been having. The issues aren't game breaking, I was just curious about the quality. I wouldn't stop playing at this point. I already have 3 characters in Ultimate, so there's no real point in me stopping at this point unless I get too annoyed by the buffed monsters in Ult. Which brings me to my next question, though it's a bit off-topic I suppose. How buffed are they really? How is the EVP on them compared to their default. Cause I seem to be missing a LOT.
  6. True, but like I said, I can jump back on the other server and literally have no issues as far as laggy items on the ground goes or exp breaking. And only Block 1 shows up for me and my pals. Unless you mean lobbies, which I don't see how that would effect anything as we're still on the same block and ship, but I'm not too sure how this server runs its ship.
  7. I've been here for about a week now, may be 2? I've been noticing a LOT of needed roll backs to player's data, to the server itself. Been seeing exp break where it won't count down anymore in single and multi player. Seen it desync so much that people can still see items on the ground that have already been picked up. They can't pick them up themselves, but still that shouldn't happen. Desync is common in PSO, it was never optimized, but I've never seen this many errors before in such short time. I played on SchtHack's server for a long time and I've never experienced these issues before. Then again, Scht hardly if ever did roll backs to player accounts, although, even that was very uncommonly needed as people's accounts weren't messed up as often as I am seeing them happen here. Now, I like this server. The upped exp is nice to get us back to where we need to be. Not a fan, however, of the increased level requirement to enter higher difficulties or the buffed monsters in Ultimate, but whatever I can deal with it, but what is up with all the issues? Are all the problems software kinks that you guys have yet to work out being that the games software is pretty much hacked, or is it server sided issues? By that I mean whoever is hosting this server is.. not high in quality? I can look passed many of these issues because I have 3 friends that play the game and we usually room together, so we never have to worry about broken grounded items as we know who is getting what, and we've noticed how to look passed the exp break as it's just part of the desyncing. Players are kiling things that have already been killed on other player's side, so they are effectively killing nothing. Once you progress to the next room it's fine. Single player I'm not too sure how to fix that, but like I said; we play together instead of with randoms so it's fine. I am just curious what is going on?
  8. Well. Thanks for all the replies, guys. We got it working. Unsure why he had to do it differently, but all we did was install the game, use online.exe to login, let it patch and it plays. If we installed the .rar patch files it wouldn't work.. Odd but hey, it works.
  9. We have ported the programs through the firewall and antivirus. His computer is set up the same way mine is, there should be no reason this happens. :\
  10. Okay so, we got rid of the old versions and redownloaded everything. Installed Ultima exe. Installed Patch. Put the launcher in the game folder. (We used online.exe, the old and new launchers.) Opened Launcher, game launches just fine. He registers his username and pass. Logs in for the initial patch. Patch downloads successfully and applies. Game closes. Open Launcher. Hit start. Nothing happens.
  11. Removing a folder only removes the content. The installation is still registered. Tried that, though. Usually if you remove a folder and all the contents, then go to the uninstall, it'll simply tell you that the content is missing and that it may have already been uninstalled. Then you can remove the program from the list. That's not the case here. It simply will not go away so we can do a fresh install. And yes, Cyane, the game is patched. It doesn't open a black window then shut down. The launcher window closes and nothing happens. Game is up-to-date and patched like mine.
  12. So I have a friend who installed the game. As did I. We did it the same way. Install the game. Install the patch. Install the launcher. We both started the game. Updated. Re-opened the game, set our options. When I hit start game from the launcher, it goes straight into the game. When he starts the game, it brings up the launcher, when he hits start game, the UAC will come up(Windows7) and he'll hit Yes to allow it. Then window will close and the game will not start. Same thing happens if ran in admin. Same thing happens if UAC is off. We figured to try an uninstall and reinstall. There are three instances of Ultima PSOBB on his computer. 3 different versions. Ultima PSOBB, Ultima PSOBB 3.0, and Ultima PSOBB 3.3. NONE of them will uninstall. When clicking uninstall, it will load for a bit then do nothing. Any ideas? I've ran out. I've dealt with a lot of errors with people from Shithack's server and have corrected most of them. I've personally never had an issue with any BB installer from any server. So I have no clue what to do.
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