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5 hours ago, Hatsodoom Reiga said:

Man you look like a very disgruntled Vinny. Anyway if you even wanna just run areas in game lemme know.

Vinny? Well thats an old pic but i dont like pics of me. Thanks for the offer, i'll see you in game soon i hope :)

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Name: David S. Wilson AGE: 25 (real age 6) <.< Location: Springfield, Massachusetts Contact Method: Discord-LadyMegid2016/#0939 or Forums Hobbies: Video Games, FreeRunning, D

Name: Hi im Kettor oops nuh, Lipelis! Age: 26 Preferred contact method: PM and chatbox Hobbies: Electronic Music (DJ Stingray, Aphex Twin, Autechre etc), Photoshop, Animation (Porco Ros

yea it sort of is <.< i hate where i live and im stuck here so idc

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Name: shield_hero

Age: Unknown

Preferred contact method: Direct Message

Hobbies: Video Games, Anime, Manga, Xbox, PC, etc.

Picture: image.png.8a213c640f201d1975ba061b1e105adb.png

A little more about your self: I like playing First person Shooters, and want to get into more MMO RPG's that are decent.

Favorite Games: I used to play Marvel Heroes 2015, more recently Marvel Heroes Omega- until Disney shutdown Gazillion 6 months after Xbox One release:(

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Name: Fanfan


Preferred contact method: PM

Hobbies: Music, movies, guitar and video games

A little more about your self: I played PSO on my game cube 15 years ago and today wanted to play my old party and the files was corrupted and I was so sad. I made some research on the web and I found Ultima and here I am.

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