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  1. A question for @R-78 was the vol opt bug fix a joke too? i didnt encountered that bug if it exists but i'm curious 😛
  2. Hey, it was a nice april fools, next year maybe change the images in lobbies for random joke pictures? or force everyone to have a rappy skin for the day ? (is that even possible?) as for people discussing the update, well that proves your joke worked XD
  3. Vinny? Well thats an old pic but i dont like pics of me. Thanks for the offer, i'll see you in game soon i hope
  4. Thanks for the offer, i'll try catch you in game then. I usually have good luck dropping weapons but shit luck for armors and slots XD also i'm playing humar if that is of any help ^^
  5. you dont have to tell me that twice, i was wrecked last night when i did hit 102 and tried to test ult XD Then again i never, and i say NEVER dropped a decent slotted armor since lvl 60 U_u
  6. i still think that ultimate shoulndt be a nightmare there are quests for that 😛 anyway its just my 2 cents 😛 if the GMs feel its more balanced that way for EVERYONE (and not just overstuffed lvl 200 players who min-maxed their materials) then so be it ^^
  7. Name: Tanguy, but i prefer my handle or Kara Age : 34 Preferred contact method: Forum PM / in game / telepathy Hobbies: Writing novels, table rpg, video games, cinema and history Picture: downstairs A little more about your self: Hi everyone, your token Belgian is here! Ok enough jokes. I'm a former Dreamcast and GC pso player, i began playing ultima a while ago but only now i'm deciding to come in the forums. Not by timidity mind you but because i simply forgot that there was a forum. I found this server during a PSO2 jp server blackout, i wanted to remember the good old days and voila. Im pretty laid back usualy but i may sound harsh in my words, i'm apologizing for that in advance, blame the fact that i learndt english by myself using novels, video games and movies. Meaning my grammar isnt perfect. I have a wife who i try to convince to come and play psobb (she tried once but its a little bit too old fashioned for her, she prefers playing PSO 2 on jp servers atm ) and a 3 years old daughter. i'm sadly unemployed atm due to a severe back handicap (and sadly its not recognized as "grave enough" by my governement, so no financial aid nor surgery) but i hope to find something someday! Hope to see you in game !
  8. the DF always supposed to be 1 hit only anyway I dont understand the problem here. its more faithfull to the official version thats all ? however the increase of ultimate EP 1..no, just no ! PLEASE no! XD
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