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UPDATED 3-11-2014

Hello I am new here, and i'm starting a constantly updating (hopefully) shop. I will be selling things that i can not use myself or have a high value. I am not experienced in PSO so i may need help to determine prices for some of the stuff. I may take a few hours to get back to you on an offer if i don't know the value. I accept Trades and i'm always looking to buy cool items. Anyone who can do price checks on my stuff it would be really appreciated, since i like to give fair prices. I know my stuff isn't currently the best, but over time my shop will grow and become maybe one of the best.

Format of the shop:

This shop will be formatted this way

name of the item: percentages (Native, A.Beast, Machine, Dark, Hit): price

All prices are open for negotiation.

Best Items!

Kroe's Sweater


Weapons: If a weapon has "many in stock," is currently discounted price.


Master's Claymore: 45,0,0,0,45

Frost Claymore: 0,50,0,0,50

Daylight Scar 25,0,0,30,0

Shock Gladius 25,0,0,0,50

Frost Claymore 0,50,0,0,50

Charge Berdys 0,0,0,5,45



Flowen's Sword: many in stock

Last Survivor: many in stock


Gae Bolg: many in stock

Diska of Liberator: many in stock

Diska of Braveman: many in stock

Silence Claw: many in stock

Double Saber: 0,0,35,0,0

Angry Fist: many in stock

Agito: many in stock

Sting Tip: 0,0,0,5,0

Elysion: many in stock

Madam's Parasol: 0,0,0,0,0

Flight Cutter: many in stock

Yamato: 0,5,20,0,0

Sange: 0,20,0,0,0

Db's Saber: many in stock

Demolition Comet: 0,30,0,20,0

Vivienne: many in stock

Flapjack Flapper: 30,0,0,0,0

Windmill: many in stock

Cross Scar: many in stock

Tempest Gungnir: 0,50,50,0,30

Chaos Gungir: 50,50,0,0,30

Chaos Diska: 0,0,50,50,30

Slicer of Assassin: 15,0,0,0,25

Sonic Knuckle: 0,0,25,0,0

Toy Hammer: 0,0,20,0,0

Crazy Tune: 25,0,0,20,0

Red Dagger: 0,30,0,25,0

Dragon's Claw: 0,0,0,0,0

Synthesizer: 0,0,15,0,0

Blade Dance: 0,25,25,0,0

Gae Bolg: many in stock

Victor Axe: 0,0,0,10,0

Elysion: 0,10,5,0,20

DB's Saber: 0,35,35,0,0

Demo Comet: 0,35,0,45,0

Tyrell's Parasol: 20,0,0,0,0

Flamberge: 0,0,40,0,0 (hopes to one day be a gun)

Soul eater: 0,0,40,0,20


L&K14 combat: 0,35,0,40,50

Red Handgun: 25,25,0,0,0

Charge Launcher 0,0,0,20,50

Fire Beam:0,0,0,35,50

Yasminkov 7000v 0,0,0,0,0

Hell Raygun 0,0,0,15,30

Hold Raygun 0,0,5,0,50

Hold Beam 0,35,0,0,50

Charge Gatling 5,0,0,0,50

Charge Raygun: 0,0,0,5,50

Varista: 0,0,20,0

Berserk laser:35,30,30,0,0

Charge Laser: 5,0,0,0,45

Wals-MK2: 15,0,15,0,0

Justy-23st: many in stock

H&S25 Justice: many in stock

L&K14 Combat: many in stock

Crush Bullet: many in stock

Meteor Smash: 0,0,20,0,0

Final Impact: 35,0,0,0,0

Inferno Bazooka: 0,0,0,20,0

Flame Visit: 0,0,0,0,0

Frozen Shooter: many in stock

Yasminikov 3000R: 0,40,0,0,0

Guilty Light: many in stock

Red Scorpio: 0,30,0,0,0

Angel Harp: 0,0,0,0,0

Ruby Bullet: 0,45,40,0,35

Drain Launcher: 0,0,5,0,50

Hell Arms: 0,50,50,0,30

Charge Railgun: 0,0,0,5,50

Shadow Beam: 0,0,0,50,50

Charge Launcher: 0,0,0,20,50

Ohpelie Seize: 0,0,40,0,0

arrest vulcan: 0,50,0,50,30

burning vulcan: 50,0,50,0,30

hold Gatling 50 hit

fire gatling 50 hit

Mind Launcher 50 hit

Baranz Launcher 40 hit

charge ano bazooka 50 hit

ruby bullet 0,45,40,0,35

Bringer's Rifle: 50 hit

Hell Raygun: 0,0,0,15,30


Club of laconium 30,0,0,0,0

Fire Scepter: Agni: 0,0,20,0,0

Storm WandL Indra: 0,20,0,0,0

Earth Wand Brownie: 0,0,15,0,15

Caduceus: many in stock

Rabbit Wand: 0,40,0,0,0

Branch of PakuPaku: many in stock

Heart of Poumn: 0,15,0,0,0

Talis: 0,25,0,0,40

Mahu: many in stock

Summit Moon: 50 hit lol


my armor will be formatted like this;

name. slots

if you would like to check stats just ask

4 slot armor: many in stock : 1 pd each

Aura Field: many in stock

Select Cloak: many in stock

Lieutenant Gear: 1 slot

red odoshi

Black Hound Cuirass

Red Odoshi Domaru

Sacred Cloth

Aura Field

Tempest Cloak

Guard Wave

Flowen's Frame

Red Coat

Lieutenant Gear


Light Relief

Regenerate Gear

Custom barrier ver 00

Secure Feet

Purple Ring

Tripolic Reflector















Divine Protection




Game Magazine: (rare collector's item)

Hiledeblue's Head

delsaber's right arm

hildebear's head

magic rock "moola"

Add slots: 4:1

Spells: more will come soon

Level 15 = 2 for 1 pd

Current Stock:






Level 20= 1 for 1 pd

Current Stock:



level 29=2pd



level 28=1pd



Mags: Prices are steep but the work is hard

5/150/45/0 Sato- 20 pd

25/150/25 Tellusis - 20 pd

Custom mags - 30 pds

Mag Cells for sale:


Sega Saturn


Master System


Rappy's Wing

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I have a lvl 55 Mark 3 Mag. Just want it fed mates. To be at 5/195/0/0. Easy mag to feed because it's a mag cell mag. What would you do it for?

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