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  1. This is a guide with a compilation of plans used for reaching Max Stats on your characters. The goal is to achieve max stats in certain attributes. These stats are divided into: ATP (Attack Points) DFP (Defense Points) MST (Mind Strength) ATA (Attack Accuracy) EVP (Evade Points) LCK (Luck/Critical Boost) In Ultima server every class have increased Max Stats Boost compared to vanilla PSO, that means old max stats plans made for vanilla PSO doesn't work on this server, since there would be an huge gap until reaching the max stat using the old plans. Ultima Boost: +100 ATP, +100 DFP, +100 MST, +10 ATA and +30 EVP boost for every class. That being said, there's a possibility you won't be able to max everything from certain classes (and it's not really needed to max all stats) due to material slot limitation. It is standardized to max ATP, ATA, LUCK (to achieve maximum accuraccy and raw melee attack power) as a priority for melee based classes, and/or MST, for nuking and force classes respectively, and lastly EVP and DEF when necessary and possible. Generally DEF and EVP aren't very important stats, so these stats can be ignored in most cases as armor and barriers will take care of protecting your character. EVP is interesting for increasing the damage output of certain Photon Blasts like Estlla (final damage output also counts the Synchro and IQ percentage, that means 120% Sync and 200 IQ is needed for maximum damage/buff/heal). DEF is important to decrease the final damage you are getting, discounting Deband and Jellen level, very useful for players that uses sacrificial weapons like Excalibur, Heaven Striker and Dark Flow. There are some classes can only have maxed stats by using special custom mags (obtainable via Donation, Mini-Events or using a Console/Ashura Mag Cell) that can reach stats normally not obtainable with standard feeding charts. Otherwise, you will need a PPP Mag (a 0 DEF mag that is a reward players get from completing Power Plant Plight - Episode II quest), useful for replacing the 5 DEF points with more important stats. ⚠️If you use a Console/Ashura Mag Cell/Ultima's Engine!/other mag cells on a PPP/Default mag that doesn't have all 3 Photon Blasts, you won't be able to add new PB's to the said mag, as it will not evolve anymore after becoming rare (green/yellow name). Kit of Mark 3 (refer to this website to understand how console mag evolution works) Ashura Mag Cell is obtainable as a random item from Easter Eggs and Christmas Presents Ultima's Engine! is obtainable on Anniversary Event as a drop from specified bosses ⚠️You can find details of all armor/units/mags/shields used for these plans on Ultima's official wiki. ⚠️You can build your own plan using Ultima's official calculator. There are multiples builds for each character, depending on your preference. Generally it is more efficient to choose for plans that requires less Units, so you can use other interesting units that may improve your gameplay (Centurion/Battle, V801, V502, Smartlink, PB/Increase, Centurion/Resist etc.) CREDITS Fyrewolf5 - for collaborating with an huge ammount of max stats plans, sharing his PSO knowledge and contributing for the creation of this guide Soly - for developing Ultima's Max Stats Calculator R-78 - for collaborating with several plans available on this guide TripleR - for making "0 DEF and HUcast" C/Arms PPP mag feeding guides JADE - for making the "0 DEF" guide for mind mags and collaborating with many useful tips Noob Saibot (a.k.a. Yannv) - .... Honorable Mentions Cyane, Lemon, Rodrigo Chacon, Night orgodemirk - for making the very first max stats calculator Misombre - for hosting orgodemirk's max stats calculator
  2. Hi everyone! I am a new player and this is my first time playing Phantasy Star (other than playing PSO2 for a couple of weeks) so this is all very new to me. I am grateful for the amount of information out there but as a newbie I am pretty overwhelmed. I have looked at a few guides and read some wikis on basic MAG introduction as well as looked at some feeding and evolution charts, so if I ask questions that can just be searched I apologize but I am sifting through alot. My main concern is "ruining" my MAG or putting in alot of hours on a character and having done something irreversible. I saw people selling MAGs on here so that assuaged my fear of doing irreversible leveling/evolution/stat changes to my MAG that didn't align with an end goal, as I can attain another in the future. However, I started reading more about materials and their caps and limits and started kind of freaking out again- but I think that I won't accidentally just be using materials left and right and that the mats are probably just the items that actually have the world 'material' in them and not just things like mates. 1) Is there anything special about the MAG that you start with or can I 'rectify' an incorrect feeding progression with simply buying or finding another MAG? 2) Are items with the name 'material' in it the only types of items that have a consumption limit on them? 3) Are rare MAG evolutions based on the section ID that you start with or the section ID that you are in when the MAG evolves? 4) Are there any other limits or caps (other than items that affect my character's stat distribution) to something I can do or consume that cannot be rectified by purchasing or using something? (ie: is there something I need to not do on my character that can only be rectified by recreating my character?) I really appreciate any help, and I tried to avoid posting on here but I feel like my fear is holding me hostage to information searches so that I don't screw up. I love gathering knowledge but I would also like to be exploring the game for now as long as I am not making irreversible changes. If that means not consuming materials or feeding my MAG for now (will it die? T.T) then I am perfectly okay with that if those are the only things I need to worry about in the short term!
  3. drdingus

    B> Good OS

    Buying Ophelie Sieze with 40+ hit and 70%+ total of other stats. Paying well for very good stats or 50 hit + . Ty!
  4. So how do stats work on this game? Most phantasy star online wikias only tell me generic and obvious information I want to know the formulas determining the damage. At first I thought that damage was just: "[ATP x %Bonuses x CRIT???] - [Enemy defenses]", but that doesn't seem to be the case...
  5. ! WEAPONS ! - Yasminkov 7000V +25 [0/0/0/0|80] [Hell] - Demonic Fork [0/0/20/30|0] [Untekked] - 15 pds - Demonic Fork [0/35/0/0|15] - 15 pds - Ultima Reaper [40/0/0/35|0] 10 pds / 1dts - Ultima Reaper [50/0/40/0|35] - Ultima Reaper [0/0/0/5|0] [Untekked] - Arms +2 [45/0/0/0|45] [Berserk] 20pds / 3 dts - Great Fairy Sword +99 [45/0/0/25|0] 20pds / 3 dts - Spread Needle [0/35/30/0|0] 5pds - Spread Needle [0/0/35/30|0] 5pds - Spread Needle +14 [40/0/0/25|0] 5pds - Sacred Bow [30/30/0/0|0] - Sacred Bow [25/0/0/0|0] - Baranz Launcher +30 [0/0/0/0|40] - Lame D'Argent [0/0/0/0|0] - Mille Marteaux +8 [0/0/30/30|40] - Asteron Striker [30/0/0/0|0] - Banana Cannon [0/25/30/0|0] [Untekked] - Banana Cannon [30/0/0/0|0] [Untekked] - Banana Cannon [0/0/30/35|0] [Untekked] - Banana Cannon [0/0/25/0|0] [Untekked] - Banana Cannon [0/0/0/0|0] - Banana Cannon [0/0/20/0|0] [Untekked] - Rage De Feu +9 [0/25/0/0|35] ! SHIELDS ! - Hylian Shield 10dts - Three Seals x2 20 pds / 4 dts ! TOOLS ! - Chromatic Orb x4 - 10dts each - Halo Rappy Soul x3 - Limiter x3
  6. So, I have been working in a max stats calculator, something similar to what @orgodemir did. It really is the same but just coded by me and stuff... It's mostly done, but there are some items missing stats because they are hardcoded and cannot be retrieved from the game files. If you want to contribute, whenever you find an item missing stats and you know them, post it here in the following fashion: ["Name", ATP, MST, EVP, DFP, ATA, LCK, HP, TP, EFR, ETH, EIC, EDK, ELT], The name in quotes, the rest of things with NO quotes, they should be numbers. Multiply the ATA by 10, the page will divide it by then before calculating things. (this is to match other values from the game files) Before posting, please do a search (in the topic) to see if someone else already posted the item. You can find the calculator here.
  7. When making TWO KAMUI does any stat % of mi KAMUI's goes to TWO KAMUIS? and if it is, How?
  8. This is something I've been wondering for awhile. On PSO-World.com when you look at the stats of an armor there tends to be a range of the defensive value and evasion value. For example, Smoking Plate has a defensive value listed as 223-273 and evasion listed as 175-225. I assumed the stats would be different depending on which section ID dropped the armor. If so, which section ID would get max stats for Smoking Plate or how would I go about getting on with max stats? Also, how accurate are the drop charts on this site? Btw, I know pso-world isn't the best source for information, especially for someone playing on the ultima server.
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