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  1. Hey everyone, I'm not a player on this server (yet?), but seeing as how the PSOBB community has fragmented a bit I should probably share this with y'all too. I investigated the bursting screen crash on the 1.25.10+ clients that has plagued the game for years and prevented Linux and Mac support. It turns out, there were minor "optimizations" written into the texture loading routine in 1.25 that take advantage of an undocumented "feature" in d3d. League of Legends happens to use this "feature" as well. The "optimization" to texture loading are marginal at best and, naturally, break Wine because Wine is not designed to implement that undocumented feature. This patch implements a hack that simulates the expected behavior, and while it should work for any game that uses it, this has been specifically designed for PSOBB. Here is the source patch for Wine, plus some brief instructions on how to use it and what exactly it does. Link Mirror https://mega.nz/#!UYcjzKID!875sctIZDtmaZgbTwZT2mdfoV7r7stWkVlaNX_3StWM The game running on Mac El Capitan (not on this server): https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CUjnVSEUAAAmo4M.png:large IME support does not work as far as I can tell (the game detects it, but only types latin input). Controllers work, and the music at the title screen does not get garbled like on Windows 7/8/10. The game, for the most part, works as it did when it came out 11 years ago. Compiling for 64-bit Linux requires gcc-multilib or a virtual machine running 32-bit Linux. This is fairly trivial, just write a Vagrant VM script, I may write a tutorial up sooner or later.
  2. This guide will teach you step by step how to install Lua Add-Ons on your PSOBB. What Are Lua Add-Ons? Lua Add-Ons are scripts that can read arbitrary memory from PSOBB and present it in a 'readable way'. It allows players to read information about monster dropped items, their inventory without highlighting the menu, read banks without going to the Bank Lady, monsters Health Points, player coordinates, how much time until next mag feeding is available and much more. Is there any risk I could be banned by using those Add-Ons? Are they considered cheating? Lua Add-ons can only read game memory, so it doesn't have enough control to hack the game in any way. All of the currently released Add-Ons are considered safe to use on Ultima server, usage of them are not considered cheating! 1. Requirements You must have Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 installed, accordingly to the version of your Windows. Download here. Choose the x86 version of package. 2. Installing Eidolon's Add-Ons Plugin Download Soly's PSOBB Addon Plugin here (bbmod.zip) The original Eidolon's version can be found here (bbmod.zip). Outdated, does not work with some addons Note: Soly's version includes changes to support the global theme editor and the timer addon. These changes will (hopefully) eventually be merged into Eidolon's main repository but until then, they are available with Soly’s version. Open bbmod.zip, extract the folder addons and the file dinput8.dll into your PSOBB folder. It should look like this now. Both things mentioned must be placed in the Ultima PSOBB directory. This is what enables the Lua Add-Ons to run through PSOBB. You can run PSOBB to check if everything was installed correctly. If you see a menu like the one seen in the picture below, well, congratulations! The first step is done, you installed the Add-On. Now you can proceed to the next step, which will explain how to install the useful add-ons that will enhance your gameplay experience If your game is crashing right after launching, make sure you installed the correct version of Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015. 3. Installing Add-Ons Download Soly's PSOBB Addons Here. Extract every directory into the newly installed addons folder in your PSOBB directory (you can ignore files like .gitignore, LICENSE and README) Note: All addons are installed more or less in the same way, but some might require a custom version of dinput8.dll, in such cases, it will be noted. This might cause conflicts if multiple dinput8.dll versions are created for different addons so until they are merged into the main version of the dll, you will have to choose the one that fits better for the addons you want to use. Your addons folder should look like this: If you have placed every folder in the right addons directory, you should now have 4 windows inside the game client itself, they are Main, Monsters, Player Reader, and Character Reader. When you run PSOBB with add-ons for the first time, you may want to resize and reposition them using mouse cursor. Drag title bars to your preferred place, resize add-ons by clicking and dragging the tiny white triangle located on bottom right corner of each window. If you close Main Menu accidentally, press ~ (tilde) to reopen the Main Menu. 4. A little introduction to Character Reader add-on One of the biggest attractions of Add-On plugins is undoubtedly the Character Reader. Using it, you can read your inventory, bank (both Common and Character banks, depending on the last loaded bank when talking to Bank Lady NPC) and floor (dropped items on the area you're in). You can also check your inventory mags only, mostly used for feeding purposes. (Credits to ★AGGREBEE★ for the gif) It is possible to save a list of the current loaded items by clicking on Save to File button. The list will be saved at addons/Item Reader/inventory/date_saved_inventory.txt. 5. Other add-ons Soly's PSOBB Addons Theme Editor - Global theme editor, changes the style of all the windows of the plugin, currently it requires Soly’s version of dinput8.dll. Item Reader - Allows items present on inventory banks and floors to be read. Monster Reader - Shows each monster specific HP and displays a HP bar in an ordered list. Player Reader - Shows the Health points, current Shifta/Deband/Jellen/Zalure level and Invincibility trigger timers for each player present in the party specific lobby players. Timer - Timer and Stopwatch, the stopwatch has a split function, all actions can be performed with hotkeys (customizable in the addon options). This addon requires Soly’s version of dinput8.dll. Esc's Chat Log Addon Shows the chatlog in a separated window from default PSOBB Chatlog Menu. Staphen's Kill Counter Addon Tracks statistics on number of enemies defeated in PSOBB. Can be customized to show how many times a specific monster has been killed. Tornupgaming's EXP Bar Addon Adds an experience bar displaying the ammount of Experience needed for the next level up. Can be resized and combined with some custom HUDs like Echelon's ones. Seth's Coordinate Viewer Addon Displays player's x, y and z coordinates. 6. Other interesting features and troubleshooting a. Some add-ons are crashing randomly/while exiting game While Exiting Game (logging out) from the PSOBB Menu, there is a probability some of the add-on tools are gonna crash (and perhaps even the Main Menu). To fix this, open the Main Menu (if it was shut down, press ~ (tilde) to reload it) and click on the Reload button to re-enable all add-on windows that were closed upon logging out. Note: If you want to help the developer of the addon, you can open the log first and take note of any output on it related to the addons that crashed and post them in the topic. b. Changing and saving add-on windows positioning. One or more add-on windows positions were saved and got stuck in a border/corner. Open the Main Menu, click on the button corresponding to the add-on you wish to change settings, make sure the Enable option is checked in General section. Check the following ► contractions to change a few options, you will find a Position and Size settings to mess with. You can use one of the anchoring presets or alternatively specify an exact X and Y position you want the add-on window to load (accordingly to the current resolution of your PSOBB window) If your anchoring is not Default, the X and Y act as offsets from the anchoring position You can also specify the Width and Height of the corresponding add-on window or set the window to auto resize (if available), which will make the window as small as possible. Make sure the Enable option is checked on the corresponding add-on. c. Changing other options Some addons offer the options to customize the windows even further. While on the Main Menu, click on the button corresponding to the add-on you wish to change settings. You will find the following options: No title bar: Hides the colored title bar present on the top border of add-on window. No resize: Prevents the resizing of the window from the bottom right corner, if available, you can change the window size from the Position and Size Width and Height options. No move: Prevents windows from being dragged, if available, you can change the window size from the Position and Size Anchor, X and Y options. Always auto resize: Makes the windows resize to fit their content. Transparent window: Removes the window’s background color. Title bar labels CREDITS Eidolon - for making the PSOBB Addon Plugin Saber+7 - for collaborating with ideas for this guide and grammar reviewing. Soly - for collaborating with ideas and pictures for this guide, his Character Reader Addon and continuously making numerous tools for the add-on and PSOBB. ★AGGREBEE★ - for writing a really good introduction guide for Add-ons on Ephinea which inspired to re-use some ideas, a very cool animation and to make my own guide. And all other add-on developers. If you have any issues or bugs with an add-on plugin itself presenting unexpected behaviors, make sure to check out Eidolon's original thread and maybe report about your issue. Bugs related to the tools, don't be afraid to contact the responsible authors.
  3. So essentially I recently found out I can play PSOBB offline locally without the risk of a server closing and losing all my progress all the while, if I wish to, pretty much do whatever I want in it like boosting the EXP rates and such. I found out about it through google here in a NeoGAF post for a Teth Server setup to play offline: https://www.neogaf.com/threads/you-can-play-psobb-offline.1239393/ I'm super happy and all of that is very cool BUT...I play on a 4K TV and the launcher included seems to be the general use one released by @tofuman which lacks, from what I understand after a good 5-6hrs of research on how to set it up and optimizes it's looks and performance...the ability to run natively in 4K for example. It seems to peak at 1440p and also has no built in virtual fullscreen (to allow for ALT+TAB-ing right? that's what that allows among other things if I'm not wrong?) So it seems that only the launcher of Ephinea and Ultima have the 4K + Virtual Fullscreen built in? And from the screenshot I've seen it even seems to be a true 16:9 adapted format in game and not a 4:3 stretched? Can anyone confirm? I've made an account on here, NeoGAF and the Ultima forums and rummaged everywhere and cannot for the life of me find anyone with a clear answer and even less solution on how I could do that with my local install of PSOBB running on my local server for offline playing. I've even found out and learned what are the LUAs addons and also the different kind of Item editors and such....but no answers on if true native 4K is possible outside of the private servers I mentionned (and also in virtual fullscreen ideally). Is it possible at all? I don't mind doing many steps. If not, what's the next best option? (Except playing online on any private server!) Please this is the only thing I'm missing that I really want to obtain to have finally a great PSOBB experience that doesn't rely on private servers. Every bit of help with be SO appreciated guys... ;w; ----------------------------- Btw I already did the config mentioned in the NeoGAF post linked and I played today in what should be (?) 2K windowed while using Borderless Gaming to create a "Virtual Fullscreen" so it doesn't crash when ALT-TAB-ing. It is my intention to continue to play *OFFLINE* exclusively as to not depend on online private servers for my character data safety and just come back to it whenever I feel like it throughout the years and progress at my own pace regarding EXP rates, drop rates and etc. I just want to know how can I incorporate the advantages of the kind of launchers Ephinea and Ultima have in my version. Or make their launchers work with mine? Or if there is any way to replicate them. I mostly want the advantage of being able to play in native 4k and virtual fullscreen (without the need for borderless gaming tool for that last one).
  4. Thought you guys might get a kick out of this: Phantasy Star Online (original) for the Switch. What we've really been waiting for
  5. Here is to another RASP but this time a double pack. I finished Volume 3 almost as soon as I uploaded 2 and I didn't want to upload it immediately after. I decided to work on 4 and just upload both at the same time. Here is the download link for 3: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/8mpinrjphwglk/ Here is a list of tracks for 3: ADVR - Ghostbusters(Genesis) ~ Character Select CHARA - Sega Rally Championship ~ 13 End Road of Monaco CITY - Die Hard Trilogy ~ Harlem CUBE_ENDING_LOOP - Rage Racer ~ Credits DARK1 - Chrono Trigger ~ Magus Battle DARK2 - Chrono Trigger ~ Final Battle 2 DELO - Metal Black ~ Phantasm DELO2 - Tales of the Tempest ~ Enemies Raid DRAGON - Ghostbusters(Genesis) ~ Boss DRAGON2 - Sonic Generations ~ VS Metal Sonic DUEL1 - Toonami ~ Scratch My Back DUEL2 - From TV Animation Slam Dunk 2 ~ Rival's Star Player ENDING_LOOP - Jurassic Park(SNES) ~ Hi-Score EP4_ENDING_LOOP - Digimon Frontiers ~ Opening (Instrumental) EPI1 - Pokemon Rumble World ~ Results EPI2 - Art of Fighting 2 ~ Next Stage GRYPHON - OneChanbara ~ Attagirl GUILD - Dynasty Warriors ~ Character Select HALL - Mega Man X5 ~ Deep Sea HEARTS - Burning Rangers ~ We Are Burning Rangers (EN) LABO - OneChanbara ~ Shawty LOBBY - Street Fighter V Arcade Edition ~ Main Theme MEDICAL - Michigan Report From Hell ~ ZaKa TV Team Log PROTO1 - Asura's Wrath ~ Asura vs Oni The Mad Demon PROTO2 - Asura's Wrath ~ Fear God SHOP - Legend of Legaia ~ Dance Against the Queen slbgm_ancient - Wild Arms 2 ~ Spiral Tower slbgm_boss09 - Sonic Adventure 2 ~ Supporting Me (Biolizard) slbgm_boss09b - Kizuna Encounter ~ King Leo's Palace slbgm_cave - Tekken 3 ~ Nina Williams slbgm_dark - Chrono Trigger ~ Magus Battle (Intro) slbgm_forest - Muscle Bomber ~ Moscow slbgm_machine - Mortal Kombat 3 ~ Street slbgm_ruin - King of Fighters Neowave ~ Spirits slbgm_seabed - Sonic Adventure 2 ~ Dive Into the Mellow (Aquatic Mine) slbgm_space - Gungage ~ The Big Boss SOUTOKU - Front Mission ~ Arena Title - The King of Fighters '95 ~ Title VOL_OPT1 - Bomberman Hero ~ Spiral VOL_OPT2 - Bomberman Hero ~ Landlord And here is the download link for Volume 4: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/q548zss74mp0j/ As well as the list of songs for this volume as well: ADVR - Mortal Kombat ~ Choose Your Fighter CHARA - Tony Hawk's Pro Skater ~ Main Menu (1st Part) CITY - Wild Arms 2 ~ Town Where the West Wind Blows CUBE_ENDING_LOOP - Legend of Legaia ~ Dance Queen Mary DARK1 - TNA Impact ~ Su Yung (Undead Bride) DARK2 - Final Fantasy XII-2 ~ Invisible Depths DELO - Cadillacs and Dinosaurs ~ Boss 2 DELO2 - Galerians ~ Birdman Battle DRAGON - Pinball of the Dead ~ Boss DRAGON2 - Star Ocean 3 ~ Bitter Dance DUEL1 - Baki the Grappler ~ Self-Confidence DUEL2 - Nitro Ball ~ Combat Field ENDING_LOOP - Ridge Racer Type 4 ~ Ready To Roll EP4_ENDING_LOOP - Deadly Sport ~ Ending EPI1 - Super Mario Kart ~ Bowser Rank EPI2 - Wild Arms 2 ~ Win! GRYPHON - Hunter the Reckoning ~ Instability GUILD - Maken X ~ World Map HALL - Capcom VS SNK 2 ~ Groove Select HEARTS - Bust a Groove ~ 2 Bad (Heat-s Theme) LABO - Texhnolyze ~ Fantasia LOBBY - Capcom VS SNK 2 ~ Player Select Version 1 & 2 MEDICAL - Xenosaga Freaks ~ Xeno-Pittan Stage Select PROTO1 - Dead or Alive 4 ~ Alpha-152 PROTO2 - Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles ~ Virus Syndicate SHOP - Tekken 5 ~ One More slbgm_ancient - Revolution X ~ Pacific Rim Elevator slbgm_boss09 - Legend of Legaia ~ My Name is Songi slbgm_boss09b - Mortal Kombat 4 ~ Goro's Lair slbgm_cave - Bust a Groove ~ Power (Strike-s Theme) slbgm_dark - Jewel Master ~ Vital Signs slbgm_forest - 100% Orange Juice ~ Kai's Theme slbgm_machine - Resonance of Fate ~ Hughes Power Station-Night [A] slbgm_ruin - Tekken 4 ~ Kitsch slbgm_seabed - Sonic Forces ~ Fading World (Imperial Tower) slbgm_space - Shock Troopers: 2nd Squad ~ Promise of 505 (Stage 5) SOUTOKU - TNA Impact ~ Robbie E (Get Your Fist Pumpin In The Air) Title - Mega Man X 3 ~ Title VOL_OPT1 - Sonic Forces ~ Battle with Egg Dragoon Mk. II (1st) VOL_OPT2 - Sonic Forces ~ Battle with Egg Dragoon Mk. II (2nd) So with that the RASP Volume 3 & 4 Double Pack is complete! Be sure to backup all your original files!
  6. Ten Years Online Ultima!! Happy Birthday!! It's been 10 years already ... never expected this little project to grow so big, to a point of having a 10th anniversary. Again like always I want to thanks to all the member who play's here, who enjoy the community and for actually create a community. With controversy's, dramas, but also with funniest and happy moments. This server have give different things to everyone, we have even held wedding ceremonies. We are a server were even parents play with their kids. Hopefully we get to stay around another 10 years !! Another 10 years of killing rappys Of course i want to thanks also all the member of the staff who have been around @Soly @serverus@Fyrewolf5 @kajex @Lemon @R-78 @chuk yeah chuk is till around believe.. that brings up @Choko who is more active than chuk lol. Also to the friends who have help us. @FALC0N for the banners of this past events! thanks man.! everyone here its grateful to you for your artwork.! And thanks to @Lipelis for the new items skins! Thanks to all for been here !! with out you guys we would be here!! LONG LIVE TO PSO!!! Enjoy the event. With no more further ado, we introduce the anniversary event. We have added 3 new items, hope you guys find them and like them. Photon D-Core Ultima MAG (yahoo Mag) Sonic Team Armor SWORD OF ULTIMA ---(5TH ANNIVERSARY EVENT) ASTERON STRIKER ---(5TH ANNIVERSARY EVENT) Nakas Card, for S- Ranks weapons exchange Tyrfing (weapon idea by @Fyrewolf5 ) Sonic Magazine Hand of Justice Ten years Blades Frozen Booster Arrest Booster
  7. if any of these items of are interest to you weather your a beginner or a intermediate player i can let some of them go as little as 1 pd with free beez. let me know if you need any on forum and we can meet in game N Jiki kit of hamburger virus sheild vol opt bamboo spear yasmikov 7000v no stats thirteen guren angel ahrp 20 native 15 mach 15 dark dragon slayer 40 hit panthers claw ancient saber red saber 30 beast 15 hit victor axe 20 beast 20 hit agito silence claw 40 native 30 dark silence claw 40 hit l and k 14 combat 30 hit rianov 303snr 25 native 20 beast 25 machine gae blog 25 hit cross scar 30 native 35 hit hp revival froozen shooter 15 native 25 hit dargon claw lvl 100 mag everything can be sold as low as 20 pd. each item is 1 pd, and anything of superb value sold individually is 3 pd.
  8. I recently got my friend to play PSO and he needs a good Mind Mag (Sato)
  9. Just switched from gamecube!! never played BB before but if anyone wants to meet up for a game sometime lemme know (:
  10. Finally Christmas has arrived in Ultima. It's our last event of the year, for some people it's probably the most awaited one for other not so much. Olga will be exchanging Parasitic Gene Flow in exchange of some blood. This year he is more "giving" but more eager to kill you.... This is Christmas it doesn't mean the drop will be easy ok... so don't expect santa... Anyway hope everyone have fun in our last event of the year. Thanks to everyone who have been here for the entire year and for playing with us. Hope you guys keep enjoying this little piece of PSO that we bring to you. have fun and Merry Xmas to every Ultima member !! Christmas is full of surprises here at Ultima Special drops on bosses and St Rappy will be dropping the Mag Cell for ELENOR and Heart Container! St.Rappy can be found in the Temple (Episode2), it's a rappy with a 'Santa Claus dress' xD Here is the drop list for the bosses. Ultimate Gal Gryphon Ultimate: Special Drop:Tablet Mag cell / Heart of Morolian BarbaRay Ultimate: Special Drop: L&K38 Combat / Crazy Tune / Phonon Maser Gol Dragon Ultimate: Special Drop:**Earth Wand Brownie Saint Million Ultimate: Special Drop: ***Galatine Shambertim[Point Of Disaster]: Special Drop: Valkyrie Kondrieu Ultimate: Special Drop: ***Girasole. Ragol Dragon Ultimate: Special Drop: SONIC KNUCKLE / SOUL EATER De Rol Le/Da Rai Le Ultimate: Special Drop: HoneyComb Reflector. Vol Opt v2 Ultimate: Special Drop: ASTERON BELT / KROES SWEATER Dark Fallz Ultimate: Special Drop: Df Shield V.Hard Gal Gryphon V.hard: Special Drop:Harrisen Fan / Game Magazine BarbaRay V.hard: Special Drop: Amitie's Memo Mag cell - Puyo Gol Dragon V.hard: Special Drop:Murasame Saint Million V.hard: Special Drop: Rambling May Shambertim[Point Of Disaster]: Special Drop: Tension Blaster Kondrieu V.Hard: Special Drop: Toy Hammer / Kunai Ragol Dragon V.Hard: Special Drop:Green ring / Syringe De Rol Le/Da Rai Le V.hard: Special Drop:Broom / Chameleon Scythe Vol Opt v2 V.Hard Special Drop: RA- MERGES Red/Yellow/Blue RING's (no red ring) Dark Fallz V.Hard: Special Drop:Daisy Chain And the most awaited Item : Parasitic Gene Flow obviously Olga flow will be dropping it P.GenFlow date: PGF is dropping now through January 11 January 14th. Other drops continue through January 20th. From the Easter event, use Proof of Sonic Team on Dark Bridge to make Psycho Bridge! ATP 395-600 ATA 65 HP +100 EVP -80 Tech boost Rafoie 85% boost, Rabarta 95% boost , Razonde 85% boost (Psycho Wand is 45%) Thanks to @ItchyFlamingo for the Event Banner!
  11. Hello and welcome to this tutorial. I will be going through some easy to understand processes of how one can remove the shoulder, back pads and skirt from the RAcaseal costumes, by deleting certain parts of the costume textures. This is my first tutorial so go easy on me if there are any errors :). Programmes required: Paint.Net - https://www.getpaint.net Texture Manager - https://psoskins.jimdo.com/tools/ Open Texture Manager > File > Load > Go to your ‘Ultima PSOBB directory’ > Data > plFtex.afs (RAcaseal textures) There’s a few ways you can do this tutorial but I think, its best and easiest if you choose your desired character costume as ‘default’ because this will be for what people will see you as. You don’t want to choose something fugly for their eyes but good for yours (when you apply the new modified textures). Might as well kill two gal gryphons with one blue black stone and look good for all. For this tutorial, I will be using textures: 1 – 2 which should cover the back, legs and skirt. Texture 0 = Front (won’t be using but just highlighting it as such) Texture 1 = Legs/Back Texture 2 = Skirt These textures in that order correspond throughout the RAcaseal texture folder. So just find what costume you want as default by looking at what color it is and change it by using this tutorial. If you are skillful enough you can choose your default costume and import the other RAcaseal textures onto that ‘default class’ and modify it from there. This will allow you to have unique mix of the various RAcaseal's constumes textures available on your character, so enjoy experimenting with that. Highlight the texture you want, for example Texture 1. Then click Textures > Export DDS > Texture 1 Repeat the same procedure for Texture 2. Texture > Export DDS > Texture 2 *Place your textures in a folder on the Desktop or something. Create an additional folder within that folder and rename it: 'Backup'. You can either copy and paste the 'plFtex.afs' from your Ultima PSOBB folder > data' or the textures you will exporting. This is to back them up in-case you mess up when experimenting. Load up Paint.net File > Open > Texture 1 Zoom in by (ctrl + wheel mouse) on Texture 1. Delete this part of the texture by using the rectangle select tool (at the top left hand-corner of the tool box). Highlight the part as seen in the picture and press delete. Make sure you remove all the parts that connect to that part of the texture. This has deleted the ‘shoulder pads’ on a RAcaseal’s costume as that little rectangle is where the should pads texture for a RAcaseal are located. Now press Save and go to the drop down menu and choose DXT3 (Explicit Alpha). I’m not that knowledgeable on Alpha’s at all etc but this one just works for this tutorial (I've played around with the other settings and they didn't work, except for the first one too if I remember correctly). If I choose the DXT5 for example and upload the texture into texture manager it will have horizontal lines on the texture and thus not the desired outcome we want. This setting: DXT3 (Explicit Alpha) preserves the transparency when uploaded into texture manager thus in the game also. Now once saved. Go back to Texture Manager and go to the actual texture of the one you just exported for example Texture 1. Then press > Texture > Import > DDS > Choose Texture 1. The texture you just imported should of replaced the existing one. The final step is to make it to work in game and this is done by pressing the save button (floppy disk icon) on texture manager. That’s it for Texture 1. Now for the back pads and skirt you just repeat the same protocol with a few discrepancies. Paint.Net > File > Open > Texture 2 Again use the rectangle tool, highlight and delete this part of the texture. This rectangle is the 'back pads' of a RAcaseal costume. Now repeat the saving steps. Go back to texture manager > Import > DDS > replace previous texture and hit save. Now to remove the skirt we have to use Texture 2 again. So at this point feel free to make another copy of texture 2 (the one you modified for the backpads and stick it in that 'backup folder'. Make sure you stick another letter/number in the filename otherwise it'll override the previous one). Load up Texture 2 into Paint.Net again. Use the rectangle tool, highlight the area that is shown in the screenshot and hit delete. You have to go like 1 pixal above the texture to get a clean cut in PSOBB, otherwise you'll have some texture illustrating the edges of the 'back pads', even though you're deleting the skirt. Save using same settings. Go back to texture manager > Import > DDS > replace previous texture and hit save. Load up PSOBB and select where your 'default costume' is located. This is the effect I got by using this tutorial and you should expect the same result. For my RAcaseal, I have decided on deleting the shoulder and back pads, whilst I kept the skirt on. You can change colors too by using Paint.Net or Photoshop (but make sure you import the recolored texture back into Paint.Net and save it using the same ways as above. For some reason using the 'alpha settings' in photoshop doesn't work). You can even import other costume designs into your ‘default’ costume and then play around with the colors, and delete the necessary bits too for your desired outcome. For me, I took 8/9 costume and imported it into 2/9 (my default selection) and then changed/modified the texture to my liking: This ends the tutorial. I hope it helps and is easy to understand/follow. Any questions, hit me up below!
  12. I try to launch PSOBB (Yes, it should be fully patched) after I reinstalled it, and installed all the patches, now its hiving me the error. How do I fix it?
  13. Hey guys, I don't make very many posts on the forums aside from shmarmy, witty, and often unwanted remarks towards subjects I know little about (speaking honestly, although, I do admit it cracks me up quite often), but I recently was thinking about creating a novel of the game PSOBB, and it would be based off of the server Ultima, set in a world with fictional characters but the character's they play (aka the character's these said people in real life play on the game, will be based around the people on the server). Essentially, what this means is that I'll be creating fake human beings, but use the likeness of people's personalities from in game as the character's these people play as on PSOBB. I'll give you an example. Let's say that, for example, Soly tells me he wouldn't mind having his likeness used in the novel. I'd then do something like this: Boy 1 plays as a HUcast named Soly, often quiet though, he's a moderator on the server. Does a lot of good work for the server and it's people, generally very friendly when he does speak or say something, but is usually afk or quiet when he does come on. Something like this would be used (replace "Boy 1" with the name of the real life person), but I don't want to use people's likeness on the server as characters unless they are comfortable with me putting them in there, so as such, I'm wanting people to respond to the topic to let me know if they wouldn't mind having their likeness used in the story. And if you'd like, you can even put in what you think your character's likeness would be in the story based off of how you act in the game, if you so chose. All the names in the real life will be made up, I'm not going to ask you guys for your real names, although some of you may be okay with giving me it, it's not necessary as most of the story is fictional and filled with fictional events. If you're interested in this, let me know. I need to see how many people would be interested in this so I can take count to how many people want in, use their likenesses in the story, and then the rest I'll just make up as I progress through the plot while I plan out the main character's and what not. I already have an idea in my head who the main character will be, what his name will be and what he'll tend to act like (it won't be me, although I will put my general likeness as my character in the story as a completely random person, I'll be completely honest about it, I promise). Tell me what you think, if this doesn't take off with anybody, I'll just start writing and it can be a complete 100% fictional story about PSOBB on Ultima server, bearing no resemblance to anybody and anything that's ever happened. Tell me what you guys think down in the comments below, thanks. EDIT: This will be a list of the people that currently wish to have their likeness used in the story, this post will remain open until Sunday evening EST (Eastern Standard Time +0:00). Cyane (And all clones of the King Banana via her request) Soly (RAcast or Momoka, Hucast will not be added in via his request) Colorado (Flawless, unnamed class) Christian (Chris, RAcast) EDIT: This has been closed, thank you.
  14. I figured I have to make a shop eventually, so here's what I've got so far, included the thing's that I use. If you like anything you see then send me a comment or a message. Weapons: FLOWENS SWORD 25/15/0/0 LAST SURVIVOR 0/0/0/25|30 BLADE DANCE 0/0/0/35 BLOODY ART 0/0/30/0 CROSS SCAR 0/0/45/0 CHARGE GLAIVE 0/0/45/0|40 GAE BOLG 0/0/25/0 L&K 14 COMBAT 0/0/0/30 BERSERK ARMS 0/0/0/35|45 MACE OF ADAMAN 25/0/15/0 STORM WAND: INDRA 0/0/0/10 PHOTON CLAW 0/0/0/15 INFERNO BAZOOKA 0/0/35/0 CADUCEUS 30/0/10/0 BERDYSH 10/0/0/0 RED MECHGUN 0/0/30/0|40 WINDMILL 10/0/0/0|5 RABBIT WAND 15/0/0/0 BARANZ LAUNCHER 0/0/0/0|50 HEART OF POUMN 0/25/0/0 MUSASHI 0/0/0/0 YAMATO 0/0/0/15 SANGE 0/30/35/0|45 GUILTY LIGHT 0/20/0/0|20 RED SCORPIO 0/0/15/0 TALIS 0/0/0/15 OPHELIE SEIZE 20/0/35/0|25 VIVIENNE 0/0/40/0|40 VIVIENNE 0/0/35/0|35 FLAPJACK FLAPPER 40/0/0/0|40 ULTIMA REAPER 40/0/0/0 DEMOLITION COMET 0/0/10/0 Armors: SENSE PLATE 0 SLOTS SACRED CLOTH 0 SLOTS CURSED CLOAK 0 SLOTS REGENERATE GEAR STANDSTILL SHIELD STANDSTILL SHIELD Units: GOD/LUCK HP/REVIVAL DEVIL/BATTLE DEVIL/BATTLE HEAVENLY/BATTLE HEAVENLY/POWER x7 HEAVENLY/ARMS x4 HEAVENLY/LEGS HEAVENLY/BODY CENTURION/ABILITY Unique Items: STAR AMPLIFIER x2My Equipment: HEAVEN STRIKER +20 25/0/0/0 SPREAD NEEDLE +12 0/0/35/25 ULTIMA REAPER +10 30/0/50/25 DAYLIGHT SCAR +2 0/0/20/0|35 YASMINKOV 9000M +3 0/0/0/0 FROZEN SHOOTER +9 35/0/0/0|25 GUARD WAVE 4 SLOTS SECURE FEET V101 HEAVENLY/POWER CENTURION/POWER HEAVENLY/ARM HAMBURGER MAG 5/157/38/0 TWINS/ESTILLA/PILLA If you see anything you like send me a comment or message, thanks. EDIT: It has also occured to me I forgot to make a wishlist/wants list. Not everything here will be for the things on the list I have for sale, just the thing's I want. Heaven's Punisher Photon Booster Frozen Shooter 50 hit or higher Hit Spread Needle Excalibur (any stats will do) Hit Asteron Striker Hit Imperial Pick Naka Cards or a Custom S-rank Needle Like I said, these items aren't things I would want in exchange for what I have here, just thing's I'm looking into acquiring for the future.
  15. este problema me ha tenido por muchos días y no puedo solucionarlo ya que cada vez que abro el juego este archivo nunca deja aparecer y de paso no me deja entrar al juego me digo si podrían ayudarme con este problema ......... el archivo no se deja de descargar cada vez que intento entrar y no tengo ningún antivirus activo ni nada por el estilo...........X_X Atte Miguelalex
  16. So, before I get started on my tangent behind my insurmountable love for the weapon known as Snow Queen, we'll dive into what these two items actually are. First of all, the Frozen Shooter is a rifle class gun for the rangers. It requires (162) ATA to use and has a max grind of 9, adding 18 more power to the weapon. Snow Queen is the next level to this weapon. If you apply a a Photon Booster to a max grinded Frozen Shooter you get the weapon Snow Queen. It changes the appearance of the weapon from a turquoise green and navy blue to a tan-ish and white color. Snow Queen may not combo, but it pierces targets and still has the freeze special. Now that that's out of the way, lets talk about the uses behind Frozen Shooter. At first glance, the Frozen Shooter may seem like a powerful weapon. It's special is that of the Blizzard special that you might find on some other common weapons. Weapon's with the "Blizzard" elemental special on it (an example such as this is something like a "Blizzard Raygun") may use the special attack to freeze a target in place. The difference about this from other Blizzard specials is that the Frozen Shooter's Blizzard special has a significantly higher chance to hit based on your ATA. In most scenarios, the Blizzard special attack will hit the target. There are few scenarios where it doesn't. However the rest of Frozen Shooter makes it a sub par gun. The main, and I'm willing to wager only usage for this weapon, is the high Blizzard chance on the weapon. So if the weapon's primary function is to use the Blizzard special attack on it, you can combo the three attacks into a permanent freeze on any one target. Here is why Snow Queen is better! Although the Snow Queen cannot combo, it has a wide variety of things to make up for it. For one the Snow Queen has increased attack power (ATP), increased attack accuracy (ATA), and has the ability to pierce through targets. Whereas the Frozen Shooter can only hit one target per bullet at a time, the Snow Queen is changed to where one bullet can hit a maximum of 3 targets anywhere from 1-2 times. Additionally, the increased ATA the weapon gives increases the chances of your Blizzard special attacks to hit and freeze enemies. If the primary function of the Frozen Shooter is to provide small doses of crowd control through freeze locking specific, high priority targets in place, then why shouldn't you evolve it into Snow Queen? It performs the same functionality as the Frozen Shooter except better. Instead of freezing one target you now can freeze 3 targets at once; providing a larger range of temporary crowd control. Additionally, hit on this weapon increases the chances even further, not to mention the passive effects of certain classes being able to get spell/effect bonuses on weapons and spells. The Snow Queen is the best option for you. It's worth the 50 PDs you spend on the Photon Booster. So lets have a recap here on what the capabilities are on each weapon: Frozen Shooter: Can combo 3 times Can freeze one target per special usage (pending the ATA and EVP math goes in your favor) Provides that much needed single target crowd control Hit and passive character effects can increase the chance of each stun Snow Queen: Cannot combo 3 times, only shoots one bullet Can pierce through targets, hitting a total of 3 enemies a total of 1-2 times Performs the same freeze functionality as the Frozen Shooter except to a greater effect due to the higher ATA value on the weapon Hit and passive character effects can increase the chance of each stun Provides an invaluable amount of crowd control among a number of both high priority and non high priority targets In my eyes, the Snow Queen is the better choice for rangers. If you have 50 PDs, please, I implore you, buy a Photon Booster and upgrade your Frozen Shooter to a Snow Queen, you will not be disappointed.
  17. EasterVIRUS is Here in Ultima a month full of fun and joy. During the entire month we will have some cool stuff to all, we will include THE MINI EVENT OF THE OVENMITTS <--LINK Egg Rappy, will be dropping the Ashura Mag Cell, Comander Blade, and few Ultima Server Collection item, GAME MAGAZINE And this year for the first time the Easter egg in ULTIMATE will be dropping different items than any other difficulty. And MoRE... Olga Flow will be dropping KROE'S Sweater and also, after almost 3 years Samurai Armor. The mini events... this year will be hosted by the the ovenMitts team, you can go the their section in the forum, so you can see their news. Ohh almost forgot the Virus Shield: Vol Opt this shield will be found in the Ep4, i wont reveal any other detail about it. users are welcome to post here what they found about the drop and ID's. And one more thing... each Saturday and Sunday of April server will be giving Exp x5. All this start April 6th and the events ends April 21. have fun. ------ ESPAÑOL ------ EasterVIRUS está aqui en Ultima un mes entero de diversión y alegría. Durante todo el mes tendremos cosas geniales para todos, incluyendo el evento de OVENMITTS Además los Egg Rappy, van a tener drop de Ashura Mag Cell, Comander Blade, y algunos items de colección de nuestro servidor. Además el Evento de easter egg tendrá drops diferentes en dificultad ULTIMATE. Y también Olga Flow tendrá drop de KROE'S Sweater y, luego de casi tres años, también tendrá drop de Samurai Armor. Los mini-eventos... este año serán auspiciados por el team ovenMitts, puedes ir a su sección en el foro, así puedes ver sus noticias. Y no nos olvidemos de el Virus Shield: Vol Opt escondido en alguna parte del episodio 4. Como adicional cada sábado y domingo de abril tendremos Exp x5. Todo esto comienza el 6 de abril y termina el 21 de abril. Diviértanse.
  18. Are we allowed to multi-client on this server? and if so how would I go about multi-clienting?
  19. As many of our fellow users already know, November is our anniversary month. And each year we have a splendid event to celebrate that. It's our way to say thank you to all our players who enjoy playing on our server. The goal of this event is simple : we want all users to have fun and to enjoy their time spent, here on Ultima. Starting up a server + keeping it online for 4 years, is not an easy task. None of this would be possible without the help of everyone in the community. So thank you to ALL of you and we hope you guys will like this new anniversary event. This year we decided to release a new unique item like we do every year. Last year we released the wonderful Yahoo Mag (turned it into the Ultima mag). And this time we have another surprise for you all : Photon D - Core & Sonic Team Armor Here's a little list of what we included in this event. It's almost the same as last year. Photon D-Core Ultima MAG (yahoo Mag) Sonic Team Armor This item wont be an easy drop Nakas Card, for S- Ranks weapons exchange Drops x3, for the whole server (see details for dates) Experience x2 (see details for dates) Rare monsters x5 (see details for dates) Drops. dates details: What are you waiting for? Get hunting! Español Como muchos de nuestros queridos users ya deben saber, noviembre es nuestro mes de aniversario y tenemos un esplendido evento para celebrarlo. Es nuestra manera de decir gracias a todos los users que difrutan de jugar en nuestro servidor. El objetivo de este evento, Nosotros queremos que todos los user difrute de un agradable momento, aqui en ULTIMA, Iniciando un servidor y manteniendolo abierto por 4 Años, no es una tarea sencilla. Esto no seria posible sin la ayuda de toda la comunidad. Asi que gracias a todos y esperamos que difruten de este evento de Aniversario Este año hemos decidido liverar un nuevo item como cada año, como el año pasado que liveramos el sensacional Yahoo mag (trasformado a ULTIMA mag). Y este año tenemos otra sorpresa para ustedes. Photon D - Core & Sonic Team Armor Una pequeña lista de lo que hemos incluido en esto evento. son casi las mismas que el año pasado. Photon D-Core Ultima MAG (yahoo Mag) Sonic Team Armor Este no sera facil de encontrar Nakas Card, for S- Ranks weapons exchange Drops x3, para todo el servidor (see details for dates) Experience x2 (see details for dates) Rare monsters x5 (see details for dates) Drops. dates details: Que estas esperando ve y buscalos.
  20. Well simple and easy put an image of your desktop to show how messy or clean is your desktop xD well i star whit mine ;D
  21. I cant pass the log-in screen and it takes forever to damn load the game. how do I solve this? please help.
  22. Tradelists dragon slayer double cannon 45/0/0/55 Excalibur 0/0/35/0 Milla 30/0/0/50 frozen shooter Rougue cannon Jaizi (not sure of stats) red saber god/heavenly arm god/power god/luck/ god/body hev/ god mind freeze/shock/posion cure 15 proton crystal's WANTS ( Ranger mag) Lame D argent w/e HIt% parasite gene flow dark meteor spread needle tjs sjs DARK FLOW any lv 29 or higher techs
  23. bueno solo queria saver por que en las dificultades hard, vhard y ultimate dan la espada saber mate al boss del epi 4 en hard y que me da saber!? dije WTF! yo lo jugaba antes en gc y ya en hard era imposible encontrar la saber.
  24. + Well heres the Oficial google+ account for Ultima PSOBB thouse who dont have google+ account we will need and invitation and here we are giving out invitations xD. just click this link to get one. https://plus.google....ADw:Bx1qlu2bu7M and add us to your circles that it. also in the tab Social net you can find the rest of our oficial social networks. - Español: bueno aqui les dejamos el sitio Oficial google+ de Ultima PSOBB para aquellos que no tiene cuenta con Google+ van a necesitar una, invitacion, pero aqui mismo nosotro les damos la invitacion solo den click en el link y sigan las intrucciones. https://plus.google....ADw:Bx1qlu2bu7M agreganos a tu circulo y listo. tambien pueden encontrar el resto de nuestras Redes sociales oficiales de ultima en la pestaña de arriva del foro "Social Net"
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