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  1. Valentine's Event 20XX is now Active! Didn't find any present to give to your darling? It's not too late! Valentine's Event is back with all its lovely items! It is time to hunt some gifts for your lover! (It is also time to hunt for singles) Returning Items Last Swan : combine this with Master Raven to make Dual Bird. Master Raven : combine this with a Psycho Black Crystal to make Psycho Raven. Rambling May : a unique weapon for women that hits twice per shot. Rianov 303SNR series : numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4. Bamboo Spear : pretty sure you will like the sound of this bamboo spear. Butterfly Net : how many butterflies can you catch? Zero I guess. Great Bouquet : make sure to give your sweetheart a nice one! Amore Rose : show everyone to what extend you love your partner. Dress Plate : this armor for men is usable at level 1 and its 70 EDK will make sure megids become a distant memory for you. Heavenly/TP : +100 TP Genpei : a shield which look depends on your section ID. Magic Rock Heart Key : no longer waste 50 PDs with Paganini to get those. Photon Booster : yeah, Paganini is a scammer. Blue Black Stone : make one of the Ultima exclusive combinations* Love Rappy's Beak : use this on any non rare lvl 50 mag to make a lovely pet: Love Rappy Charged photon blast trigger: Invincibility 10% HP trigger: Invincibility Boss area trigger: Invincibility Solo mode death trigger: Reverser Activation Rate: 50% Blue Black Stone Combinations Bloody Art => Blood Tornado Type: Dagger ATP: 550 - 600 ATA: 70 Grind: 33 Special: Demon Usable by all classes Crush Bullet => Crush Cannon Type: Shot ATP: 100 - 200 ATA: 50 EVP: -30 Grind: 25 Special: Gush Usable by all classes Dragon Slayer => Sil Dragon Slayer Type: Sword ATP: 600 - 650 ATA: 70 EVP: -15 Grind: 35 Special: Blizzard Usable by all classes Main Event Drops SLICER OF VENGEANCE Type: Slicer ATP: 470 - 525 MST: 20 ATA: 30 EVP: 25 Special: Charge Usable by all classes GLIDE DIVINE V.00 Type: Rod ATP: 185 - 550 MST: 55 ATA: 34 DFP: 80 EVP: 100 RES: 15 EDK, EIC, ETH, EDK, ELT Special attack: Anti level 3 Special use: can restore TP and reduce HP to 1 when equipped for 10 consecutive minutes Foie: +200% power Barta: +100% power Zonde: +100% power Combo unlocked Usable by all Forces RICO'S PARASOL Type: Partisan ATP: 250 - 300 ATA: 40 Special: Charge Shifta: +100% range Deband: +100% range Resta: +100% range Usable by all male characters LINDCRAY Type: Rifle ATP: 800 - 1200 MST: 35 ATA: 75 DFP: 20 Special: Spirit Resta: +100% range Anti: +100% range Usable by all Forces and Hunewearl Good luck! Event will end TBA Credits to @FALC0N for the banner. Credit for the topic content to @R-78
  2. Welcome to my shop! I prefer pd's but DT's are at a 7:1 ratio. I live in the UK so i'll try to reply asap if you want to buy something! Last updated: 18/07/2020 Swords Dragon Slayer [0/0/0/35|50] - 5pd Dragon Slayer [0/0/35/0|50] - 5pd Sil Dragon Slayer [0/0/35/0|45] - 15pd Vjaya [25/0/0/0|35] - 4pd Vjaya [0/0/0/0|35] - 4pd Vjaya [0/0/35/0|40] - 10pd Asteron Belt [40/35/0/0|35] - 4pd Diska of Braveman [45/0/0/0|40] - 4pd Diska of Braveman [35/0/0/0|45] - 4pd Vivienne [0/0/0/0|50] - 4pd Vivienne [0/0/0/0|50] - 4pd Ultima Reaper [40/0/25/0] - 7pd Ultima Reaper [40/35/30/0] - 12pd Ultima Reaper [50/55/35/0] - 20pd Lame D'argent [0/0/0/40] - 7pd Boomerang [40/0/0/35|45] - 18 DT Guns Berserk Arms [0/40/0/40|50] - 7pd Spread Needle [40/0/40/35] - 5pd Arrest Needle +60 [0/0/0/0|30] - 50pd Frozen Shooter [0/0/0/50|35] - 3pd Master Raven [0/0/0/45] - 6pd Master Raven [0/0/0/50] - 8pd Last Swan [0/0/0/50|30] - 18pd Last Swan [0/0/0/0|40] - 28pd Angel Harp [55/0/0/30|40] - 5pd Angel Harp [0/0/50/45|45] - 7pd Lindcray [0/0/30/50] - 15pd Force Psycho Wand [0/40/0/0] 6pd Psycho Wand [0/40/0/0] 6pd Rico's Parasol [0/0/35/0|25] - 58pd Other Stuff Gael Giel [3/182/15/0] [Mylla & Youlla/Leilla/Golla] - 18 DT Tellusis [3/182/15/0] [Pilla/Estlla/Golla] - 20pd Wedding Dress [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] [Slots: 0] - 50pd (Can give addslots for free if needed) Wedding Dress [DEF: 0/100 | EVP: 0/40] [Slots: 4] - 50pd Wedding Dress [DEF: 0/100 | EVP: 0/40] [Slots: 0] - 50pd Wedding Dress [DEF: 20/100 | EVP: 9/40] [Slots: 4] - 55pd Centurion/Ability - 4pd Centurion/Ability - 4pd Centurion/Ability - 4pd Centurion/Ability - 4pd Magic Rock "Heart Key" - 18pd Magic Rock "Heart Key" - 18pd Blue-Black Stone - 18pd Blue-Black Stone - 18pd Mr. Naka's Business card - 35pd Mr. Naka's Business card - 35pd CHROMATIC ORB - 45pd CHROMATIC ORB - 45pd
  3. TigerK

    DAGON shop

    this is my little shop. lemme know if you see anything you want. i deal in items, PDs and DTs. PM me with your offers. BRINGER'S RIFLE +9 (0-0-0-0|40) EGG BLASTER MK2 +10 (0-0-0-50|45) LINDCRAY (40-0-0-0|30) SANGE (0-0-0-0|25) MAHU (0-0-0-30|45) RED SCORPIO (25-0-0-35|20) HUNDRED SOULS (0-0-30-20|20) TypeJS/J-SWORD +125 (Blank) AGITO (1975) (0-35-45-0|0) RAMBLING MAY (0-25-0-0|40) FURY OF THE BEAST+19 (0-0-0-45|0) AURA FIELD (0-0-0-20-20) Slots 4 SACRED CLOTH (-0-0-0-15-20) Slots: 4 Magic Rock "Moola" x2 HP Material x32 Mind Material x99 YELLOW BARRIER Heaven Striker Coat
  4. B> Lindcray with Native and Dark no Hit Paying with pds. PM Offers.
  5. Buying lindcray, hit preferred, the better the better
  6. Colt

    B> Lindcray

    As topic says, I'm willing to buy a Lindcray... maybe two if they're both low stats, depends. Preferably with hit, but I'll take no hitters if it comes to it. Feel free to PM me if have one. Offering DTs for them!
  7. Unfortunately, during the last event I was unable to obtain a MR with hit. However, I was able to obtain other good event items. I am willing to trade all 3 (Slicer of Vengence, Glide Divine v00, and Lindcray (all 0 hit)) for a single MR with hit. looking for an MR with 40+ hit. PM if interested, thanks!
  8. Hey all post or pm me some offers/prices/negotiations
  9. Stats are 45/0/40/40]0 i want 45 dts or 3 stacks of pds for this if interested you can post here or pm me. SOLD
  10. Hello Ultima players I am auctioning my Lindcray Stats are 45/0/40/40 I have the right to cancel the auction if the offers are too low or if the offer is really good I close it sooner bidding starts at 30 dts auction ends in 3 days from now
  11. Hello Ultima! This is a price check thread. Post items you want to know the price of, and I will do my best to give you a fair price range. Anyone else is free to participate and give their opinions on prices as well I considered making an updated price guide thread, but most people want to know the price of weapons with stats/hit and there's no one formula fits all for that. In addition, prices fluctuate all the time. Check below for the price checks I've done so far
  12. Valentine's Event - 2016 The time has arrived once again, so show we can protect the safety of our lovers hearts! All this rambling, may give me a little heart attack but it's all ok, because this event will be a tension blaster! Once again our hunters will face ferocious enemies in order to get their lovers beautiful presents! It's hunting time! I feel rappy in my pants! The provisory items were now removed and... New items were added: LOGiN BUTTERFLY NET GREAT BOUQUET BAMBOO SPEAR DRESS PLATE HEAVENLY/TP RIANOV 303SNR-1 RIANOV 303SNR-2 RIANOV 303SNR-3 RIANOV 303SNR-4 Coming back once again! -SLICER OF VENGEANCE -GLIDE DIVINE V.00 -RICO'S PARASOL And the most waited weapon for this event Lindcray! ATP : +1200 DFP : +20 MST : +35 ATA : +75 required MST : 836 EVENT IS ACTIVE Your banner is the first clue!
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