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Found 6 results

  1. Hello everyone as the title says so, there's a new donation system starting tonight. I will try to explain as best I can the new donations ticket system (DTS). First of all I already tested the application in a demo forum and i didn't find any bug on it so far. if you find a bug or an error please send a PM to me or any member of the staff. Now i will like to give a little explanation on what is new and how to use it. The donation process is the same. Once you donate you will receive a PM with details of your donation, following you will add a GM so he/she can redeem the item in game. Once you donate if you go to your profile you will be able to see the amount that you have collected. Once Item is redeem in game the GM or member of the staff will edit that amount leaving a Note on it regarding the redeem of such items. This will work for you as a log of transactions, only you will be able to see this!! Another one new feature is the ability to transfer your DTS to another member. Again once you donate you will receive a PM with the details of your donation. And in your profile you can see the compiled amount you own of DTS. --- IF you want to transfer some of your DTS to another member the following rules apply. First and important, you will use the new app to transfer the desire amount to such member, system will auto deduct the amount you sent, (please add a note to the transfer so we can have a good log of the transfers!.) after this the member has to go to his profile and accept this transfer ---IMPORTANT (THIS IS NOT REFUND-ABLE NOR WE ARE ABLE TO TRANSFER BACK THE AMOUNT TO THE ORIGINAL OWNER) Second, in the original PM you got from your first donation, you will mention to whom did you transferred the amount , again staff will check this and once the amount is accepted by the other member we will add him to the PM to proceed with the redeem of items. I believe i have cover all the major changes here. If you have a question feel free to post it here.
  2. As I've been asked by a few new players this week and I can't find a sticky topic for it I thought I'd make one myself. DTs(Donation Tickets) are from Donating to the Server to help with it's running costs and keeping it alive. It's not a physical in game currency like Photon Drops. Much the same as PDs you can use DTs to trade with other users on the forum. You can also use DTs to redeem with a GM: Hit % on weapons. Attribute % on weapons and add a special to a weapon without a special. Here is the full link of what a GM can redeem. https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/announcement/13-item-list-donations/ If trading DT's with other users: use the drop down box under donations and click "Send DTs" https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?app=donate&module=donate&controller=send&do=sendTotal In username enter the users FORUM NAME. Not their character name and make sure it's the right person. Amount is obviously the number of DTs you are sending and Note is to add what you are buying. (Always a good idea) NEVER send DTs without being in a room with the person you are buying from and have a trade window open with them to verify they have the item. In the same sense if you are selling an item for DTs never final confirm before you have recieved the DTs. This can be seen on your profile under Donation Changes. It is really important to screen shot what you are buying/selling and expecting in Game and also even in messages as people can block and delete them Failing to take accurate screen shots makes the GMs lives harder to verify who has scammed who and what has gone on. Hopefully this helps some people and sorry if there is a topic but I couldn't find one so thought I'd make one to help out
  3. I was reading comments about DM and high prices. Do not take it wrong but honestly in my opinion if a price you do not like I think the only thing you should do is not buy. The game has supply and demand and everyone is free to offer a price and nobody is forced to pay it so I do not see a real reason why to debate. If I like something I simply make an offer and whether it is accepted or not, it is my choice whether or not to buy the item. 2 ways.- You buy it or you're looking for it. And I do not want to bother anyone with this. I also think that the price for a DM is exaggerated. But like I said, I just do not buy it. But the one who wants to pay for it and the end of the story. And remember also that the server is still alive thanks to the donations that are generated. The server is not free to keep it running. Just remember that. And do not bother, it's just an opinion but I think it's sensible.
  4. Ryu's PGF Mini-Event Welcome to my PGF mini event. Back in December I found a crap ton of PGFs as i'm sure most of you saw a crap ton of my banners and started swearing me out as my name flashed across your screen. Well, using all my free time I wanted to hunt a crap ton of PGFs not just for me, but so I could host a mini event and give one away. Yes, I am not completely selfish! It's amazing! I want to state this right off the bat, no sugarcoating it, it's not going to be easy whatsoever. There will be many talented people already I know who are going to be doing it. I took 2 weeks to think of the most fair thing that I can provide so no one can abuse OP weapons like dark weapons or STA and make it even A COMPLETE BEGINNER has a "chance" if they put in the time. And that's whats going to make this event hard, is the amount of time required to win. But hey, that's what you have to put in to get in an actual PGF drop from Olga Flow anyways. Right about now you are wondering "what do I have to do to win this PGF?!?!?!?! I won't be able to get one at a reasonable price anymore, and I can't hunt until December which is so far away!". Well I chose the most fair thing I could think of, Challenge Mode. Some of you might think that this still doesn't level the playing field because some people know the tricks and yada yada yada. While that sentiment is completely true, I can not think of a more fair and balanced than starting off at level 1 with the same items as everyone else. I also chose Challenge Mode because of what I love about PSO the most, TIME ATTACK!!! Everything I do, I try and do it as fast as possible. TTF? I am still trying to beat my 10'40 dual log every single time I do TTF. Hunting STA? I want to beat my 8min30s run to the boss, it's my favorite thing to do in PSO along with hunting rares. Now i'm imposing on whoever enters this Mini Event to do Time Attack for the BEST rare item, my two favorite things. You will be doing Challenge mode in Episode 2. Mission 2c2 to be exact. RULES This will be ONLY 2 people. AKA 2 people MAX. Chose your best friend, bribe a good player that isn't TripleR (he'll hold you back), perform favors of a certain kind to others to help you with this. REPLY TO THIS POST OF WHO IS ENTERING, YOU AND YOUR PARTNERS NAME. NO DOUBLE DIPPING, SYLPH ONLY GETS ONE PARTNER (lol if they enter) If you want to withdrawl and partner with someone else whos not teamed up, post a new reply, do not edit original post One person will have to provide video evidence VIA stream vod, uploaded too youtube, or any other video hosting site. This is so I know you two were the only two the entire time, and you didn't have 3-4 people and people left last minute so only 2 people are in the screen shot for the final time. The event starts May 12th 2017 and ends June 15th 2017, lots and lots of time. NO HACKING (why do I even have to say it lol) If I feel there needs to be more rules I will add them. I can't think of everything and if something valid comes up that should be added I have the right to do so. REWARDS (WOOOO!) FIRST PLACE: 1 PGF (duh) and 50 dts each SECOND PLACE: 75 dts each THIRD PLACE: 50 dts each MAPS TO LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD FOR PEOPLE WHO DON'T USE GOOGLE THESE MAPS ARE IN ORDER THE FLOORS ARE IN. MISC If you have any questions, concerns, ask here or PM me, i'll probably reply faster in a PM but ask here if it's beneficial for everyone to know the answer too. Also post if I missed something stupid like I did my last event. Multiple submissions are allowed if you beat your own time, but will be closed at 11:59 PM EST on June 15th. You can just post a screen shot and post it to the thread as a submission, but the top 3 winners will need video proof of their run.
  5. Sunday Battle Event #2! Will be taking place Sunday October 12 at 4PM Eastern time! This event will feature 4 person Rule 6 with CASTS ONLY This weeks prizes will be 5 DTS for the winner of each match and 10 DTS for the overall winner. This will again be held on the spot, if you can't make it for the time you can not participate! There will be a 16 player max so to assure that you get a spot I will be allowing people to say they are coming via this forum post, however if you are not present at the set time your spots will be offered up if there are 16 people and you have not been heard from. This will be set up as 4 games of 4 person rule 6, with the winner of each of the 4 rounds winning 5 DTS. After that all 4 winners will play each other for the grand prize. The winner be will the player with the lowest level at the end of the match! If there is not enough for 4 games or someone has to leave the runner up in points will get to participate in the final round so screenshots must be taken of everyones levels at finish! What is Rule 6? It is a small arena with 2 gates that open to let both sides get at each other, levels are set and you start with no gear. You battle to the death with the weapons you find and whatever weapon is equipped when you die is dropped. The winner is the one who finishes the match with the most point! Best of luck to all who enter!
  6. Alrighty, lets have ourselves a little impromptu mini-event. This game show will be approx. 30 minutes of time and these will be the prizes. 1st place: 15 dts - Blaz won but opted for Proof of Sonic team instead of 15 dts 2nd place: 50 pds Mayt3 won 3rd place: nothing To enter this mini-event, be one of the first 10 people to respond to this, and be online in lobby 11. Registration closed. was fun, will have to do it again sometime payout proof:http://imgur.com/VxEa25l,CUitqUQ#0
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