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  1. When i try to start the game this screen appears. I tried to reinstall the game I tried to disable the Antivirus I´ve chosen the right resolution What could be the Problem? (In englisch the sentence in the picture means: Because of a problem the program cant be executed in the right way. The program will be closed.) I hope you can understand this, i can´t speak english very good. I come from Germany.
  2. Heyooo, my game just dies when i make a room with my huney 'Shiro and enter it. i tried it with a different char and that works just fine. pls halp D": i just came online to play on her. Thankyoo ;D
  3. So I try play on CCA but my Game just Crash in the Loading Screen if I try to enter CCA. If i get in is dosen't Happening only I go in CCA again. Someone tell I should use Frog on my Option. Even I lower everything is will still Crash at the Loading Screen. So how I can fix it?
  4. Hello, just started playing this yesterday, I have tried restarting my computer, reinstalled the game, disabled firewall added pso to DEP but I still crash everytime i get into combat. I can walk around town and the lobby just fine but as soon as i enter combat i crash . Any help would be appreciated thank you!
  5. I decided to play this again after a short break, but the game keeps crashing at random spots, and the error log is completely empty. In map_boss01, the game always crashes at the exact same moment- just after the Dragon starts flying. The game worked completely fine just a few months ago. It doesn't show an error message of any kind, it just says the program has stopped responding, and I am forced to close it. At first, I thought it was the texture pack I was using, so I got rid of that, but it still crashed. So I decided to reinstall the game completely, and it still crashed. I asked somebody in the lobby about it, and they told me to try running the game as an administrator, but it still crashed. I looked on the forums, and people seemed to be fixing it by running the game at their monitor's native resolution in full-screen, but that didn't help me either. A friend of mine suggested that I disable my antivirus, nothing changed. I tried uninstalling my antivirus completely, and that didn't help either. I restarted my computer numerous times, and reinstalled the game numerous times as well. No luck. I even tried playing the game with nothing else running, and guess what? It still crashed. I really enjoy playing this game, so any help on this is greatly appreciated <3.
  6. No error log as for some reason the crash won't dump to file even with administrator enabled. is the error i get when I try the guide's workaround.
  7. ok so i have had this before and i havnt played in a little bit but when i go to login i get the error no908 patch sever connection failed. what the hell do i do? someone please help as im so confused
  8. Hi, my game is immediately crashing upon startup. I click Start Game in the launcher and the game will pop up for a moment, with just a black screen, then close. I'm on Windows 10 Laptop, I have an intel card as well as an nvidia 960M (i've installed the latest drivers for both and attempted to use both to run the game), 16gig of ram, and an i7 Here is everything I have tried: Restarting Computer Reinstalling PSO Downloaded and am using the New Launcher that Soly posted Attempted using every combination of Resolution, Color setting, Windowed/Fullscreen/Virtual Fullscreen, Word Wrap, and V-sync possible, as well as changing the resolution of my display itself to match PSO Added PSOBB.exe to the DEP, added an Exception in windows defender for PSOBB,exe and Launcher.exe as well as completely turning it off, running both the launcher as an admin(which makes it not launch, oddly enough) and PSOBB.exe as an admin I added an exception to my Firewall for the Launcher.exe and PSOBB.exe, as well as completely turning it off I saw an error file in the logs which produces this after attempting to play the game (Keep in mind no error message appears when the game closes): Error : Can't find DisplayMode Error : Can't use format [D3DFMT_X8R8G8B8] Error : Can't find DisplayMode Error : Can't use format [D3DFMT_A8R8G8B8] I have been tackling this for around 6 hours now, so some help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys. - Ben T. Edit: I forgot, I also troubleshooted compatibility settings and changed them including windows XP, windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, changing the resolution of the computer to 800x600, and running as admin for PSOBB.exe
  9. Guildcard: 42167675 Slot: 1,2,3,4 Date/Time: uncertain Description: crashing instantly Comments: during 3-4 times while warping im crashing completly without disconnecting message. Warping to an CCA area every 2 warps i crash completly without disconnecting message. Also can't enter WOI's CCA and a few other quests in forest 2. With my other accounts i dont have issues. I have this issue now about half a year, cause i thought it was on my end.
  10. Hey today me and my friend have been trying to beat Cave together but it keeps crashing upon entering a certain area. The host never crashes though. We've tried switching, if I host the room he will crash and if he hosts I will crash. We've both tried to play with our game settings to lower everything and it doesn't seem to have any effect. Anything similar happened to anyone? Help would be appreciated, thanks!
  11. My friend has this problem where he crashes not too long after he starts fighting the wolves. Any reason that might be?
  12. So my home internet is very shotty. I often have to use my phone's hotspot to get good internet. When I do this my internet is great! but when I boot up PSO, I can usually connect ok, but when trying to join a room it always crashes. Sometimes it will say "Server is full" before I even get to character select, and sometimes it will crash when selecting a ship. Whats the issue?
  13. PSO crashes about every 5 times I do RT. It only crashes during the loading sequence upon first entering the seaside area after beating gol dragon. An error message pops up saying something like "PSOBB.exe has crashed" Please help!
  14. I try to launch PSOBB (Yes, it should be fully patched) after I reinstalled it, and installed all the patches, now its hiving me the error. How do I fix it?
  15. Idk what happened to the game, but I came back after a 2-3 months break, and now I can't even safely play a session without randomly crashing during a fight. I put money in the bank, crash; I run in the field, crash; yesterday I was teaming up on DF, some guy join in, crash. Same thing today, I simply run in the field. crash. At some point even my items were invisible... Seriously, what's going on?? The game is unplayable as it is!
  16. This was working in Windows 7, then I updated to Windows 10. First of all, the launcher shows 0 Players Online. When I Recheck Server Status, I get a message "No Connection Found" followed by several "Error Getting x." Initially, I'm able to load the game, log in, and then download updates from the server. Afterwards, when launching the game from the launcher, the window appears for a moment and then crashes. I tried all of the settings from the Windows 10/Xbox One controller thread (changing color depth, resolution, etc.), I tried running online.exe and PsoBB.exe in Windows 7 compatibility mode, I deleted all of the game files (since the uninstaller doesn't work) and reinstalled, I updated my graphics card drivers, and I disabled Windows Firewall (no antivirus firewall running). Same issue. Has anyone else run into problems getting the game to run in Windows 10? What did you do to fix it?
  17. Me and my whole party crashed after going to the Forest 2 in Episode 1, government mission 3.
  18. Guildcard: 42170922 Character Slot: 1 Date/Time: 09/06/2016 - 03:19 (UTC-03:00) Description: The game crash everytime i try to enter a room. Comments: This happen with my HUnewearl, started after i picked up a rare weapon and equipped it. I can stay in lobby but cant enter any room. I can play with my others char without problem. Notes: I cant attach any image because the site tell me im only allowed to choose a file below 1mb, even if my image its only 150kb. Guildcard : 42170922 Character Slot : Slot 1
  19. Guildcards: 42157672 and 42097545 Character Slot: 1 and 3 respectively Date/Time: 18/03/2016 - around 20:45 CET Description: I was playing Path to Salvation multiclienting with my RA (42157672 slot 1) and FO (42097545 slot 3). I am hunting stuff on Redria, but I always send the Redria FO to the lobby before Dark Falz so I can use the RAs Whitill ID for Red Ring. A Red Ring dropped, I picked it up and created a new room with the FO, had the RA join and only wanted to quickly drop transfer the RR to the FO. I saw her pick it up, but about maybe 5 seconds after that, both clients got disconnected. Turns out the whole server had crashed(?)/restarted at that time. When I logged in both characters a few minutes after the incident, neither did have that "new" RR in their inventory. Please note though both already did have "their own" RR equipped. Comments: I took two screenshots in the Dark Falz arena: the first one with the RR still on the ground as the "Happy Hour 60 minutes left" banner was on-screen. I then picked it up but since the HH banner was still active, my "Polar has found a RR" announcement banner got queued so I waited a few seconds until it appeared and took a screenshot of that. As my screenshot file names include the exact time (I use Fraps for screenshots, not the PSO BMP folder), the server logs should show a RR drop somwhere around 20:39 CET time on Guildcard 42157672. The two screenshots (note the file names):
  20. Guildcard: 42169007 Character Slot: 2 Date/Time: 3/3/2016 appx 6:30pm PST Description: Went to go to the bathroom. When I came back I unlocked the computer from screen saver and this message was waiting for me. Comments: No choice but to click “OK”. I can’t understand what this error is or what it means. But as soon as I click OK, the game closes. Any help would be appreciated. http://hmp.me/rkk I tried to post the image but it says "You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community."...
  21. Whenever I start the quest, it loads fine and the dialogue is fine, but when I get into the Tower I get an error that says, "The use of techniques is disallowed on Pioneer 2" and then it quits the game. Changed my ID almost solely for items that drop in ROCT (WD/Pwand) and it's pretty annoying that I can't even play the quest. Anybody know any details on how to fix it? Or does anybody else have the problem?
  22. When you used an NPC skin (most of the time 6 or above) and didn't have the hair/head #1 for your character, your character model wouldn't load in the lobby. This was solved and should not happen anymore. If it does, let me know posting here.
  23. Guildcard: 42160008 Character Slot: 1 Date/Time: 10/11/2015 Description: I logged in and clicked on my character then when it started to load it crashed and closed i don't know what caused the crash since i'm just starting out
  24. I've been having a strange problem, and it doesn't seem to happen all the time (around 50%-75% of the time though). While fighting Dark Falz in his 3rd form, when he gets to the point after taking enough damage and right before he would start the Soul Steal move cycle (for the first time) he moves to the upper area to begin casting and I crash before he sends his homing shots. It has been fairly consistent and don't know if it has something to do with my files, Falz himself, or something within the PTS/TTF/or other quest that causes it to crash (happens more often in PTS, did PTS a lot even before the halloween event as well and had issues then). It is less consistant on standard runs without a quest, but still fairly common in TTF and other quests that have you fight Falz. If Falz completes the first cycle in the Soul Steal move, it has no issues beyond that and continues normally. Did a reinstall, same issue. I can deal with it, however it is very frustrating. Thanks!
  25. So I experience a problem where sometimes 5 minutes sometimes 15 minutes into my gaming (just enough time to get into a lobby, or start a quest etc) the game will force close. There are no pop-ups and no error codes. I have checked my error log and it is empty. I run the game as admin every time, and have ensured that my AV (Webroot) does not block it. Currently psobw.exe, psobb.exe, option.exe, and online.exe are all listed as 'allow' with my AV. It happens pretty often but seems random when it occurs. I have been able to game for sometimes 30minutes to an hour, but usually once it happens for the first time, any attempt to restart is killed by the same issue happening in a much shorter time. This is a recurring thing even after a new install (in fact it was even a fresh windows install). With each installation of PSO, I have also had to go into windows settings and set the DEP stuff, so all .exe's in the PSO file are listed under that setting for windows. Any other ideas? Really sucks not being able to finish quests with friends or play consistently =(
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