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  1. That did it, thanks Strange that this wasn't an issue for me before, but at least it's fixed now.
  2. I decided to play this again after a short break, but the game keeps crashing at random spots, and the error log is completely empty. In map_boss01, the game always crashes at the exact same moment- just after the Dragon starts flying. The game worked completely fine just a few months ago. It doesn't show an error message of any kind, it just says the program has stopped responding, and I am forced to close it. At first, I thought it was the texture pack I was using, so I got rid of that, but it still crashed. So I decided to reinstall the game completely, and it still crashed. I asked somebody in the lobby about it, and they told me to try running the game as an administrator, but it still crashed. I looked on the forums, and people seemed to be fixing it by running the game at their monitor's native resolution in full-screen, but that didn't help me either. A friend of mine suggested that I disable my antivirus, nothing changed. I tried uninstalling my antivirus completely, and that didn't help either. I restarted my computer numerous times, and reinstalled the game numerous times as well. No luck. I even tried playing the game with nothing else running, and guess what? It still crashed. I really enjoy playing this game, so any help on this is greatly appreciated <3.
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