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  1. When i try to start the game this screen appears. I tried to reinstall the game I tried to disable the Antivirus I´ve chosen the right resolution What could be the Problem? (In englisch the sentence in the picture means: Because of a problem the program cant be executed in the right way. The program will be closed.) I hope you can understand this, i can´t speak english very good. I come from Germany.
  2. Al usar un cell mag, este se bugeo. le cambio los photom blast alguien me puede ayudar? era nvl 100 y le puse un devil wings, lo cual le cambio sus poderes.
  3. I am having an issue with my game. After install it worked perfectly fine. But now when I log on as soon as I see the "connecting" text when loading to the lobby, all sound will completely stop. And as soon as i walk into pioneer 2 the framerate drops immensely. Its a very consistent drop though. Its not choppy its just like I'm running in slow motion. I hadn't changed any settings prior to this happening, but after it happened I checked the forums and have messed with settings, reinstalled the game, restarted pc. Nothing seems to work. I even checked to see if there was anything eating up ram and nope. When the game is running I'm at less than 20% usage. As far as I can tell theres no third party app interferring(I have had issue with that in the past and learned how to fix it). Does anyone know any other reason this may be happening?
  4. Guildcard: 42202236 character slot; n/a Date/time n/a Description: Whenever I go to open the "Ultima" quests on episode 4’s solo mode, it pops up saying it failed to download. Idk if the problem is to do with something on my side, or the server’s. I’ve tried closing/reopening the client which didn’t work
  5. My friend keeps getting stuck on walls, in which he can only move along them. It is really ruining his gameplay experience.
  6. I've been experiencing this behavior off-and-on for years now, and hilariously enough, am finally getting around to asking the public for answers: 1) When I log into my account, the order of my frame/armour's slots are reversed. For instance, I prefer having my V101, Adept, and V801 taking up the bottom three so that the top one is my spare and is quickly interchangeable during gameplay (cures,v502, etc.). This becomes annoying when the V101 ends up on top, which I would never swap for anything... 2) Once I re-order the slots to my liking, they stay that way, so long as I remain logged in. 3) This doesn't happen 100% of the time, but lately it has seemed like it. For all you visual learners out there, Here's a screenshot
  7. Por favor ayuda con mi cuenta, no se si sera por la caída del servidor o algo de mi cuenta, pero mis objetos están todos con nombres cambiados, pero siguen siendo los mismos objetos, tengo una confusión esto sucedió después de la caída del servidor guild 42144636
  8. I decided to play this again after a short break, but the game keeps crashing at random spots, and the error log is completely empty. In map_boss01, the game always crashes at the exact same moment- just after the Dragon starts flying. The game worked completely fine just a few months ago. It doesn't show an error message of any kind, it just says the program has stopped responding, and I am forced to close it. At first, I thought it was the texture pack I was using, so I got rid of that, but it still crashed. So I decided to reinstall the game completely, and it still crashed. I asked somebody in the lobby about it, and they told me to try running the game as an administrator, but it still crashed. I looked on the forums, and people seemed to be fixing it by running the game at their monitor's native resolution in full-screen, but that didn't help me either. A friend of mine suggested that I disable my antivirus, nothing changed. I tried uninstalling my antivirus completely, and that didn't help either. I restarted my computer numerous times, and reinstalled the game numerous times as well. No luck. I even tried playing the game with nothing else running, and guess what? It still crashed. I really enjoy playing this game, so any help on this is greatly appreciated <3.
  9. I have been away for awhile and when I returned everything seemed fine expect I was missing 1 of my items, it wasn't anything special just a iron faust no stats I'm not sure which character it was on before I took a break from pso but I would be nice to have back. I am not sure which account it was on when I lost it but it should have been on my first account Guildcard# 42157437 Character slot# 3 Date/Time N/A I am sorry if I did the setup for this forum topic wrong I don't use forums very often =.( plz halp.
  10. My mag used to be this. A Churel From Mag Cell 213. It becomes a Churel from using the mag cell on a YellowBoze. but now it's a Preta , an entirely different mag cell mag. I'm wondering how this happened, and if it can be fixed. Thanks Everyone. I never took the mag off of my yellowboze before I used the mag cell on it, so it's confusing me a lot. Granted these mags are obtained from the same mag cell, but I used this mag cell using my yellowboze, so it should stay a Churel not become a Preta....
  11. Some one can help me i have a big probleme i cant write in game i do know why i cant use bank whrite to people for reply or make new caractere
  12. In the quest "Wrath of Forest" there is a door that does not open. The creatures do not appear and the door is locked, making it impossible to go forward in the quest.
  13. Whenever I catch the target on Lily or on large creatures like the Dark Falz (1ª form), the target appears far above where it should be causing the attacks to fail. How can I fix it? Is it recurring error?
  14. I am able to login the game by typing the password and when i'm online i can't type after triggering it by pressing space. it shows the bar of the location of the letter but it doesn't show what i typed. I can't even create a room because of this problem but i can still move around and navigate through the menu..... If anyone knows how to fix this problem please help.
  15. Guild Card: 42092367 Character Slot: 4 Fecha/Hora: 23/02/2017 - 6:20PM Horario Mexico Descripción: Pues se me bugeo un Mag, tengo desde esta mañana alimentandolo y estaba 5-49-45-0 y cuando lo iba a pasar a mi otra cuenta para hacerle una evolución de lvl 100 se bugeo y ahora aparece con 7DEF - 46POW - 43DEX - 2MIND y nisquiera le eh dado nada que suba la MIND, si serian tan amable de ayudarme.! Comentario: incluso FyreWolf estuvo en la ROOM y reviso el MAG el lo veia 5-49-45-0 y me dijo que cambiara de block para que se arreglara el problema y no se arreglo..!! pso1487963592.bmp
  16. Guild Card: 42092367 Character Slot: 1 & (Common Bank) Fecha/Hora: 07/02/2017 - 01:10 UTC -0 Aproximadamente Descripción: Perdonen los inconvenientes nuevamente, pero es que al parecer ayer cuando me recuperaron los 2 No0b/HP Y lo Agradezco bastante, muy buen trabajo de los ADMIN Y Soly, Bueno lo que paso es que se me desaparecieron 2 MAGs, que tenia.. un GienSU (5-150-45-5) y un Striker Unit (5-50-45-100) inclusive ayer se lo preste a un amigo para que lo usara y me lo devolvio si quieren pueden ver el inventario el dia de ayer que si estaba, incluso un mag 0 def de un amigo tampoco lo veo se desaparecio porfavor revisen el historial del baco de ayer, pero no se que paso ahora lo fui a buscar para pasarlo a otro pj que me cree y no lo encontre, podrian ayudarme porfavor? Comentario: Si necesitan Imagines o Algo mas solo diganme porfavor, y perdonen denuevo, es que no se porque me paso esto, solo tengo esta imagen es un poco vieja., el Tellesius ya lo regale, pero el OPA-OPA y Rukmin aun estan en el (Common Bank) si se fijan, y ayer antes de desconectarme estaban el Striker Unit y GienSU pso1484047711.bmp
  17. Guild Card: 42092367 Character Slot: 1 & (Common Bank) Fecha/Hora: 06/02/2017 - 23:00 UTC -0 Aproximadamente Descripción: Miren, estaba sacando los NooB/HP Del banco cuando de repente me dio Desconect y cuando volvi a entrar al juego los noobs no estaban en mi inventario ni en el common bank se desaparecieron mis 2 NooB/HP osea tenia 4 y ahora solo hay 2, es un Bug que tiene el juego que al parecer cuando tienes el inventario muy cargado y saca objetos del banco muy deprisa se Desaparece el ITem, cuando me paso la primera vez no queria molestar por algo tan simple pero ya van 2 veces que me pasa y es algo molestoso eso, si algun GM pudiera ayudarme estaria muy agradecido porfavor.! Comentario: Si necesitan Imagines o Algo mas solo diganme porfavor, y en realidad perdonen si tengo algo mal., es que no tengo ni idea de como hacer un POST.! pso1486334560.bmp
  18. Miren, estaba sacando los NooB/HP Del banco cuando de repente me dio Desconect y cuando volvi a entrar al juego los noobs no estaban en mi inventario ni en el banco se desaparecieron mis 2 NooB/HP osea tenia 4 y ahora solo hay 2, es un Bug que tiene el juego que al parecer cuando tienes el inventario muy cargado y saca objetos del banco muy deprisa se Desaparece el ITem, si algun GM pudiera ayudarme estaria muy agradecido porfavor.! Esta es la Otra Imagen por si la necesitan!! falta otra ahora la subo y disculpen, es primera vez que hago un Foro pso1486334597.bmp Aqui esta la OTra.!! pso1486334560.bmp
  19. Slot 1 - 42117190 - Morpheus I was feeding a PPP Mag for HUcast, following this guide: https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/27321-making-hucasts-centurionarms-mag/ step by step. When my two mags turned into a Rudra, I was using Antidotes to take defence down and Dimates to increase POW. Well I was in the same room for like 3 or 4 hours. When I left room, the DEF bar of my mag lots of blank space until it could gain another DEF point. They had like 3 and more than half-bar of DEF until it could reach the 4th DEF point. When I recharged blocks, my mag got the 4th DEF point, even knowing that the DEF was not close to gain level. I don't have a fresh picture when the mags were alright. It is currently Level 42, when I left room it was Level 41. But I have a picture of when it was Level 35. Well, I was feeding also mags in the same room and none besides these two got any problems. I believe the problem was caused because the client mag emulator isn't accurate. So I'm kindly asking for someone to fix both mags, take down the 1 DEF point it gained, I feed mags since I started on this server and it isn't the first time I see this thing happening. I would really appreciate
  20. Guildcard: 42167675 Slot: 1,2,3,4 Date/Time: uncertain Description: crashing instantly Comments: during 3-4 times while warping im crashing completly without disconnecting message. Warping to an CCA area every 2 warps i crash completly without disconnecting message. Also can't enter WOI's CCA and a few other quests in forest 2. With my other accounts i dont have issues. I have this issue now about half a year, cause i thought it was on my end.
  21. Hey today me and my friend have been trying to beat Cave together but it keeps crashing upon entering a certain area. The host never crashes though. We've tried switching, if I host the room he will crash and if he hosts I will crash. We've both tried to play with our game settings to lower everything and it doesn't seem to have any effect. Anything similar happened to anyone? Help would be appreciated, thanks!
  22. Guildcard: 42174930 Character slot 2 Oct 13th 2016 between 10:30-10:50 I was loading a game solo player and my game crashed and went to the title screen. When i reloaded the client and made a new game my mag "Pioneer" was no longer there and all that remained was the new mag im leveling up called ila.
  23. Well I really can't figure this one out. PSO was working great for me before, but I ran into issues when I reinstalled Windows 10 and went to play PSO again. Now, every time I get to the character select screen, the game thinks my "up" arrow is held down. This of course results in having to play roulette with the menus in the game. What's weird is that this glitch only affects PSO, it's only within the menus, it only happens once I get to the character select, and I've already tried doing a fresh install of PSO. Any ideas??
  24. GC : 42158492 DIA 20-7-16 HORA 8:40 PM A 8:50 PM descripcion : hoy estaba jugando con mi pj ondavital slot 1 con unos amigo en roct a la hora 8:40 pm en happy apenas pasando al piso 3 me tiro un error dc cuando vuelvo de nuevo al juego veo que se perdio mi wd
  25. Guildcard: 42155117 Character Slot: Date/Time: 19/2/2016 - 23:55 Description: So me and my friend found a Lindcray, she is a fo and we thought it would be nice to see how it looks. As soon as she equiped the weapon she got dced. Everytime she opens a game she gets disconnected, so now she can't use that player and she was our id, so now we can't hunt lol. And because she can't make a game, she can't just unequip it either Comments: She can stand in the lobby, just can't make or join a room.
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