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  1. Damn, missed HH again ugh Not a single good red drop for me the Summer event nights I was able to play until now *tearsofblood*
  2. At most we can delay this petition if a Shenmue or Daytona USA song is made available for lobby DJs.
  3. I am DJ Division Marduk, the Burning Rangers music disk spammer, and I endorse this idea.
  4. For the concept alone, even more so coming from such a great Hunter, I will take Lootbox Nr 5. Will be around to pick it up in 4/5hours if you are available then. Keep this kind of ideas up, people! Cheers 🍻, Iron.
  5. I have over 60 of those disks. Still best prize ever though.
  6. What is dropping (and where) for Whitill, anyone noticed? Fury of the Beast is, on Ultimate, Ep. 4 via Girta, but thats pretty much what I know.
  7. Can only be on later today but if you can reserve me that Mille Marteaux with 45hit for the 30PDs you are asking, I will gladly take it of your hands.
  8. Quanto por Dual Bird com Hit e Lavis Cannon com Hit? Em PDs. Com desconto especial para falante de português pé-rapado, claro, hehehe
  9. Title. Make them cheaper too. Like 5000 meseta instead of 10k. A DJ has to have tracks to spin yo. Else his public will tire of the playlist.
  10. Can I take that Excalibur with Hit for 56pds out of your hands?
  11. Saudações, Dan! Posso tirar-te esse From the Depths das mãos? Abraço.
  12. Alas, I fear I only have PDs and just a bit over 60. Cant buy DTs, unemployed due to Covid, can barely pay the bills. Will give a look at some of your other, cheaper stuff.
  13. Greetings, pacman. How does the day find you? May I ask how many PDs you are asking for the Psycho Raven with 40 Hit? Thanks in advance.
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