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Status Updates posted by Kotta

  1. New mags have been added on  shop. Check In for details :onion-head01: 

  2. Puyo Puyo Tetris, but It's animated....? :rf-03: 




    1. Lobotomy


      Where's two is better than one OMG. Stop posting GARBAGE dear.

    2. Kotta


      What If I tell you there Is more :rf-02:




    3. Lobotomy


      Sorry bb, 3spooky5me

  3. Nostalgia (-^_^-)


    1. Lobotomy


      Son of a beech, stronzo di merda.


    Wow, I am definitely evul :onion-head05:

    1. Lobotomy


      You're a sexy evil weeb villain indeed!

    2. Kotta


      Holy crap, now I have Indeed ascended as an evil weaboo villain now :rf-02: 




    3. Lobotomy


      You always were the weebest and the craziest, but more than all u're our Kotty 🖤

  5. Kotta

    Release the final season of AoT already :onion-head28:


    Your budget consumption will be numb In comparison to any season this time :onion110::rf-02: 

  6. Code Lyoko. 

    Good times :onion-head21:


  7. Selling a silly Bank stacking with Scape Doo-Doolls for 20PDs/2DTs


    Owari no more Onion Dolls :OOOOOOO :onion106:

    These bad bois love hanging with bad bois onions :onion-head82: but my banks are not :onion-head28:



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    2. Kotta


      Final Update:


      I Am The Clean Onion of Doll Freedom :onion-head06:

    3. 777


      True final update:

      I bought all 600 of them. What do we say to the god of death? Not today. 😎

    4. applesaucin


      Cosmic final update: 🍑💨

  8. Not selling anymore :onion-head09::onion92:

    Asteron Striker 0 35 0 0 25 Sold

    Asteron Striker 0 0 0 40 35 Sold

    Heaven Striker 0 40 0 40 0 Sold 

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    2. H2k




    3. H2k


      quiero golpeador de asteron con 35h

    4. Kotta


      Okay, pero te faltó el acento en la ó de asterón :onion-head28: 

      :onion-head65: [aunque no puedo confirmar, me parece un término Inventado :rf-08:]


  9. Moar Sanic Memes :onion-head65:



  10. :onion86::onion86::onion86::onion-head82: hate you now :onion118::rf-03::onion-head09::onion-head79::rf-12: 



    1. Kotta


      It was supposed to be funny :onion-head28:


      Just look at that potatwork-off-tart :onion-head63:

    2. Lobotomy


      I'm sad because you hate me now :( . But I'd definitely eat you, SSjagaimo-chan, rawr 😘

  11. Mon days extension Intensifies :cr-no-no:

  12. le-happy-le-birthday.jpg


    1. Omegalo


      Merci merci my onion friend :onion120:

  13. Selling a bank of scape dolls


    2DTs In total, or 15PDs.


    Rangers am Immortal, apparently :onion-head54:


  14. There's no way this can be right :onion-head47:


  15. Selling a bank full of Scape Dolls.
    [More like I'm desperate to get them off a character's bank for personal convenient purposes besides space :onion-head09:]


    200 Dolls for 15PDs or 2DTs

    Or 12 Dolls for 1PD

  16. New Kamas and few accidetal Madhus mags on sale! :D 
    0 66 128 0

    0 140 58 0

    0 180 20 0

  17. Power Bed Mags In shop now! :D 

  18. Bluefill :onion-head65:

  19. Can I catch you on this terrible day? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  20. HUkamasters and Good 'n' Bad Elenors on sale! :D


    You gotta check It out, and before you do, why not read a little sad story In link ;y


    You're definitely gonna cry! :rf-11:

    You can trust me there :onion120: 



    Yes please ;y

  22. You have a birdup! :onion110:


    HBU to you ^~^ :onion128:


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