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  1. We are like 20 days or less before spring breaks winter, yet It feels like we're entering the calm before summer, cuz It's starting to get summer-hot :onion-head06:


  2. Huh, not sure why, but I think I did a goof somewhere...


    Watch your bones ( luuul :onion-head65: ) hbu


  4. Goddammit Please Be Saturday, ffs :onion-head48:

    I'm tired of examns :onion116:


    1. Kotta


      I had no examns, yesterday :onion-head06:


    2. Grimoire Greys
    3. Kotta


      Tasukete! My life force.... :onion115:

      (Nieh, It's just onions :onion-head63:)


    Not a fan of Street Fighters games, but this sure feels like.... something, I guess...

  6.  Bruh, NYCs being the new black/orange/whatever. Meanwhile, I can't react enough daily, now :onion-head06:

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    2. RocketTots


      DUDE I feel your pain 


    3. nnorton44


      It’s your poor WiFi @Kotta

    4. Kotta


      I still can't react! :onion-head07:

  7. Damn, Christmas Is over and I feel In limbo `~ʼ :onion-head27:

    That, and I have procrastinated recklessly until now and have tons of crappy classes to revise Dx (but nothing tardy, yay! :D:onion120:



    Need to regain stability and focus on what to do In PSO now that everything went above keikaku :onion-head69:


    Gaspu! >:O (Proceedo to remuwvo all the parásitos In da wae! :onion128:

  8. OMFG!

    I believe my Neck-Under-Pain body has developed a sixth sense I have denominated >"Happy Hour Alert" Scratchy-Scratchy Violinist let-down<, In which my body starts to make me scratch It to death because It has detected HH during late times of my time D:<


    [The "Violinist let-down" part Is because...... well, It says It all :onion-head19: ]


    1. 777


      cg on #5gviDtGo.jpg

    2. Kotta


      I swear to god, my body woke me on hell for that D:<

      [Hopefully I'll be able to sleep now :onion116:]

    3. RocketTots
  9. Worse case scenario:

    When you're working, and your phone's notification tone plays, but....



    It Is this awkward ringtone:onion-head06::cr-what:

  10. Still In need for help with optimization:onion-head43:

    Been using the link 
    http://universps.online.fr/pso/bb/skin/listeSkinUS.php5 do download the skins that fixes certain Issues, especifically about desert and bosses.


    Now what remains Is Episode 2 In General :o [The only thing fixed Is the Fog In CCA].

    Worse case scenario, I can't run Max Attack S If I am not lagging all the time. It feels like the game Is running In like 0.25x actual speed In Seaside Area :onion129:

    [It didn't use to be that bad until now, though..]

    Might need to check If the same Issue Is going on with Seabed and Towers <_>

    1. Kotta


      Uh, I just went to check on normal Seaside,,,,


      It runs alright 😕


      [So... why does It lag during Max Attack S?:onion-head49:Is It because Seaside Night Is a completely different stage? :0]

      And If so, why, what, or how come It Is so laggy? It Is just...... Seaside at night >.>:onion-head26:


      [Edit] That aside, also checked Seabed and It's running fine ^_^ [although I didn't use any Seabed Skin :l ]

  11. Status Updates are back, too :D

  12. :onion126: Finished reading a manga called "Yakusoku no Neverland" (or The Promised Neverland), and now I'm undergoing Infinite Depression… :onion115::onion-head30:

  13. Tfw youtube recommended me this


  14. Not a fan of skrillex, but
    This piano cover
    packs a punch to the original

    [imo ;]



  15. Kotta

    Just wait for It ͠(≖ ͜ʖ͠≖):onion-head65:


    1. 777


      OH, I get what you mean now. XD

    2. RocketTots


      Am I not weeb enough? je ne comprends pas 

    3. 777


      Little context; I was with Kotta and a rando RAmarl and we were waiting at the quest counter — the fourth person was at the shop/bank.

      The three of us at the counter start spamming alt+f1, rando RAmarl makes a comment about how we look like flopping fish. Kotta was reminded of a Nico Nico Douga video and I said that I wanted to see it.

      10/10 Enjoyed the Mario RPG reference.👍

  16. So today on first HH [2am or something ཀ ʖ̯ ཀ ] I go farm bananas with oran and all I get Is V502 from Astarks (and a single cheap banana) and no lames ¬-¬, so assuming that Astarks were on the drops, I decided to farm bananas with blueful for the limiters too, and guess what, not a single limiter In two hours, and just after happy hours ended, the astark I killed next dropped a Limiter :onion-head26:

    What crap Is happening to me :onion-head48::onion-head34:

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    2. RocketTots
    3. Kotta


      You have no Idea how much I am hating you right now @Fyrewolf5 :onion-head65:

      Today November the 4th, a lot of weird crap happened to me, and It all started with no Happy Hours :onion-head66:

      [I blame you for this :onion-head63:]

    4. RocketTots
  17. I found @777 *Cough! :onion-head63:*
    What I mean to say Is, this video compilation of Japanese pop music found me. Enjoy! :onion107:


    1. 777


      Ohh, nice! XD

      Aesthetics are on point, and any compilation that starts with マクロスMACROSS 82-99 has gotta be gold. ^_^

  18. ( ͡° ᴥ ͡°)


  19. Somebody, call me a therapist:

    I'm starting to see
    Onion Head In my homework

  20. Roses are Red
    Violets are Blue
    An Athlete may be an Athlete, but
    A Professional Is a Professional (° ͜ʖ°)




  21. @serverus I found you! :D

    [Just watch until 0:26 >.<]

    1. serverus
    2. Kotta


      Well, once you start the video It should start at the second: 0:10 , and the player riding a monster's name Is Mio ;]

  22. Behold...





    1. Kotta


      Sorry :onion-head65:

      Been watching this very silly video that's been killing me for a while :onion-head63:


  23. Me after finishing all the goddamn unnecessary homeworks that takes all of my time:
    Warida!:onion-head87::onion-head36: Now, Evento timu-

    [Notification: New homework added for date-]

    FML!!!!!! :onion-head34::onion-head07:
    [ Shetthis again :onion-head19: ]

  24. *God of animated Parodies OneyNG uploads an animated parody video after long years*

    Me: God still exists :0

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