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  1. Feliz cumpleaños!!! Happy birhday :3

  2. wena wena

    pasaba saludando q estes bien chao

  3. excalibur que vira lame

  4. Music on Lobby (old)

    i like to request a song, wich i have not heard for a very very long time but here it is "Come Into My Dreams" by Foggy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vk2L0YvFvFU I GOT THE SONG if you want it so i can send it to yo larva easy
  5. pero hola hehehe



  8. 15 min in paint

    HEY!! THAT ONE IN WITH THE STRICKER OF CHAO IS ME!!!!!! and the ranger in yellow is artillero lol and that white dude should be you and the other mage trying to grave my wepon is chaparrax BLUE THAT SHIT IS PRO LOL! now i want to draw are characters too lol
  9. sup nigga

  10. Music on Lobby (old)

    iVE got question, well since ramenoodle does notplay on this server no more does that mean his music does not count? i think you should play the second most voteted song for the people that do play this server. well that was just an opinion hehe
  11. Where we came from?

    hi im MrValenti and im from PUERTO RICO, SAN JUAN
  12. De donde somos?

    Yo soy de Puerto Rico, San Juan la isla mas maravillante que conosco , todo muy tropical las aguas bien azules y clara's.
  13. Music on Lobby (old)

    haha he ment mine haha my song name is static blue but he was cheering for it saying go go staic blue LOL
  14. Music on Lobby (old)

    YES! so i guess no one requested a song hehehe well here goes this one i like this type , not really in to the rock type , but here is this one Static Blue & 7 Skies - Central Park (Nitrous Oxide Remix Radio Version)