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  1. Honestly i saw the post, but i just focus in get STA dont matter what lol, because i can play arround 2hr for day. Good idea sir. i just ready that R-78 writes, she is my love u know pretty cute. hahaha
  2. I dont know what happened but good luck for everybody! i love you all
  3. Make a new quest like WOI to get PD but not to hard haha, for normal person not pro and why not use naka card to add special to srank got on challenge.🤔
  4. #teamCmode My personal opinion people dont play Challenge not for DC/issues or another problem, they dont play because just have to wait until november to hunt naka and get their srank with special more simple and easy, no?. But we have to make 7hr or 5hr all day for one and 7hr or more to get 60 PDs to add special complicate. no? Nice ink a pure cmode player you are studyed that's my sensei.
  5. example one naka to add special to our s rank...is not bad deal i think #teamCmode
  6. i dont know why people said blizzard is bad on any weapon....and i can see like you say is pretty good on jcuttler, same for another special arrest, hell, demon ep1 and ep2 are good....s rank are not only for zalure! #teamCmode
  7. @serverus I dont think that, but the first reason of my topic is about naka card, im cmode player and is a real challenge because any play... and i was doing money with that before event. The real problem for me is the special you can hunt 7hr 3 naka but dont have to spend PD on srank to add special i do not agree with that. like you say not drama for my opinion. I support ink comments
  8. I love you R78 for real but what can i do? nothing. depend so much from another GMs and the people. All are going to say you keep all like is, because they dont like to do challenge mode for they is boring and i know u have to spend 7hr or 5hr for one. I really appreciate you support.
  9. Yes that destroyed my bussiness selling s rank thats why any make challenge just 4 or 5 people just w8 until this event to take naka card....the worst thing is the naka give you s rank with special WTF! Dont have spend you PD on it...thats too bad items..so quit challenge is useless another thing you boost and nerf all item but dont look s rank all people dont have so much lucky to get good stuf but Its look like the GMs think s rank is just for zalure no more because no hit.....what about arrest,hell,demon,blizzard...... All special must be usefull .....this is my opinion.
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