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  1. But if you see first dual Bird IS 222 ATP Max and PR 480 Max they could upgrade like example until 300-350 make the weapon good not OP example on hucaseal.
  2. but if they make PR to girl/woman, what we do with dual bird? why not upgrade ATP for Dual bird? is more simple than make one new. Same case when u decided to upgrade Angel Harp ATP on this server.
  3. Si me iré para siempre no me quieren.🤕💔
  4. He just post a idea my friend heather, GM take the last decision do or not.
  5. i have one 30 dts 35 hit 20 native and 35 machine
  6. Can i donate or no?
  7. My brother and senpai dont worry we are going to end. I drunk in your name and noudle senpai and....Rlove u know 🤭
  8. I am happy to meet a lot of good people, but the true is "i will never be good" im noob forever...bye Pros and blessing.😎
  9. Erase SS and make combo to Master Raven.
  10. dont worry Soly add you the DTS on your profile!, but you have to wait when soly has free time to see your problem; they are always full isnot the case of R78 always search how help you.
  11. Excalibur set maxxed (native/machine) (machine/darle) no abeast.. Vjaya maxxed machine/dark Inferno machine/dark maxxed Send offer
  12. Guide for hucast 🔥

  13. did you get cent batlle? offer
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