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  1. the waiting part feels the longest but gm are working hard. im sure you will get your result back soon.
  2. no deal come around yet. if your down. let me know
  3. i got a mag for you. i dont think they gonna roll back just for a mag.
  4. thanksgiving was awsome. now its time for a good nap.

    1. elefsis


      you did a good job pal

  5. i offer hell gladius 60hit+v502 demon vulcan 50hit daylight scar 40hit excalibur 0/0/35/50
  6. just like mama use to say to me. treat ppl like how you wanna be treated like.
  7. all the ppl post here before samuel oyler get one.
  8. samuel oyler is the last one. guys that have claim one. come and get it
  9. yup paul if your here online you get one too.
  10. Yup you 3 get it too. Meet me at 6pm pacific time
  11. day elefsis cyane judgment king trigunman hoppinfeezy i will be online 6;00pm pacific time. you can come collect your free spread needle.
  12. you got it. let me know when you can be online. or just catch me on the forum and shout for fatboy.
  13. i have 12 spread needle sitting around. giving away for those who can put it to use. to get one. all you have to do is tell me why you deserve to get one. first come first server. post here.
  14. i have a blood sword 0/0/0/0 asking 15 donation ticket if that works for you?
  15. that turkey looks yummy

  16. i believe i have one laying around. find me in game
  17. good trade hidden thank you
  18. spread needle 35hit 50pd work for you?
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