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  1. Hi, Currently got a redria humar. Is this the best class or would it be skyly? dont seem to be getting that many decent drops. Also what is the best way to farm ultima reaper? need one for my fomarl. Thanks
  2. Hi Everyone, I have just come back after a year or so off the game. Have the drop rates and rare monster rates been increased as i just went through forest on hard and the rare drops i got were on most creatures. also is the best way to gain exp and kills (for my lame) to run TTFs? Thanks in advance
  3. Thanks. The force tech one helped alot for when i will play her as a force. Does anyone know of any weapons that would be useful for when melee'ing. Got vivienne already Also on an unrelated topic. is there any easy way to hunt egg rappys? Going into VR temple and checking the first 2 rooms but after 50 times, ive only managed to get an egg once.
  4. same here. ping me a message when you are online
  5. Hey. Sorry if this is in wrong place Need some help with starting my fomarl. I want to make it both tech and melee. Making a sato mind and pow mag for it but need some help on which weapons would be best for each setup. Thanks in advance
  6. Hi. How do i assign techniques to the numbered shortcuts at the bottom of the screen when in game? Sorry i forgot to mention i play with an xbox pad but wanna assign techs for my fomarl on bottom for support purposes
  7. Hi Guys. Trying to decide what section id to do my Humar. Read section id help page but dunno if outdated. stuck between skyly and redria. Opinions would help. Thanks in advance
  8. Gotty

    Hi! :)

    Thanks alot i probably will have some questiions but for now just gonna level and see where things head
  9. Gotty

    Hi! :)

    Hi everyone. New player here (to ultima. played PSO back way when but forgotten most of what i knew lol). Eager to get stuck into it again
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