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  1. Yeah, if there is a way to implement some other form of failsafe to keep people from wasting the combiners it would be the way to go. I could see, like you mentioned, someone using a Soul Booster on a Hundred Souls without knowing it will revert it back to Excalibur instead of upgrading it like they thought it might. Perhaps change the item descriptions to say it can also be used to revert items back to their previous form. A better solution, if possible, is to add some sort of confirmation prompt when you use it. Anyone could accidentally hit use, when moving inventory around or dropping items to transfer them, while they have one of the weapons equipped and then oops you just wasted two combiners 😱 I’m sure there is a secure way to implement something like this because it would be a good quality of life improvement. ***Could make an exchange shop to swap one combiner item for a corresponding reversion item. This would prevent abuse and accidental usage of the item. I.E. trade Soul Booster for Soul Drainer or whatever name it ends up having.
  2. Would it really be too terribly broken? All it would do is make it more convenient to switch out a DW instead of trying to find someone to swap with on the forums. Yes, you could use the PGF on another weapon to swap %s, but you’d have to buy 30 hit again for the new base item (more DT purchasing). Could also make it refund only the PGF and not the base item or you could just make DWs exempt from this exchange altogether if you felt it necessary. Another idea would be some kind of exchange/recycle shop like pso2 has for junky rares. Grinders/materials for low rarity and easily found items, PDs for higher rarity and more difficult to find items, and multiple PDs or even a sphere(s) for higher value event items like PBC, PoST, Stellar Shard, Soul Booster, Cent/Battle, etc... Something like this would take a bit of collaboration to determine prices and everything but would be very rewarding considering most drops and even event drops just rot in our banks.
  3. What about a quest where you can revert any combined weapon or armor to its previous state? Could even have it refund the combiner. The grinders and add slots used on the item would be lost in the process since that would be probably be a pain to refund. This would prevent that scenario of accidentally losing 2 combiners from using them manually on the equipped item.
  4. Not sure if anyone has brought this idea up before. It'd be cool to give out prizes/rewards at the end of each event to show extra appreciation for those who participated (would also get more people to participate since they know they wouldn't leave the event empty handed). It would be kinda how SEGA did and still does events in PSO games. If you can track kills on certain mobs that drop the high rarity event items or track the total amount of high rarity event item drops themselves (banners), those could be used to gauge what prize milestones were reached for the end of the event to see how many rewards we get (everyone gets all of the rewards from the achieved milestones). This is just an example: first milestone is 3 photon spheres, 2nd is 2 weeks of 5x exp after event ends, 3rd is 2 weeks of green names after event ends, 4th one is choice of an event item of a certain tier, 5th one choice of a higher rarity event item (if it is a weapon it would have 50% in 2 stats of your choosing each), the last one is free 80 hit and special (if applicable) added to any weapon you have. Just an idea spice things up
  5. The nerf does suck, but it isn't the main issue. It is how this all unfolded. I don't think most people (myself included) would have bothered farming this gun had we known from the beginning that it would not have rifle range. I would have spent all of those HHs running weather effects or RocT farming Centurion/Battle instead of running MotV for SS. So now, instead of having 100+ dts worth of Serene Swans (Yes, I have 10 or 11 of these things in my bank) I have a bunch of undesirable paper weights worth a couple of pds. You guys have a golden opportunity to make this right. Its as simple as compensating people with a fair trade-in for other Summer event items or a fair amount of DTs. I just lost over 100 DTs worth of item value because of this whole thing, of course I'm a little bit upset about it.
  6. Yes, most of us are here because we choose to be. I personally really enjoy the custom quests and gear, as well as the community. The staff has done a lot of work to try and keep the game fresh with the new quests and items. We only ask to be heard and treated fairly. This whole fiasco with Serene Swan has really left some of us feeling completely ripped off. When an item gets added to the game at the start of an event and then changed 3/4 of the way through, especially after being told it would not be changed, it is going to ruffle some feathers. I have personally wasted the first 3 weeks of this event on hunting this item. Would anyone have a problem with allowing us to exchange any Serene Swans drops we've gotten for another event item of similar rarity/value such as Centurion/Battle, Psycho Black Crystal or Soul Booster? Just getting my opinion on the matter out there. Thanks for reading. **We do appreciate all of the work the staff does, even if we criticize decisions or make a lot of suggestions. Typically we do this to try and help the server grow because we want to stay here and keep having fun!!
  7. Same here I spent at least 90% of my time hunting Serene Swan. Depending on if this is actually the final product with the current change to SS I would like to be able to exchange each one for either Centurion/battle, PBC or Soul Booster. I would have zero complaints if we could do something like that. I could have farmed 200 Dts worth of C/battles with the amount of time I sank into these SS runs 😩
  8. I have a question. If SS gets nerfed, which it was stated earlier in the event that it would not be changed, isn't that a little unfair for people that have spent time hunting them since that would devalue the item or make it totally worthless? I have personally spent much of the event hunting one with hit. It'd be nice to know what's going on so I can either keep hunting SS or focus on other worthwhile items like Cent/Battle. Thanks.
  9. This. Kind sucks for those of us that have been here a couple of years to be working on this. No matter how much you "grind" RNG can be brutal here since the game-breaking weapons and armor are huntable once a year with terrible drop rates whilst being insanely overpriced.
  10. Maybe you could give certain Event items like Cent/Battle boosted drop rates from different mobs that changes on a weekly basis. For example, one week Falz has boosted drop rate, next week Epsilon has a boosted drop rate, then Olga Flow, then Kondy, etc... Another idea could be to give some event items a boosted drop rate for all mobs that drop the item, cycling through different items each week of the event. PBC boosted drop rate one week, SS next week, Soul Booster, Cent/Battle for the final week. (just using summer items as an example since its current). It would give some form of variety to the quests people run since they'd have some incentive each week to do something different. P.S. maybe, possibly something like this could happen for the rest of the event?? (or at least boost Cent/Battle the last week)
  11. I didn't know if there was an in-game quest to change them I was trying to search the forums for it but can't find anything.
  12. Is there any way to change the special on normal weapons like a laser? I had one with 70 hit drop but it has burning and I would prefer hell on it if that's possible without spending dts.
  13. Probably been mentioned before but since we end up with tons of the same items clogging up our banks after hunting for one with hit and/or perfect stats, would it be possible to add a quest to scrap extra items for pds, grinders, materials or something like the event cards that are redeemable for adding %s?
  14. Awesome thanks so much!!
  15. I'd like to hunt one with hit and dark % but if its gonna be nerfed may as well stick to c/battle hunting
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