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  1. Maybe you could give certain Event items like Cent/Battle boosted drop rates from different mobs that changes on a weekly basis. For example, one week Falz has boosted drop rate, next week Epsilon has a boosted drop rate, then Olga Flow, then Kondy, etc... Another idea could be to give some event items a boosted drop rate for all mobs that drop the item, cycling through different items each week of the event. PBC boosted drop rate one week, SS next week, Soul Booster, Cent/Battle for the final week. (just using summer items as an example since its current). It would give some form of variety to the quests people run since they'd have some incentive each week to do something different. P.S. maybe, possibly something like this could happen for the rest of the event?? (or at least boost Cent/Battle the last week)
  2. I didn't know if there was an in-game quest to change them I was trying to search the forums for it but can't find anything.
  3. Is there any way to change the special on normal weapons like a laser? I had one with 70 hit drop but it has burning and I would prefer hell on it if that's possible without spending dts.
  4. Probably been mentioned before but since we end up with tons of the same items clogging up our banks after hunting for one with hit and/or perfect stats, would it be possible to add a quest to scrap extra items for pds, grinders, materials or something like the event cards that are redeemable for adding %s?
  5. Awesome thanks so much!!
  6. I'd like to hunt one with hit and dark % but if its gonna be nerfed may as well stick to c/battle hunting
  7. jj733

    Easter Event 2018

    eww well that's good to know so i don't waste a shard lol
  8. jj733

    Easter Event 2018

    Does the +250 mst on Neutron Skin increase max mst?
  9. Ah, I didn't know that lol. I'm more of an idea person I don't know the first thing about programming, other than html and stuff. I'll just stick to the original idea of alternative dark weapons for now
  10. Yeah this was just sort of a rough draft to see what other players might think about it. Could always do something like what you said too or take these weaker versions and build in some kind of stat boosts like RR gets or how some armors get attack speed buffs. Seems like it has been a while since new items have been introduced and it would be something fun to work on adding as a community while getting something new and useful to hunt and use. Another thing I was thinking of was maybe a cent/battle like force unit called v802 that adds 80-110% tech cast speed and reduce tech cost by 15% or something.
  11. Had an idea during the downtime between events. Something that would be cool is to add Dark Meteor & Dark Flow like weapons with less ATP that we can farm all year kinda like how there's Psycho Wand, the weaker version of Psycho Bridge. If adding some event items as year round drops is not a viable option this could be a substitute that would not detract from the values on PGF. Say you call the weapons Light Meteor and Light Flow (just placeholder names lol). The actual weapon could drop from Olga Flow or drop an item like PGF called Parasite Gene "Light". *I listed the original version of the dark weapons for comparison. Also listed 3 potential stat lines for the weapons. from 1/2 strength to 3/4 strength of original dark weapons. Dark Meteor - 750-880 ATP / +25 grind / +45 ATA / 200 ATA required. *Light Meteor - 375-440 ATP / +25 grind / +45 ATA / 100 ATA required. (1/2 Dark Meteor Strength) *Light Meteor - 495-580 ATP / +25 grind / +45 ATA / 132 ATA required. (2/3 Dark Meteor Strength) *Light Meteor - 563-660 ATP / +25 grind / +45 ATA / 150 ATA required. (3/4 Dark Meteor Strength) Light Meteor drops from Ultimate Olga Flow for Viridia, Skyly, Purplenum, Redria, & Yellowboze. Or Parasite Gene "Light" drops from Ultimate Olga Flow for all Section IDs. Drops change back to event drops during events that alter Olga Flow's Drops. The drop rate could be something around 1/50 - 1/100. Dark Flow - 1000-1100 ATP / +0 grind / +50 ATA / 1100 ATP required. *Light Flow - 500-550 ATP / +0 grind / +50 ATA / 550 ATP required. (1/2 Dark Flow Strength) *Light Flow - 660-726 ATP / +0 grind / +50 ATA / 726 ATP required. (2/3 Dark Flow Strength) *Light Flow - 750-825 ATP / +0 grind / +50 ATA / 825 ATP required. (3/4 Dark Flow Strength) Light Flow drops from Ultimate Olga Flow for Greenill, Blueful, Pinkal, Oran, & Whitill. Or Parasite Gene "Light" drops from Ultimate Olga Flow for all Section IDs. Drops change back to event drops during events that alter Olga Flow's Drops. The drop rate could be something around 1/50 - 1/100. I gave the weapons either 1/2, 2/3, or 3/4 of the power of the originals and 1/2, 2/3, 3/4 the required ATA/ATP of the originals if anyone was wondering how I came up with the numbers. The special effects/abilities would remain the same, the weapons would just be weaker. Could even make them start at 1/2 power and have 2 stages of potential upgrading all the way up to 3/4 power. This would give everyone an opportunity to hunt and use a weaker version of the Dark Weapons while at the same time still having a reason to hunt PGF during xmas (or waste a car payment on one lmao).
  12. Basically what he said. It actually is a problem when 20 junk weapons drop along with something actually worth picking up. You better be running floor reader or you'll never find out which one it was without picking up and dropping every item. Even then floor reader doesn't help much if it drops where you can't see it and then it could be any old red box scattered across the room.
  13. Rambling may - Greenill Zu Ultimate
  14. We could just have PGF made into a permanent drop, weekly/weekend event type of drop and/or make it redeemable for a reasonable amount of DTs. Was it not $60 when it was available for redemption before? People with the time and the ambition could hunt them while people with less time and/or loads of money to spend could still fork over large amounts of $$ for DTs to buy them. It is a permanent drop on other private servers (and was at the end of the Japanese server's life) so why not here? If you don't think it plausible make PGF cheaper, more accessible, or to make DM & DF more balanced then maybe buff some other weapons. This could be done by either increasing atp on certain weapons or reducing atp while combo unlocking certain weapons. How about a Female equivalent to Psycho Raven? Maybe a Banana Cannon/Iron Faust equivalent combo unlocked launcher for Ramarl & Ramar. An example of this is to either buff the atp on Cannon Rouge and keep it combo locked or reduce its atp by a couple hundred and combo unlock it. Other examples of bazookas that could use a combo unlock and possible atp adjustments are Gi-Gue Bazooka, Ano Bazooka or NUG2000-Bazooka. You don't need to hit for 1k per shot (even though 100% Banana Cannon crits over 1,100... on Fomarl) but it would be nice to have a combo unlocked bazooka for Ramarl/Ramar that can easily do 600+ per target hit like Forces and Racast/Racaseal can do with junk stat Banana Cannons or Iron Fausts. None of these ideas come close to the power of DM but it would make all Ranger and Force classes a little more balanced without god tier weapons. Heck, an easier to find piercing shotgun like DM would be nice even if it has half the atp. However, it would take a ton of work trying to balance all those weapons compared to just making PGF a permanent drop and/or fairly priced for DT redemption. That would stabilize prices and satisfy disgruntled players that are unlucky every time the event comes around. Prices for it would most likely go down but having more PGF/DM/DF in circulation = more being traded for and bought, which leads to more DTs being purchased in order trade for and buy them. Not to mention more DTs being purchased so that people can sphere their shiny new DMs & DFs. Just my thoughts on the matter and I'm sure people will try to poke holes in these suggestions but I'm just thinking for the good of the community in the long term.
  15. jj733

    New Year Raffle Results

    Grats to all the winners.
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