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  1. I know the general answer would be "1 of every ID" but if I wanted to stick to just 4 character slots for now, and I only play rangers and forces, what would the 4 most useful IDs be? I already have red and white. Purp and Skyly seem popular, but I don't know how much of that (for Skyly) is SJS (which I don't want/need). I have a pretty solid ranger setup already, so I'm just looking for force gear or generally useful/profitable items. My next character is going to be a FOmarl, so if theres an ID that has a lot of great ep 4 drops, maybe keep that in mind. Thanks!
  2. If a weapon has a negative percentage in one attribute, I can still sphere that attribute up, correct? For example, a weapon that is [10/10/0/-5] can be sphered to 10/10/0/100 just like anything else?
  3. Press backspace until there is nothing typed in the chat line, then release and press backspace one more time. If that doesn't fix it, once you have erased anything typed, press F11. If neither of those work, it's probably a problem with one of the game files and you'll have to ask someone who knows way more than me.
  4. Honest question - I see a lot of "optimal equipment" lists for RAmar that include Excal/100Souls, and I understand why those are fantastic weapons (3 targets, great damage, sacrificial specials, look sweet). What I'm having trouble understanding is when exactly they would be the best option to deal with a situation - If I need to burn one target down, I'll use charge/demon mechs, I have Arrest Needle or Baranz Launcher for groups (or DM but no PGF for me ), UR is cheaper for satellite lizards while more easily hitting groups and potentially being faster with lucky Hell hits... So it seems to me that while they're extremely powerful, they would be extremely situational at best given just how many other great options rangers have? Am I missing something?
  5. R-78 is a bot, it's right on the side every time R-78 comments, can't you read?!
  6. Rayguns specials shouldn't be reduced. As far as I know, the reductions generally only happen on weapons that multihit on one button press (mechs, daggers, etc) and weapons that hit multiple targets (swords, shots, etc) to make up for the increased opportunities to proc.
  7. Agreed, that's the biggest reason I was asking. This person was killing seabed sinows in one SSH combo each, which looked like so much fun. I already have a decent rifle with Demon's on it, but I want that kill speed and convenience factor of not having to switch. Thanks for the info everybody!
  8. I played a few games recently with someone using a Demon's Yas9k, and it was absolutely beautiful. I'm nowhere near being able to procure some for myself at the moment, but I was wondering on which mechs it's possible to get unreduced Demon's, and a ballpark price range for any/all of them with decent hit? I assume other mechs (maybe Type/ME?) will be cheaper than Yas9k's sincethey don't have that monster range. Thanks in advance!
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