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  1. Lords of the Lockerroom is my favorite action anime.
  2. Christmas Catastrophe, an EP1 quest, lets you pick any 2 materials you want at the end when you do it on Very Hard or Ultimate (1 material for Normal and Hard). It's long and difficult, but not too bad with an organized team. If you have a full inventory when you talk to the quest giver at the end though you get nothing, lol.
  3. Christmas Catastrophe. I'm not aware if there's anything else. What are your character names?
  4. I'm looking for 1-3 other players to farm luck mats with for speed and efficiency. I need about 70 total. We don't have to do it all at once; we can do it bit by bit over a period of time. My only requirement is that your character is level 70+.
  5. How about a quest that rewards the amplifiers and their barriers? Normal difficulty could reward your choice of a single offensive technique Amp, like Amp of Barta, Hard could reward the barriers, Very Hard could reward the support amps, and Ultimate could reward Amps of Red, Yellow, and Blue.
  6. Is there a bonus reward for clearing The Restless Lion without returning to the city?
  7. I'm afraid the link doesn't answer my question. When looking at guides it appears to evolve into Marutah, but when using the Magatama program it says it'll evolve into Mitra.
  8. If I give a DEX Kalki to a Hunter, does it evolve into Marutah or Mitra?
  9. I got a Centurion/HP from either Hildetorr or Hildelt in EP1. Skyly if it matters.
  10. Time to relearn muscle memory at level 109. Better late than never I suppose.
  11. I would like to be able to toggle picking up drops off and on with a command. Many times on my Hunter I've tried to attack an enemy, only to pick up an item and get smacked before I can attack again. It's especially common on quests like TTFU and Phantasmal World.
  12. I heard that the levels of Shifta and Deband that your Mag conditionally casts, like when reaching 1/10 HP, are variable depending on its stats. What affects it? Also, can you get multiple copies of the same reward by repeating government quests?
  13. I'm interested, but I hope you have separate prizes for modes with set levels and modes where you keep your levels. It wouldn't be too fun to get curbstomped by the people who have been here longer.
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