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  1. 5 hours ago, Kikori said:

    - Any specific dates and times?

    - Will a photon sphere + 1 photon drop be acceptable as 100 PDs to avoid spending ages converting spheres to drops?

    Is this allowed or pds only? @serverus

  2. 8 hours ago, Starlord said:

    Would work if they did away with WOi pd reward. I know there’s other quest to get pds Incase that happened but still. WOi is easy to farm pds. I’ve heard of some people getting 5PS a day. Literally the pso currency (pds) are as valuable as monomates now. And making dts the top currency is dumb since I don’t think a lot of people are donating atm.

    Yes they could due away with woi reward or 1ps=5hit would kinda be the only other option. Along with a cap at 50., even with the pd inflated market. I feel ps for 5 hit would be some really serious grinding lol

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  3. I had a few ideas that would improve the server several have been suggested in the past by me and others but I feel like bringing them back up lol

    1. The ability to add hit to gear using pds and ps through gallons shop.  Even if it was only up to 50hit on an item would be really nice.  maybe 1ps =10hit and 50pds=5hit. cap it at 50 so there is still a need for hit events which cap at 70 and donating to cap at 80.

    2. I feel that s rank weapons should be given some kind of buff to make them a little more useful than they currently are.  Due to the increased stats in monsters and some custom items s ranks have become very inferior.  That would also give a lot more people more incentive to run c mode.

    3. In the past there have been many mini custom events on this server, that were really amazing for players to upgrade their gear from time to time.  I realize that our gm have lives other than pso such as everyone here and these mini events take a good chunk of time to do. so the idea is to create a new card/item for each event that can be collected to achieve some of these good mini event prizes.

    example of what im saying

    xmas has nyc so nyc could be x amount to add hit to items

    anniversary has mr. nakas which is for s ranks  

    so the new items could be a card type item (that does nothing unless redeemed) created for each event tht could be collected and redeemed for a different prize

    valentines event could love letters and it could be x amount to add special to item 

    Easter could be egg dye and you could collect x amount to make changes to mags

    summer could be pool pass and get x amount to add attributes to items 

    triforce whatever you would want to call it x amout = whatever

    same with Halloween

    just some ideas to get some of these awesome mini event prizes back in action without this servers great gms having to sacrifice a weekend putting on an event.

    id really love to here some feed back from some people that could possibly make some of these ideas happen @Larva @Soly @Lemon @R-78 @Fyrewolf5


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  4. Looking for someone to unseal 1 limiter and 2 lame for me.  Mainly bc I’m to lazy to do it myself xD.  I’ll pay 50 pds for all. Pm me if your interested 


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  5. 1 hour ago, Ford522 said:

    I'm halfway done unsealing 4 of my limiters and finished unsealing my Lame so if someone wants me to unseal their lame, lemme know. Charging 1pd per 1000 kills (so 10pd if it's a fresh lame)

    If you want I have 2 lames that need unsealed

    Oh nvm your only doing 1 

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  6. 57 minutes ago, Hatsodoom Reiga said:

    I wouldn't mind this for S-Ranks, since they can't actually get hit. Not for all weapons though. But just so you know there is a quest in Episode 4 (Forget which one) where you can use PCs to add hit to monster weapons.

    Yeah I know about the pcs for monster weapons. I just thought since attributes can be added with pds it would be nice if hit could be as well to any weapon. If it’s possible to do 

  7. 2 hours ago, Viande said:

    Hey there Time Attack fellas.

    So I recently started to do solo TTF Time Attack runs on my FOnewearl, because I enjoy playing her and soloing stuff with her feels great! The first few ones were kinda bad, the worst being somewhere between 45-50 minutes (at level 182).

    But now I've improved a bit and I'm starting to get times around the 25 minute mark, which I think is not bad considering my gear sucks compared to what you vets have (Vol Opt with a blank Banana Cannon is a chore :wacko:).

    With my current gear, I believe I can reach low 20, maybe 21 if I get very very good Dark Falz 3 patterns and if I manage to lock Vol opt with gizonde at the very start of the fight.

    And with improved gear (C/battle, BC with stats, high ATP weapon for Vol Opt gizonding => yes that's a verb), I think I could get below 20" quite easily.

    Anyway, here's a screenshot of my PB so far:


    As your gear gets better I don't see why you shouldn't be able to hit 13 mins or less

  8. Hi I was doing some banking and was pulling 4 cent mind  out of my bank and when I was pulling the last one I experienced a disconnection and 1 of the 4 cent mind was lost. Sorry I don't have pic of them but if I can be helped I would really appreciate it. If not I understand 


    Happened around 7:27pm (EDT) april 27

    GC 42162492

  9. 2 hours ago, Terrybriggs711 said:

    Brightness circle + stellar shard= neutron skin lvl 130 frame

    Anything special about it such as good resist or any kind of stat boosts that your aware of ?


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