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  1. We were able to complete, thank you Soly!!
  2. Yes I'm experiencing this issue as well ^^^ hopefully there's some kind of fix/workaround??
  3. I play and record all tracks, just me with violin and MIDI keyboard
  4. I am a musician who doesn't have any concerts for the foreseeable future, so I've been indulging in my love of PSO. This is one of my favorite tracks, so I made a quick demo to see if recording in my basement is a thing. If anything sounds weird or out of tune it's because for the last two months instead of practicing, I have been playing PSO 🤡 Please enjoy!
  5. I love cmode! Although the gameplay is decently challenging, it’s really fun too I recently completed my first ep1 Srank on Ultima and am working on ep2. Always down for challenge when I’m on, just PM
  6. Anyone avail for some 2c1 runs tonight/soon? EST time here
  7. I'm interested in this as well. Takes quite a bit of time and practice for S-Rank times but it'd be fun to give it a try
  8. Looking for this unit, I offer 6PD 😇
  9. Sounds good @bobshlibidich !! Pm when you want to meet up
  10. I got two one of these babies for sale, 50pd one sold, thanks @R-78!! and sold the rest! Pls close
  11. Yes, from the Launcher look in Options > General > and make sure 'Save Credentials' is checked
  12. accepted! thanks @Usagi
  13. Looking for one stellar shard, and x2 New Year's Cards. can offer PD at 8:1 EDIT: all acquired! thx all
  14. DTs to trade. PM offers, please! UPDATE: Pwand found. MG+ only : D
  15. Edit: #2. Nvm. 2 avail, 20pd for 1.
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