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  1. lol took you a long time. Zen., you are a great person to know.
  2. I keep digging up old post by mistake...

  3. How come no one can use the commander blade?
  4. Who is stronger Kondrieu or shambertin?
  5. Don't worry about trying to measure up to them quickly either because they have weapon stats like: 100/100/0/100/80. I'm still trying to climb that fence.
  6. it would probably be more than 1000 unless you have someone giving you deband. I still get knocked around in the desert of ultimate ep.4
  7. Hello.

    Hello. Galavnize is a cool name.
  8. Ultima Triforce Event 2015

    ep. 2 deku baba drops godric ability for skyly. Got one just now;What a disappointment.
  9. Ultima Deep Dream Event

    The walls are screaming
  10. It says yellowboze is supposed to find a madam's umbrella in very hard killing mericol but all I find from them is attribute plate, the same item for killing mericus. Also note, i killed it in phantasmal world 1. Is the drop chart outdated, mericol can drop multiple rares, or is it a bug?
  11. Not a bug but annoying

    lol *Looks at beezeman comment* ouch that would hurt.
  12. Not a bug but annoying

    I was playing that Ma4d ep4 for quest about 20 minutes ago and I fought a zu near the spot where the teleporter appears in the crater. A red box dropped and I on the other side and I thought I could use the teleporter.As I found out, that part is completely blocked off. and when i decided to get a picture, time expired. I just wanted to let you all know about that annoying area.
  13. Thank you, I'm trying to make a trade list and I saw people saying that they can't take dts and it got me curious.
  14. Thanks again, I also forgot to ask another question. Can a player who donates trade tickets with a person who hasn't donated before?
  15. Hello, is it really okay to trade donation tickets or is that something people do under the table?