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  1. I’ll log in game I just don’t know who to talk to
  2. Yeah forgot what time it was. Oh well. GG
  3. S> master sword 0/75/70/70 40dts , lindcray 0/40/0/0/40 25dts. 

  4. Heavenly battle and v101 have the same attack speed which is 40% I believe, and cent battle is 110% attack speed so yeah the difference it’s a big one. Can do faster combos compared to v101 and h battle. Definitely worth the investment.
  5. Ten year blades is a combination of ultima sword and psycho black crystal so if you quit in 2017 you shouldn’t have it in your inventory because it had not been released yet. For a price check, wish I could help but haven’t gotten much info from community on that. There’s very few people that made them. Not many if all have been on the market. At one point moiy Sanchez was offering 100dts for a maxed one. If that helps round up a price check for you. Also special from ultima sword will not carry over so you’ll have to add special again if you already had it on ultima sword.
  6. Bump. I know there’s one DF at least out there
  7. B> 100hit dark flow. Pm me if interested. I got a whole bank full of goodies to trade

  8. Whtill ep2 sues coat deldepth purple garanz ep1- harmonic resonance core
  9.  S> dual birds 100/0/100/100 75dts. Pm me if interested. Also selling 0/100/100/100 Master sword 80dts. 

    1. Rivaul


      I have 10 nyc

  10. Bump update. If stuff is priced in dts and you try to pay with pds you will pay at a ratio of 10:1 since I find dts more valuable to me than PDS. This is due of course over a disagreement I had with snowflake Shiga321. So there’s no other misunderstanding I’ll state it now. thank you
  11. Bump added more stuff + some wants
  12. As long as his drive doesn’t die like Crono114 I’m ok with it all . This place gave me a home after that disastrous loss in schthack. Although the ultima community was very rude and not welcoming to schthack players back in 2015 when I arrived here, I would 100% play here over destiny, new schthack , and ephinea.
  13. New addition sealed J sword 45/0/0/0
  14. Still so much room for improvemen as we discussed but Great job guys.
  15. stuff with hit or hot sellers. will paste the link to my shop below so you can see all the other stuff but this is the hit stuff for now. WANTS: dark meteor dark flow dark bridge psycho bridge donation tickets Pds new year cards - 1dt per card Dark flow 100/0/0/100/80– swap for DM 100/0/100/0/80 or 0/100/0/100/80 DM Yasminkov 3000r 0/0/0/0/70 (hell)- 50dts- proof of sonic team x3- 10dts millie Faucilles 0/0/100/100/80— 100dts bombchu 0/100/100/100– 55dts ( trade for 80hit yasminkov demon or charge special) dual birds 100/0/100/100—- 65dts ( trade for sh shot 80hit hell) 13Last Swan +9 [0/0/0/0|70]-35dts- or 3PS 14Snow Queen [25/0/15/0|70]---25dts- 16Morning Glory [0/0/0/40|50]- 6pds 22Glide Divine v.00 [0/0/25/15|0]- 15pds 24Rico's Parasol [35/40/0/0|0]- 10pds srank j cutter (hell) - 120pds or 15dts srank needle (zalure)- 15dts srank scythe (zalure)- 15dts photon booster x1-25pds each soul booster x1- 50pds samurai armor- 15dts agent k costume - 40pds or 5dts wedding dress 64/100 28/40- 15dts if you want to see what else I got refer to my shop on this link below
  16. Starlord

    S>A Lot

    He’s gonna be off for a few months so I’ll save you the trouble there of no response
  17. As title states, buying any of those two. Got a lot of stuff I’m too lazy to post so if you got one pm me and I can send you a list of what I got or you can send me a list of your wants. Also have photon drops or dts (donation tickets) if you prefer that route. Thanks
  18. Im sure if you triforce guys actually participated you would get some gear.
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