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  1. Sorry for not replying in a while. I figured out the problem, and maybe the same with everyone else.. It seems like my security program (Webroot) was the problem. There might have been a file that it didn't trust that would load up, and thus is cancels it every time. I've gotten rid of the program for testing, and i've played for 2 hours straight with no sudden crashes.. So if anyone else is dealing with this, if you have some other type of security program, you might wanna check it, and see if it deletes, or simple don't let a file load/run. As for anything else, i can't say.
  2. Hi, i'm Aeon! I haven't played in a couple of years, so i decided to come back after so long. After struggling trying to remember everything.. I got my account under control. Sadly a new issue has appeared.. I've been crashing like crazy, and i dunno why. No warnings, just randomly crashes me. I even reinstalled just to be sure, and it still crashes me. I made everything i thought might be issues with my security program to be ignored.. Still crashes.. SO i dunno what's going on. I got this dump file, but i dunno where to upload it other than my MEGA.. Had to put it in a folder, too.. It's about over 8MBs, so i dunno what's goin' on, but any help will be great, thanks..! Link: https://mega.nz/folder/dbh0lZRa#20Yi7M_zLQbv2GhfTBp7xA
  3. I'm on right now. I was about to see how well i do on TTFU with my ranger on ultimate. And don't worry about the slots, i got 3 addslots on me.
  4. @O9B066 I would love to get that, but i don't have any PDs on hand, and i doubt he'll trade me some items for a Kroe's sweater..
  5. Hello, fairly noobish player here. I was wondering how i can get my hands on Proof of Sonic Team, Chromatic Orb, and Photon Booster. Thanks in advance to whoever answer this.
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