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  1. thanks guys! So what do you all do on the game? Hax says the people leveled up to 100+ have probably played through all the quests multiple times... do you just enjoy going back and through it or what? Also, learned yesterday from N... (sorry! forgot your name!) the different spells best used on different colored monsters.. Just to make sure I get this right: Yellow (bird like ones) - use foi Brown - use zonde purple - use ice blue - ice or zonde light brown - zonde or foi? Is that right? So far I've only done the vr ttf (something about tomorrow?) and... forgot the other quest that Elessa had me do. Sorry I'm a n00b.
  2. Thanks for your shout outs! Can I ask what a +rep is?
  3. Just thought I'd say hi! I'm brand new to this forum, this game, and games in general basically. The most I've done with characters and role playing was on lotrplaza which is an RPG forum for Lord of the Rings lovers... I love fantasy, anime, and socializing! This seems like an awesome community! Played my first game yesterday and had several people help me level up which was awesome. Plus Elessa was so patient in explaining the game to me. I'm pretty slow at moving and kind of walk jerkily still wanted to give a shout out though and say ya'll are really cool!
  4. Hi! I just joined yesterday because my fiancee has been trying to find me a game I would like (he loves gaming, I hate it...) I think he found a winner though! My first time on and four people were awesome/helped me and taught me! I had Elessa online teaching me the game with my faincee in my ear also explaining things. Elessa, Handlebar, Jakol (?), and Armando (I think that's all their names!) really were helpful and awesome and I am already in love with the community here I think I'm going to enjoy this game/forum/people on here Name: Lena Age: 25 Preferred contact method: not sure? Hobbies: I don't really have any. My friends joke that my hobby is working. I like watching action movies and some anime (pretty ones ), shopping, and I used to be an avid role player on lotrplaza.com A little more about your self: I'm an executive assistant for a small search firm, babysit a lot, and just enjoy eating good food and hanging out with friends.
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