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  1. Episode 4 completed and 1 more episode will be made to complete the season.
  2. What drama? Everyone loves Fatboy like everyone loves Wolverine
  3. Lol Episode 3 is up, and i will likely make episode 4 by February 2nd.
  4. In a PSOBB galaxy far far away lies a server named ULTIMA. There lies many hunters and GM's fighting together in harmony But little do they know they are being drawn into a.. REPERCUSSION OF EVIL! Season 1 Episode 1 Beginnings Episode 2 Profound Episode 3 Hope Episode 4 CRACK . . ​Episode 5 REVELATION End of Season 1
  5. K, i will be adding new stuff so what ever you see here is still for sale..
  6. Ill donate a weapon,unit,armour. Pd's is what i compete for...
  7. Yo no soy capaz de entrar en mi cuenta también, y Kajex escaneado mi cuenta y descubrí el error Humar grasa. La última vez que tuve la oportunidad de conectarse con éxito ayer al mediodía 11 a.m. EST y entre las 17:00 EST, tengo pic de equipa etc por si acaso, y mi guildcard es 42007787.
  8. I am not able to log into my account also, and Kajex scanned my account and discovered the Fat HUmar bug. Last time i was able to log in successfully was yesterday around midday 11 am EST and between 5pm EST, i have pic of equips etc just in case, and my guildcard is 42007787.
  9. Im feeling awfully generous sooo i will give the person who finds me S REDS BLADE they will be giving a RUPIKA and any item from my tradelist except DM...
  10. Heaven Punisher 35 hit Deband 30 Vivieene 0/0/30/35/40 hit AND Cannon rouge 0/0/25/25/40 HIT All 4 for 20pd! last chance to buyout!
  11. Sorry it sold fast but the shield that makes it drops during the next event
  12. 25% off discount of what i would normally sell these items for, yeah i know im crazy. You can also offer other items for these but i prefer Photon drops. Liberta Kit 3pd's SOLD Heaven Punisher 15/0/0/0/35 hit Offer Mille Marteaux 0/0/35/35/45 HIT Offer SOLD From the Depths 30pd's SOLD Cannon Rouge 0/0/35/0/35 HIT 5pd's SOLD 0/0/25/25/40 HIT 6pd's Deband Lv 30 4pds Yasminakov 9000 (No stats, but its special is charge) 3pd SOLD Guren 0/0/0/35/35 hit 4pds SOLD Vivieene 0/0/30/35/40 hit 3pd Bringers Riffle 0/0/0/0/30 hit 6pd's
  13. Lee and his minions attacking us Raining Just looks cool
  14. What do you want for zabeacon other than pd's
  15. Happy Birthday Senior LARVA I only have facebook and youtube, can i get half? XD followed
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