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  1. Any idea what the white text on some of the floor tiles in Episode 2 is? Just came across a YouTube video talking about it and realized I had never thought about it. https://youtu.be/HSJ44RsopBM

    I solved by removing and reinstalling the game. It is possible files were missing as my padre has been removing a good deal of stuff from the device.

    Ok, so Ive been playing on my newer laptop lately until get this, my hard drive dies. so now im back on an old one and trying to play. Every time i try to start the game i get an Error code 2 message. Anyone know the origin or solution to this error?
  4. Npc skin changed face

    What do I need to do?
  5. Npc skin changed face

    Hey I tried to use one of the /npc skins, game crashed, I went into dressing room to fix and my ramarls face had changed! Can this be fixed? Character is San Slot 3 Guild card # 42096341 She used to have the scarred face, now has an eye patch lol
  6. /NPC = Crash to Desktop?

    Hey I did this too but it changed my ramarls face, can this be fixed?
  7. Crashing bug

    Ok everything worth keeping is deposited, see what you can do.
  8. Crashing bug

    Should I deposit my gear before hand? The two "unknown items" don't appear in my item list on the game.
  9. Crashing bug

    Hey I'm crashing whenever I remove an item (would be the 29th on the character) from either bank. Problem started 2 days ago, and effects only one character as far as I know. I read the common bugs thread and found and removed a single ??? Item from my bank. Problem still persists. Guild card number is 42096341 character slot is number 1.