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  1. Happy New Year, let's hope the 2018 memes are better.


  2. My favorite weapon is Gae Bolg, partly because of the name, but mostly because it's the one weapon that gave me the most nostalgia when thinking back to my Gamecube days. I thought it was the most Aesthetic weapon at the time, and used it for EVERYTHING. (I was a very terrible hunter, k)
  3. Sup, hands down only made this account to play on the server a long time ago, not for any forum related things- But that changes now, probably, uh, yeah let's just say this is an official introduction (mind the veteran status). Name's Kagemaru67, Kage for short. I am currently 19, stuck up, but am ready to mingle (like playing COD or something), so send me a discord user if you want memes or just to have an extra contact. Hit me up on Minecraft for some drunk play through (it's a hobby, yes) or just PM me about any Obscure games you know of, cause I probably know all of the
  4. If this is like a permanent thing, or just timeless until all items are claimed, I'll practice waveshining
  5. Just your average noob, from 5 years ago.

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