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  1. I have acknowledged my warning that I am officially a old man now. thanks kajex

    1. Cyane


      congrats on being old >:D

    2. Soly


      much yellow, such veteran

    3. kajex


      Hahaha. You have been warned. ^^

  2. Goodbye mass, thanks for everything you have done I hope for your safe future ahead.
  3. Twin frying pans seems more appealing to me
  4. I look at my profile and realise how long I've been here...

  5. Tenj

    S> Stuff

    I'll buy the Hell Laser 0/50/0/50/0 (5pds) if it is still in your hands
  6. Do I have to pm larva or is it already in there..? Sorry its my first time donating EDIT: Nevermind it, Got it done
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