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    Dooby dooby doo, where are you? come and play some cmode 8D
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    back in my days there was no HH.. oh wait, there was x)
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    not really, HH did not effect the economy all tat much. More PDs would be farmed while hunting longer for items, and items would supposedly all have the same % price increase in PDs. Even that wasn't the case. for example : V101 costed 20PDs when HH was still on. How much does a V101 cost now? Right still 20PDs. HH 'd just be a good motivation to hunt very rare items. Name me any item that had a huge pricechange since the HH stopped. (Not RR since that drop has been altered apart from HH an L&K38 because of the uncombo). As for exp, it really isn't that bad to lower the rate a small fraction past lvl 165 since people will enjoy playing their high level char more. When you hit that famous lvl 200, gaining EXP is futile. To me it took out a big load of fun to play without gaining exp. Sure you can brag a bit and lobbywhore with your level 200 char but playing with a lvl 199 character has way more meaning because you can still progress while having near to no different play-style than on a lvl 200. This also partially inspired prestige. Just think of it this way, it's more rewarding hitting the 200 with less exp bonus. And if you really just care about hitting the 200 for whatever reason, nothing prevents you from spamming RT but it's kinda pointless imo. So for HH, yeah it could be turned on a bit more often but it really doesn't matter all that much for the economy. It's just better for every player that really wants that one rare they dream about. Good stimulation and perhaps some time benefit. PSO is a game you nee to enjoy slowly, it's not like an arcade game you want to reach the top asap an move on.
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    Just take a look at the trade center. Doesn't look dead to me. And I do play from time to time and people still ask me prices which are spot on. Can't do right for everyone, and I don't expect many people to agree with me. Also the community is a bit smaller now with PSO2 and all. Now give me examples of the items and don't go use HH as the holy savior of the server.
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    I was here before HH and sure it helped me to get some items faster, but most of of my items were obtained through regular hunt/trading. You make it seem like HH was the ultimate asset of Ultima, almost the only reason why people would play lol? As for the RR drop increase it was just a temporary raise to diminish the stash of RRs that was circulating in the economy. Some people had over 10 RRs. The RR drop has been restored now, or at least it should be to re-balance its price/occurrence. And like I said, you can't do right for everyone. Let the new players enjoy the game and all its aspects. What's wrong with killing mobs with a varista until you find something better? Do players really need to get the best items/weapons asap? And don't get me wrong, I'm not against HH at all, but a more random approach like Vazerty said seems a more fair choice than fixed weekly hours. I just don't like the complaints about "HH was the best thing ever!" and "Old players gained everything so much easier". Anyways, I'm certainly not the one who decides whether or not HH comes back and how so it's just waiting what the majority thinks about it( and even more important, Larva himself).
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    u dont are 24/7 like me plis chuk all day on ps3 is making you tense lol u are all day there or ps3 u are tired ppl are tired of you and your great ideas was ur idea rr drop ur idea no more hh be a men tell the truth to this ppl and im not the perfect GM im just more good than u, come on u feel like god just coz u know about that plis man wake up this is a real world, and im tired of u crying like a baby QQ trying to get attetion all day QQ hahahahha PD:thanks for the menos rep its looks like u dont like when ppl say the true to ur face hahahah
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    hahahah QQ lets cry a bit for chuk QQ
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    well larva say HH is gonna be back and for this mod named chuk if u dont play here why u cre so much u have pso2 right then let this ppl have fun dont be jelly one day u will be happy to find something to make u happy and rr was ur idea QQ bad idea man
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