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DC'ed while using the bank, lost pc's and a mag.

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I was organizing stuff from the common bank to my character bank(Vitamin 5) when all of a sudden there was a connection error. At first I was worried that I lost a bunch of stuff, so when I checked i still had all the grinders and mag cells intact. I did notice that the new mag I was working on was gone, along with about 67 photon crystals. I did Black Paper 3 times before the DC happened.

I didn't notice the photon crystals were gone until I tried to do black paper deal 2 again.

So I was hoping that I could get the photon crystals back and hopefully the mag too. I don't have a pick showing the mag, or when the dc happened, but I do have a pic of the photon crystals before I started doing Black Paper 2, and I have pics showing what i still have after the DC if those are important,

Like I said, I don't have a pic of the mag, but it was a low level, and new, so if I cant get that back it's no big problem.(These are the stats of the mag I think. 5/0/30/15. It was a Blue Agastya with the PB that does Resta, Golla, and Pilla.)

This all happened around 3:54pm eastern time zone.

Here's the pic showing the pc's before I started doing black paper.


And the links down below are after the DC happened, so I could make sure what items I had and where the items I lost should have been.





Thank you ahead of time for the help.

Edit: Looking through the pinned topic about bugs, it was Error 100 that I experienced. Most likely happened while trying to withdraw my 30th item. I also had this error happen to me again while I was in the lobby, typing this post up.

Edit again: Forgot my guild card number: it;s 42091809.

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The pcs were in my inventory when the dc happen, which is why I didn't realize they were gone until I tried to do black paper again. The pic was before I withdrew them to start doing black paper. The dc happened while I was moving stuff between banks around 30min to a hour later.

And I didn't realize that I uploaded the same pic twice. Didn't format the right pic in gimp. Sorry about that.

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