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Just wanted to point out Pointless Time but also maybe precious for some reasons because toxic stopped temporarily


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I came Online and there was just 1 person and me and i thought i was that 1 person only 

this was 


9:21 5/21/2024


As you May see the chatlog this person does not speak or reply to me


Bula been playing Statue for a very long timeeeee.... probably before Ultima Existed

this is a valuable worthy long existence before existence


what im trying to say is Bula is dedicated to play ultima

regardless if anyone is online or not 


he is sitting in the lobby comfortable 

no need companies

no need to reply except his normal chat symbol if you can guess


he is a SUPERSTAR and i appreciate his value just being there and always Quiet and Nice enough time from time to join and play whenever 


this is a special message to Bula 


thank you for the entertainment and Loyalty to Ultima and treating everyone Distance of peace and quiet 

and maybe a goodfriend to some and certain people 


but its interesting that you are the only person is still there even after everyone is gone or not on anymore


Hasbulla has always been here in Ultima


Round of Applaused from me to Bula


please dont delete this thread 


some might say this is so useless


well thats why its on the off topic section lol and im trying to recognize Bula for the medal of the only person online because he cares on his behalf 



.... i think  


He wont answer you in the Lobby no matter how Much you say his name or anything 

keep trying and keep knocking 



he is statue afk when he wants 


BTW if you know what Liminal space is - Bula is there its a place where no1 exist and they have Strange far away Music that its suppose to be scary but peaceful and lost and alone Feels and vibes in the atmosphere





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On 5/22/2024 at 7:27 PM, killswitch said:

ultima will be alive again this summer

let hope for the best

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