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How to mute a specific user on forum (easy 30sec tutorial)


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Hello everyone, it's been a while eh ?


Are you tired of being harassed?

Are you fed up with inactive sellers who don't close their shops and continue to receive requests on their topics?

Are you fed up with people who take all the credit for a job they haven't done?


Dont worry Ultima users, I have the PERFECT solution for you !


Today I'd just like to explain how to mute someone and make him totally invisible for you on the forum.


This little tutorial won't take more than 30 seconds of your precious time and you'll see that life will seem much easier and much better once you've done this.


What you need (do not skip this part):


- A working brain.



Step 1 : Go to your User Profile by clicking on your profile picture on the top left corner image.png.fb020bb5d79645a60cd5e1736a1d709c.png



Step 2 : Click on Account Settings




Step 3 : You should see this on the next page, click "Ignored Users"



Step 4 : Type the username in the text field.




Step 5 : Tick every option so you will be sure to never be annoyed again by the user you want to mute. And click "Add User"




Step 6 : User is now added to ignore list, you won't ever see posts, messages, mentions, signature from him again. It's as if he never existed.




Thanks for taking the time to read this post, I am sure it will be helpful for a lot of people here.





Il n'est réplique si piquante que le mépris silencieux - Michel de Montaigne

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For Time Attack purposes, you can save quite a few seconds and shorten steps 1 to 4 into a single step:


Step 1-4 : Hover the desired username and click on Ignore




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