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so i was playing during this last hh the quest pioneer spirit and i realized i did not have my ultima reaper on me so i went to the bank to retrieve it and once i took it i went back to the quest but when i was about to  use the weapon it just wasn't there so i tought bruh i must haven't picked it up so piped and went to the bank again but it was not there i picked another and it also disapeared, i make this post so you guys can check it yourself, i'm not too mad because both had bad stats 20 hit at best.


i made a video to recreate the situation.

hopefully there is a way to get my UR back, the other items i don't really care.

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Not sure what's the video for, but there is that one in your common bank

Ultima Reaper +15 [45/0/0/30|20]

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Yea i seen this before in pioneer spirit , your weapons get ghosted they are in inventory when taken out of bank with npc in party dont happen often . But like you found out. log of log on they are in inventory . What also happens is if you go play game you desync dc as inventory full and still try to pick up item from floor.

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