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Episode 2 hit attribute roll update


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For a long time, Yellowboze had an unfair advantage to get hit% more often than any other section ID in episode II.

Today, the chances of rolling hit% have been adjusted to be equal for all section IDs.


The following changes only apply to Episode II weapon drops on Ultimate, and is about odds that said weapon rolls hit attribute.

It does not affect the actual values you will get.


Viridia 2.97% => 5.88%
Greenill 2.97% => 5.88%
Skyly 2.97% => 5.88%
Bluefull 2.97% => 5.88%
Purplenum 2.97% => 5.88%
Pinkal 2.97% => 5.88%
Redria 2.97% => 5.88%
Oran 2.97% => 5.88%
Yellowboze 8.73% => 5.88%
Whitill 2.97% => 5.88%
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FINALLY! This is such a welcome update. I know I've been wanting this for at least 2 years now. It was super frustrating how many events it was best to just run yellowboze over every other ID. Now it's fair again. Also a huge boost for hunting other things like Panzer during and outside of events. 

P.S. for SJS it's only a 3.96% chance for hit because the third attribute is used to track kill count, but this table is accurate for every other weapon.

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The universe works in mysterious ways!


Three days ago I decided to change ID for the first time ever on one of my three characters. They have had the same ID since forever. I chose Yellowboze without knowing that ID had a boost on rolling hit% in episode 2. Hahaha


Anyhow. I am still satisfied with my change and leveling the playing field is always the better choice in the long run!

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