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PSO Running on Steam Deck?

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Hi all, I have managed to get PSOBB installed but I keep getting an error that says. 

"Client executable not found, please check that your client executable is nammed psobb.exe and has not been quartentined by you antivirus?"

Does anyone have a Protip? thanks for any help in advance.

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Most of the time the antivirus detect a false positive in the launcher.exe and antihack.dll check that both files werent send to quarentine and set the whole psobb folder on exception, and add psobb as a nosteam game and see if it helps. 


EDIT: theres a ephinea guide to make the game works on steam deck and users helps a lot on troubleshooting, you should check that out.

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Can anyone share the game experience with PSO on steam deck?

since it's using Wine from linux, something linux distribution run it just fine but others run the game very laggy.

i know steamOS is based in debian/ubuntu distro but with some tweaks.

would be nice to hear from someone how it actually runs in this new "handle console"

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additional info. when running it from steam library I get the error Client exe not found, please check that your client in named psobb.exe and has not been quarantined by you antivirus.


but again, I can run the game perfect from desktop mode?


thank you all for any help.


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10 hours ago, sde36 said:

Thank you all. @Jdev I was able to run PSO from desktop mode, Were you able to run it from the library like other games?

I went to desktop mode and into my web browser of choice to download the "game installer" package. I then went to Steam and added the .exe installer to Steam as a non-Steam game. I set the compatibility for it to run to GE Proton 33. I clicked play. The installer will boot and start to install the game to a location of your choice. Once its done installing take that new launcher.exe it created in the install location and add that as well to Steam as a non-steam game. Again, set compatibility to GE Proton 33. You can either launch the game in desktop mode or go back to game mode and play the game. I play the game from game mode. Its part of my Steam library.

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Thank You all. I was finally able to put some time and true effort into this and got it working. I appriciate you all.  This meant alot to me all I wanted since like 2000 was to play this game on the road.


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* edit * - I got this to work by running a fresh installation (the existing one no longer let me select the location) and selecting the 😄 drive. I could then find the launcher and files in the compatdata folder. The caveat seems to be that the Z: drive mount isn't accessible for whatever reason after that first install.


Hi all - apologies in advance, but I'm desperate. I can install fine, and the game runs when I launch from the installer - i.e. once!


I cannot then find the actual launcher.exe to add it to Steam.


It uses the default install path Z: (etc.) but I cannot locate it for love nor money.


Downloading the separate launcher.exe from the downloads section fails when it tries to launch PSOBB (I can run the config tool fine).


Please can you help? I know there's the Epinea guide, but it seems like there are a lot of unnecessary steps - I know the game works, I just cannot find the executable.


Thanks in advance.

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