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Cherry's Skins/Edits


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A few of my fun skins/revamps i do from time to time :D 

I needed a place to dump them. 
Feel free to leave feedback ❤️ 





Effect + Techs alternate color! 

pso effects (2).jpg






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go to game directory and Data folder, look for the file plFtex then change the name of the plFtex to plFtexoriginal or copy the file somewhere else for backup, the game would not patch this files if u want the old skins back or the file get missing, now place the new file "plFtex" from chronovex in the data folder and thats it.

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UPDATE Momoka Skins! ❤️ 

Red/Black Momoka

White/Black Momoka

White/Black (Alternate) Momoka

Pink/Black Momoka

Purple Momoka

Midnight Violet




Momoka Outfits (4).jpg

Edited by chronovex
UPDATE: Momoka Skins Added!
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The pink one is pretty cute ngl :C

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