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On 7/6/2022 at 1:30 PM, RigeL7 said:



Stellar Shard


Yasminkov 9000M <---


On 7/6/2022 at 1:30 PM, RigeL7 said:



RA Stuff:


Hell Laser 50/50/0/0 30h - 4pds

Gush Raygun 0/0/0/0 45h - 2pds

Arrest Raygun 0/0/0/0 50h - 11pds

Arrest Laser 0/30/30/0 25h - 2pds

Demon's Arms 0/50/0/50 30h - 3pds

3x Master Raven 0/0/0/0 0h - 5pds (each)
Last Swan 0/0/0/0 0h - 5pds

Custom Ray ver. 00 0/0/0/0 0h - 1pd

Frozen Shooter 25/15/0/40 0h - 1pd

Photon Launcher 0/0/0/0 0h - 1pd

Bravace 0/0/0/0 40h - 8pds

Yasminkov 9000M 15/0/0/0 0h - 3pds <--- :rf-03: 

Twin Psychogun 0/0/35/0 0h - 1pd

Red Scorpio 0/20/0/0 0h - 1pd

Red Scorpio 0/0/0/0 45h - 7pds



Maybe be more specific :rf-08: 


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16 minutes ago, Kotta said:



Maybe be more specific :rf-08: 


LOL i see your point xD will edit it now for you kotta :P

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1 minute ago, RDizzy said:


I'll buy 1 of each. Lmk when you're on.

hi im currently online, ill make a room named RDizzy :)

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