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Just wanted to stop by and say hi.

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Just wanted to say hi and looking forward to meeting new friends on here. I have been a longtime phantasy star fan I started out on the Xbox or maybe it was the GameCube I don't remember which one I actually owned it on. But I played for many years and also played on the PSO2 Japanese servers back before it was ported to English. I also play Phantasy Star New Genesis from time to time too. I am super shy and socially awkward due to my autism aspergers syndrome. It's easier for me to communicate on video games.


As for my hobbies they mostly consist of video games and smoking marijuana.


My only character for now is Ebony a FOnewearl

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Welcome to Ultima! You picked a great time to start. The upcoming event is the Valentines event, which is probably the most new player friendly event, and has a slew of good drops. GL hunting.

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